37 The Panicked Zhao Guohua

When I saw this, my pupils shrank. Sure enough, he saw my conversation with Su Qin.

He knew what I had done.

"Don't worry, other than you, there's that bitch Luo Feifei who did this to me."

As soon as he finished speaking, Su Qin's doorbell rang again.

I was overjoyed. Who was it?

But when they opened the door, I was a little desperate. The person who came was Luo Feifei, who was also caught by two people.

Luo Feifei was still a little confused when he saw me.

"Chen Xuan, why are you here?"

After that, she looked at Zhao Guohua, who seemed to be watching a joke, and was a little angry, "Zhao Guohua, what are you doing? Why did you send someone to arrest me?"

"I'll get someone to bring you here. It's a good thing, of course."

Zhao Guohua took another puff of his cigarette, then slowly told Su Qin and I about the plan to get the evidence from her.

After hearing all this, Luo Feifei turned to look at me and his face became very ugly, "Is it true?"

I bowed my head in acknowledgment of Luo Feifei's coercion.

But before he could react, Zhao Guohua stood up and slapped Luo Feifei.


A crisp slap.

"Your mother is such a bitch. I didn't expect you to play such a trick. What are you doing with all this evidence?"

Zhao Guohua was very angry.

Then the bald man handed Luo Feifei's computer to Zhao Guohua and motioned him to look inside, which was exactly what zhao guohua was interested in.

After zhao guohua watched it for a long time, he suddenly smiled and felt a little happy.

Then he said to Luo Feifei, "Luo Feifei, I still have to thank you. There are a lot of things on your computer that are useful to me, but you know what? It's not just us who are going to die, but you who are going to be punished by the law. So, what are you going to do with these things?"

Luo Feifei gritted his teeth and said, "Can't you keep it as a memory?"

Zhao Guohua suddenly smiled again, then slapped Luo Feifei in the face, "Remember your mother."

Later, I actually understood why Zhao Guohua was so angry at that time. Although he didn't seem to be able to see anything on the surface, in fact, at that time, his heart was already very flustered.

Then Zhao Guohua looked at me again and gave me a hard slap, "Do you think that stabbing you was the end of the last feud?"

After that, he gave me another slap on the other side of my face.

If I hadn't been held down by two big men, I would have gotten up and beat up Zhao Guohua. Even his mother didn't know him.

But now, I can only look at him fiercely.

Finally, Zhao Guohua looked at Su Qin again, "Su Qin Su Qin, if I'm done, your father is done. Even if you find so much evidence, how dare you expose it? Your dad has to go in too."

Su Qin did not speak.

Zhao Guohua was a little angry, then suddenly grabbed Su Qin's hair, and turned to look at me with gritted teeth, "Your name is Chen Xuan, right? Chen Xuan, if you don't give me all your evidence, I will destroy her today."