Chapter 261 Ghost Shadow in Bamboo Forest

I also felt very nervous in such an environment. As for Zhang Wanru, he shrank behind me in fright, pulling the corner of my clothes and not daring to leave me for half a step.

The wind was still blowing, and the sound of the leaves being blown covered our footsteps, and of course covered up other possible sounds.

After walking through the woods for a while, I realized that I had lost my way. I didn't even know which direction I entered the bamboo forest from. Ask Zhang Wanru, and she says she doesn't know.

This is really not a good sign. Getting lost in a place like this, and it's still night, I think nothing is worse than this.

"Ah..." Zhang Wanru suddenly screamed and gave me a fright.

I quickly asked her what was wrong. She raised her hand and pointed deep into the forest. "There are... People. I saw them just now. A figure flashed past."

I looked in the direction she was pointing at. It was dark, but there was nothing. Only the bamboo swayed in the wind.

"You may be mistaken. The bamboo is only swayed by the wind." I lit a cigarette and said.

"Really, I was absolutely right." Zhang wanru kept insisting.

"All right! Then go and take a look." As I smoked, I walked forward.

Zhang Wanru obviously didn't expect me to go over. He grabbed my arm and said, "Go over... What are you going over for? Maybe it's a ghost?"

"Ghost?" I smiled helplessly. "Don't you know what I do? I specialize in catching ghosts."

Hearing what I said, Zhang Wanru finally had some confidence. At least she dared to follow me to see what was going on, but it seemed that she was still very scared.

I picked up half of the bamboo on the ground and walked over while tapping on the trees on both sides.

Although I know that this half of the pillar has no use for eggs at all, holding something in my hand always gives people a little confidence, even if it is really not necessary, it can also be courageous.

The wind suddenly stopped and the bamboo forest fell into a dead silence, which made me a little unaccustomed to it. I even felt a sense of crisis, like the calm before the storm.

Slowly, a very strange sound began to come from all around. "Woo woo," it was like the sound of something being blown by the wind, but I knew it wasn't.

At the same time, I also noticed that there were people flashing in the surrounding bamboo forest from time to time, but my eyes could not really catch them, they were always looming.

Zhang Wanru was so scared that he was all over me and hugged my arm.

"Ghost shadow?" I sneered. It seemed that I was going to do a little bit of the Jiuyou emissary's duty tonight.

Although I have always felt that ghosts and humans are hard-won life forms, but the shape is different, so I generally avoid eliminating ghosts.

But if they come up on their own, I will not be merciful.

I took out a few ghost busters from my pocket, held them in my hands, and guarded them carefully.

Ordinary ghosts were hit by this exorcism breaking charm, but they had to be driven to pieces. Even the Ghost was no exception.

However, I felt the ghost around me and frowned. The ghost seemed to be quite strong and different from the ordinary ghost.

Groups of ghostly fire floated up from all around. Some of them even stood on top of the ghostly fire, floating and floating. The scene was really strange and scary enough. Even the people I met with so many strange and strange events felt hairy.

Not to mention Zhang Wanru, she didn't dare look around at all.

Those ghosts floated in the forest, getting closer and closer to me, and now they almost surrounded me.

Of course, these ghosts could not stop me at all, but I dare not act rashly now. After all, these ghosts could surround me like this. It was obvious that someone was manipulating or designing them, and they were definitely not ordinary people. Just being able to set up such an array of ghosts was enough to prove it.

No longer hesitating, I chanted a spell and flung out the exorcist. The ghosts who were closer to me were immediately struck by the spell, and their screams turned into smoke and dissipated into the air.

The first attack did not deter those ghosts, but it made them suddenly angry, screaming and shouting, rushing at me like a blanket.

I didn't even notice that there were so many ghosts around me that almost immediately drowned me. I didn't even have time to pull out the spells to cast them, and all of a sudden, I was blown away by the countless ghosts.

Just like this, I don't know how many sinister ghosts invaded my body. Fortunately, I was also cultivating ghost qi, so this could not harm me at all. Otherwise, if I were an ordinary person, this would be enough to be destroyed by ghost qi and yin qi.

As I was flying out of the room, I quickly took out the Soul control gonfalon and conjured up the tricks. While chanting the spell, I began to quickly wave the Soul control gonfalon in my hands.

All of a sudden, ghosts shook out of the Soul control gonfalon and lifted the ghosts out of the air. But then, more ghosts would come up.

Zhang Wanru was also blown away by the shadow, and his body twisted in an exaggerated way.

I don't think this is going to work. I have no time to tell myself, and even Zhang Wanru can't take care of me. In this case, she will die at any time.

So I quickly conjured a spell and started my own Jiuyou territory.

In an instant, countless black light surged out of his body and began to spread around, forcing the cries of those wronged Ghost to retreat.

Some ran a step slower and were immediately swallowed up by the Jiuyou territory, then struggled in my territory and couldn't escape.

I finally freed up my hands and hurriedly went over to check on Wanru. She had been knocked out by the ghost and yin qi, and there were many black lines on her face. It was a sign that the ghost entered her body.

If she did not find a way to force the ghost out of her body quickly, once the ghost entered her heart, she would be dead.

But now I want to get away from her and bring her back to the temple immediately. I think it's not that simple. After all, cooking hasn't appeared yet!

I had to temporarily seal Zhang Wanru's veins with a special technique, so that the ghost qi stopped in her body.

Next, I directly opened the purgatory of Jiuyou, and spread the scope of the nine underworld to the surrounding areas quickly, and in a flash, swallowed up all those wandering wronged souls Ghost.

"Purgatory of Jiuyou, soul eroding." I conjured up the secret, chanted the spell, and all of a sudden countless dark qi rolled around in the purgatory of Jiuyou, and those wronged souls Ghost were instantly corroded into a trace of black gas and dissipated.