Chapter 266 Respected Teacher

I really have this feeling, this is a lift that takes us to hell.

The space inside the elevator was very narrow. The four of us could barely stand down, but there was no room for movement.

I was thinking that if something happened under these circumstances, we would definitely die.

As the elevator continued to descend, I slowly noticed that there was a little red underneath, and then it started to get bigger and bigger.

When the elevator was deep enough, I finally saw what red was. It was lava.

I didn't expect that the bottom of this bottomless cave was actually a huge pool of lava.

"The elevator is guarded by two people. If you want to go in without alerting them, you'd better deal with them first." Black cloth people kindly reminded him.

Little Fatty, Dong Chenxuan, and I nodded and became wary of each other.

Little Fatty was even more eager to try, rubbing his sleeve against the knife in his hand, looking like a robber who was about to kill someone.

At this moment, the elevator suddenly stopped. With the creaking sound, the rusty iron door slowly opened.

This was already the bottom of the bottomless cave, full of rolling lava, but a 3-4 meter wide platform was built around the lava for people to move around.

Of course, the cave under the lava is still deep, we can't guess, maybe it is really bottomless cave!

At the same time, I found many entrances to the cave wall around the lava. I don't know where they lead to.

I really admire these people. Are they not afraid of volcanic eruptions or rising lava when they stay here?

I think if the hot lava gushed into those passages, anything inside could definitely be burned to ashes, right?

"Who is it?" Before we could get out of the elevator, two black cloth people walked over and blocked the door of the elevator, looking at us warily.

Little Fatty rushed up and cut one person's throat with a knife. Dong Chenxuan also broke the other person's neck.

Everything went on in silence, no one spoke, and the two black cloth people did not even hum, and the brief confrontation was over.

In the end, Little Fatty and Dong Chenxuan threw the bodies of black cloth people into the lava below. Their bodies had not completely sunk into the lava, and their clothes and flesh had been burned.

It was a natural cremation furnace, the best place to dump corpses, and the bodies thrown into it would not even be left with ashes.

"I'm afraid you'll have to stand guard here. No one is looking at the elevator, but no." I patted that black cloth people on the shoulder and said.

He nodded, then went over and stood where the two black cloth people guards were.

Little Fatty and I walked straight into the tunnel. It wasn't dark inside. There were wall lights on both sides of the tunnel. Although they were just torches, they were enough to light it up.

Not long after, we came to a huge underground palace. Looking at the size of the underground palace, it looked like a sect.

Where the underground palace had just entered, a huge stone tablet was also erected, engraved with the five big words, "The supreme law of the dharma gate."

It seems that it is right. This is the main arena of the dharma sect.

At this time, hundreds of black cloth people gathered in the palace. They all stood together and looked solemnly at the pharaohs on a high platform in front of them. The pharaohs were standing on that high platform, as if they were saying something encouraging or tempting.

I didn't hear what he said at the beginning. I only heard what he said at the end. The day of the return of demonic blood was when we saw the light of day again.

Black cloth people then began to shout slogans that echoed throughout the underground palace for a long time.

Dong Chenxuan, Little Fatty, and I were hiding behind the stone tablets, quietly watching everything in front of us. How did it feel like they were some kind of cult plotting something earth-shattering?

And just now when the pharaohs mentioned the demon blood, I think what he said should be the demon blood that old monk Yuanmie called last time! Did it come from this place?

Now I don't understand why they brought Zhang Wanru here.

But one thing is for sure, they don't care about Zhang Wanru, they care about the child in Zhang Wanru's womb, dead or alive. I'm sure that child is their purpose.

I looked around in the crowd, searching with my eyes, but I still didn't see Zhang Wanru. I think she should be imprisoned by now, right? Or they were already killed.

I hope it's the former, so we still have a chance.

Those black cloth people gradually dispersed, and in the end, there was only one person left in the empty underground palace.

The light of the torch projected his figure onto the wall, and his shadow appeared to be very huge, dancing with the flickering flames.

I think it's about time. If I opened the purgatory of Jiuyou to devour him, I should have 80 % chance of killing him. As for the other black cloth people, it's not a problem at all.

Just as I came up with a trick to make a move, I suddenly noticed that the shadow of the pharaohs was projected on the wall, and there was an equally tall figure, but next to the pharaohs, it was empty and there was no one there.

"Ghost shadow?" I couldn't help but be surprised, and the trick in my hand couldn't help but loosen up.

Suddenly, the king bowed slightly and said softly, "Master."

"Good." A deep and hoarse voice came from all directions of the underground palace."

I couldn't help but change my face when I heard this. This was not the first time I heard this. A few days ago, when the demon blood had taken control of Wei, she said the same thing.

It seems that there seems to be some unknown connection between magic blood and dharma.

And that invisible figure that the pharaohs called a master? What does that mean? Was the invisible figure the master of the pharaohs?

Or is it just a very respectful and noble title?

I was secretly looking around, and when I was distracted, I suddenly noticed that the shadow next to the shadow that the pharaohs projected on the wall was gone.

This startled me, and I quickly averted my eyes and scanned the underground palace, especially the walls.

But I scanned around and didn't see that extra shadow.

I thought it must have left, but just as I glanced around and looked back, the corner of my eye suddenly flashed and a shadow appeared on the wall behind us.