Chapter 263 Against the Current (1)

When the nine underworld purgatory came into contact with those blood, both of them showed a strong corroding effect, killing and swallowing each other.

In the nick of time, Zhang Wanru was finally pulled back by the purgatory of Jiuyou that I used, and the blood was temporarily blocked by the purgatory of Jiuyou.

The same corrosive and devouring power, the two meet, the fight is naturally strength.

Although I thought I was already very strong, at least in this world, in a few minutes, my purgatory of Jiuyou was still corroded by the blood and broke down.

At that moment, endless waves of blood rolled over and surged towards me like a flood. I was almost stupefied.

Just as Zhang Wanru and I were about to be engulfed by the sea of blood, a golden light suddenly flashed above our heads, and the blood, as if it had met a jinx, quickly retreated, and in the blink of an eye, it all burrowed into Wei's body.

I turned around and saw old monk Yuanmie and Dong Chenxuan running towards me together.

I also retreated to the side of old monk Yuanmie and Dong Chenxuan in panic and asked in surprise, "What is the origin of this blood?"

"That's demon blood." Said old monk Yuanmie with narrowed eyes.

"Old bald donkey, are you still alive?" Wei suddenly cried out in a strange voice. It was obvious that he was talking about old monk Yuanmie.

"Amitabha, the poor monk has a mission. You are still alive. How can I step into the western paradise?" Old monk Yuanmie put his hands together and declared the dharma.

"I will definitely give you a ride, and don't worry about it. Evil spirits are born and evil spirits destroy the world. Just wait and see!" Wei tilted his body and fell.

"Want to go?" The old monk quickly took out a golden bowl, kneaded it with one hand and cast a spell in front of him. Suddenly, a golden light shot out of the bowl.

At the same time, a blood-colored figure jumped out of Wei's body and went up to the golden light.

As soon as the two touched, the bloody man immediately withered and turned into a piece of blood and spilled it on the ground.

Old monk Yuanmie rushed up with a bowl in his hand, but by this time there was no blood flowing.

Dong Chenxuan rushed over to pick up wei' er and check on her condition.

The old monk looked at the blood on the ground and said regretfully, "It ran away. It's a blood shield technique. We can't catch up with it."

"Master, did you just say that the blood was demonic blood? What is demonic blood? Didn't you say it was the blood of a dead man? Is there really a demon in this world?" I looked at the blood on the ground and asked old monk Yuanmie curiously.

The old monk shook his head and said, "It's a long story. I don't know where the blood came from. In short, that thing was demonic blood, the most evil thing in the world. Once it escaped, the consequences would be unimaginable."

The old monk said and bowed to us. "Take care of your benefactors. The poor monk still has ifs. Let's go first."

Old monk Yuanmie quickly left the bamboo forest.

Dong Chenxuan and I were holding one of them, and after touching it for a long time, we got out of the woods and went back to the temple.

The monks in the temple were all dead, so Dong Chenxuan and I had to put their bodies together and cremate them.

Wei and Zhang Wanru also woke up in the morning. I asked Dong Chenxuan about Wei, but she didn't know what happened last night. She only knew that she was put in that big wooden box.

I thought that what this temple experienced was at best an episode in the journey, but I didn't expect that all of this had an absolute connection to the purpose of our trip.

Of course, that was the last word.

Now that we are in Mount sumi, where is the so-called dharma sect? We didn't know anything about it, so we had to keep moving deeper into Mount sumi.

For the next few days, the four of us had been wandering around the mountains almost all the time, and in order to prevent that from happening last time, we no longer went to the temple to stay.

On the fourth day, we camped in a dense mountain forest, with a small river in the forest. It was rare for us to have an open space and a good environment, so we chose this camp.

After the tent was set up, Dong Chenxuan and I went to catch fish in the river, while Zhang Wanru and Wei were responsible for making a fire and cooking.

"Have you really decided to trade this girl for Little Fatty?" Dong Chenxuan suddenly asked me.

I was taken aback by him for a moment, then shook my head and said, "Of course not. Once I see Little Fatty, I will use a strong means to save him. As for the king, if I can, I will destroy him. That guy is too dangerous."

"I'm afraid you think it's a little simple. Since the other party dares to let us bring people to exchange, they will definitely be prepared. When the time comes, they will use tough means, I'm afraid not." Dong Chenxuan shook his head and said.

I nodded and began to ponder.

Of course, I know what Dong Chenxuan said. If the other party is not sure, how can we take Zhang Wanru to change people? By then, I think it's a question whether we can walk away.

But I definitely can't trade Zhang Wanru for Little Fatty and leave her alone. That's not my style. First of all, I have a bad conscience.

Although conscience is cheap in this world, people are human after all. Before conscience is destroyed, you can't abandon your conscience.

Thinking of this, I couldn't help but laugh at myself.

"You can still laugh? This time, I'm afraid we won't be able to return." Dong Chenxuan sighed.

If it had been before, I would not have believed it, but after seeing the power of demonic blood, I believed it.

During this period of time, my own strength made me ignore the external danger. Although I was already very strong, but for some existence, it was still far from enough.

Dong Chenxuan and I were talking about each other, and suddenly, a paper boat floated down the river.

This paper boat is just like what we used to do when we were kids. It's normal to be in a river, but it's strange to be in such a deserted place.

My intuition told me that there must be something wrong with the paper boat, so I quickly ran over and grabbed it.

When I opened the paper boat, I found a few words written on it, "Upstream."

Dong Chenxuan also came closer, looked at the words on it, frowned and said, "Upstream? What do you mean?"

I pondered for a moment and said, "This should be a message from the other party. Let's go upstream and change people."

"That's right!" Dong Chenxuan patted his head and suddenly realized, "It must be like this. Let's go."

Soon, the few of us set off again. We didn't even eat our dinner and swam up the river.