38 You Can Catch up with Me First

At this point, Zhao Guohua had already begun to be a little extreme. Anyway, if we still had evidence in our hands, he would be very dangerous. Although Su Qin's father would be finished with us once we handed it over, Su Qin's father would be sentenced to a few years at most, maybe even lighter, and he might be in jail.

With that said, Zhao Guohua pressed Su Qin down on the sofa and was about to tear his clothes, "Believe it or not, I gave him up in front of so many people, and then asked my friends to take turns one by one."

He said this to me.

Seeing that Su Qin wanted to resist, zhao guohua slapped him a few more times, and with a fierce tug, he tore Su Qin's clothes to pieces, revealing a trace of spring outside.

This scene made my heart ache.

Then, for Su Qin's sake, I had no choice but to hand over the usb drive.

"And a backup?"

Zhao Guohua asked again.

"I don't have a backup. I haven't had time to do it yet."

I tried to hide it.

But Zhao Guohua obviously didn't believe me, then slapped me again, and finally threatened me with Su Qin. There was nothing I could do but delete the backup in front of them. Zhao guohua didn't let us go until he confirmed it.

I think if Zhao Guohua hadn't been greedy for his future and had a lot of things to worry about, we wouldn't have been let off so easily.

Before zhao guohua left, he threatened us once again, "In the future, we will do nothing against each other. If I find out what happened, I will pull you both to the end. Believe me, I have the ability."

After zhao guohua and his men left, Luo Feifei looked at me with resentment in his eyes.

Finally, Luo Feifei suddenly picked up a fruit knife on the table and rushed to Su Qin, "Chen Xuan, why did you lie to me? Because of this woman? I'll disfigure her now. I don't believe you're willing to be with her after she's disfigured."

Luo Feifei was a little extreme now.

When I saw Luo Feifei like this, I felt bad and guilty, but I was even more worried about Su Qin, "Elder sister Feifei, put down the knife first. Let's talk about it."

"Have you been lying to me all this time?"

Luo feifei roared out.

"Why, why do I have to lose everything to you? Ah, Su Qin, why do you say that?"

With that, she was going to cut Su Qin's face with a knife.

I was so scared that I immediately jumped over, and then, before Luo Feifei's knife cut Su Qin's face, I blocked it with my hand.

Then, there was a cut on my hand, and blood was flowing out.

"Chen Xuan, are you okay?"

Su Qin was scared, but seeing that I was injured, he was very worried.

At the same time, he yelled at Luo Feifei, "Luo Feifei, what do you want?"

Luo Feifei ignored Su Qin, but seeing that I was so nervous, Su Qin would rather hurt himself than let Su Qin get hurt.

She gave us a fierce look, then threw down the knife and left.

The guilt I felt for Luo Feifei could only be hidden in my heart.

However, within two days, the news came out. Zhao Guohua was double disciplined and a special team was set up to investigate this matter.

Only later did we know that it was luo feifei who reported everything in real name.

It attracted the attention of the higher authorities.

Su Qin's father was also implicated.

Luo Feifei was also sentenced.

Su Qin and I went to see her, but she didn't want to see me. Instead, she met Su Qin.

When I came out, Su Qin told me that she no longer hated Luo Feifei.

I didn't know what they were talking about, and Su Qin didn't tell me.

But I know it's all over.

Everything in the future will be better. At this moment, I look at Su Qin. There is nothing romantic about it. There is only one simple sentence: "Su Qin, would you like to spend the rest of your life with me?"

Su Qin smiled mischievously, "You can catch up with me first."

Then, she let go of my hand and ran towards the morning sun, like a moving and changing beautiful scenery.