Chapter 262 Demonic Blood

The spirits of those evil spirits who had been killed by the purgatory of Jiuyou were completely dispersed. The cries and howls of ghosts and wolves had gradually disappeared, and the whole bamboo forest had once again quietened down.

I saw that there was no danger, so I put away Jiuyou purgatory, hugged Zhang Wanru and quickly turned around to leave.

But when I turned around, I suddenly found a man standing not far behind me.

At such a close distance, I could not help but be surprised that I did not feel this person's presence.

I quickly and subconsciously took two steps back and looked at the man in front of me. Although it was very dark in the bamboo forest, I could still see that it was Wei.

But now she looked very strange. She stood there as if she had been hung up. Her shoulders were loose on both sides, and her eyes were bloodshot, almost covering her eyes.

I quickly took out a transmission symbol and recited the spell. The spell quickly burned, and the runes turned into golden symbols and disappeared into the bamboo forest.

Of course, I didn't tell Dong Chenxuan that I was afraid of Wei right now, but that I didn't understand her situation and that she was Dong Chenxuan's girlfriend, so I definitely couldn't have sex with her.

Suddenly, I heard something wriggling, rustling against the leaves on the ground.

I quickly looked down and saw that there were countless blood flowing slowly under my feet, almost to my feet.

I was so scared that I quickly took a few steps back with Zhang Wanru in my arms, but the blood, as if it were alive, stretched towards my feet.

I looked at the source of the blood, and found that the blood came from wei' er's feet.

Now I understand. No wonder wei er became what she is now. The blood of the dead that master Yuanmie called her is now in Wei's body.

She was manipulated by the blood of a dead man. Although that sounds ridiculous, that's the truth.

I quickly drew out a divine fire symbol, and then chanted a spell, "The divine fire burned the mountain, chi chi chi chi..."

As the words fell, I raised my hand and flung the spell out of my hand. The spell immediately burned, and a wall of fire was set on the ground, blocking the blood that stretched out.

And the blood quickly retreated when it burned.

Wei's face suddenly grew grim. She suddenly raised her hand, and a few flashes of blood shot out of her five fingers, shooting straight at my face.

I was so scared that I quickly dodged. Suddenly, I tripped over a branch, causing me to fall. Zhang Wanru fell out of my arms and fell to the ground.

Fortunately, there were leaves on the ground in this forest, otherwise she would have suffered a concussion.

Those rays of blood didn't hit me, but they hit the bamboo next to me. The bamboo was corroded into several large holes, which made me sweat.

Fortunately, the blood did not shine on my face, or else my face would be completely disfigured.

"Four fingers to seal up evil spirits..." I got up and cast one of my six fingers at Wei.

Because I was afraid of hurting her, so I didn't dare to use other spells. I could only use this move without attack, but it could block the finger of the evil spirits to deal with her.

The spell instantly struck Wei, and she was unable to move.

I took the opportunity to rush over and throw her to the ground, but before I could completely control her, she had already broken free from the spell, grabbed my neck, and then threw me out.

Wei was so strong that I was thrown several meters away and hit a tree before falling down.

Although the fall didn't hurt much, I was surprised by the result. Although a cultivator like us mainly practiced dharma and our bodies weren't so strong, with my current strength, even physical combat was definitely not something that ordinary people could shake, but at this time, Wei, unexpectedly threw me out so easily.

By the time I got up from the ground, Wei had already appeared in front of me, as if he were teleporting, so fast that I couldn't even react.

I hurriedly took a few steps back to distance myself from her. At the same time, I took out the seal in my hand, chanted the spell and threw it out.

Wei was hit in the head by the seal I threw out, but this time I didn't rush up to crush her, because I knew that if I got close, I would be the only one to lose.

Of course, if it weren't for the fact that it would hurt her, I could have cleaned her up easily, but now that the blood was in Wei's body, I really couldn't do anything about it without hurting her.

Once again, I came up with a trick and guarded myself carefully.

Wei slowly got up from the ground, and the blood in her eyes began to flicker, as if blood would flow out of her eyes at any time.

A strong blood fiend was also exuding from Wei.

"Ah..." Suddenly, she raised her head to the sky and let out a crazy roar. Strands of blood rose from her face and body and floated around her.

At this moment, I felt a very strange breath behind her. It was not a ghost, nor a ghost. It was a strange breath that I had never touched before.

This kind of breath actually made me faintly afraid.

"Demonic blood..." Wei opened her mouth and said these two words in a hoarse voice. Then she extended her left hand to point at me.

At that moment, the blood of countless bright red monsters surged out from her body, like a giant monster, suddenly devouring me.

I was so shocked that I quickly opened up the Jiuyou territory and blocked it out.

But it was clear that my domain could not hold back this blood for long, because they were devouring my domain, and I could feel it.

It seems that I underestimated this thing. The origin of this blood is beyond my imagination.

My Jiuyou territory was quickly declared to be corrupted, and the blood rushed towards me like a tidal wave.

I quickly put away my territory and retreated madly.

But the blood was still rolling towards me, and it could almost be described as a sea of blood.

Wait a minute. I suddenly realized that Zhang Wanru had been engulfed by the blood. The billowing waves of blood were about to engulf her.

"Purgatory of Jiuyou, open..."

In a hurry, I couldn't care less. I quickly chanted a spell and opened the purgatory of Jiuyou.

All of a sudden, an endless black light came out of me and rolled towards the blood as well.