Chapter 269 The Fury of Lava

The lava rose faster and faster, and the lava continued to flow in through those passages. I could imagine that those who ran out of the passages would be swallowed up by the oncoming lava!

"Are there any other passageways underground?" Seeing this, I couldn't help but ask the pharaohs.

"No." He looked down at the rolling lava and said the words with difficulty.

If that's the case, I don't think the people inside will survive. Lava will fill the entire underground palace and buildings, and the people inside can only be burned to ashes by the boiling lava.

Even if they shut the door tightly and stayed inside, the lava would melt the door and pour in.

This means that the dharma sect is over.

The old elevator creaked, carrying us up and away from the rolling magma below.

I could even feel the heat coming up from below. The skin of a person who was burning so far away ached, let alone someone who was engulfed by lava.

"By the way, where's Little Fatty?" It suddenly occurred to me that I hadn't seen Little Fatty, so I quickly asked the pharaohs in surprise.

If Little Fatty was still imprisoned in one of the cells below, he would be dead.

"Don't worry! He's not here." The king said and shook his head.

I'm relieved.

Soon, the few of us came out of the elevator and came to the top of the bottomless cave. Standing at the edge and looking down, the entire bottomless cave was filled with rolling lava, and the rate of magma rising did not stop at all.

If we continue at this rate, I think the hot lava will soon overflow from the bottomless cave, and it may even cause a volcanic eruption.

"You guys go! This place will soon be engulfed by lava." The pharaohs looked down at the rolling lava and said with a heavy face.

"Aren't you coming with us?" I asked him in surprise.

The king slowly shook his head and said, "The blood demon is about to be born. I must stop it."

"You can't stop it."

"I know." The pharaohs nodded and said, "But I must stay here. This is my mission."

I don't know what the so-called mission of the pharaohs was. But I knew he had made up his mind, so I didn't say anything more.

Just as I was about to take Zhang Wanru away, a figure jumped out of the rolling lava below and pounced on it.

The figure's body was made up of boiling lava, like a fiery man, and the heat came with it.

If this guy threw himself at him, he would burn him alive.

I quickly conjured a spell and opened the Dark Eye. Suddenly, a bright light burst out and hit the fireman.

It was immediately crushed and turned into a piece of lava again, falling into the rolling lava below.

But then, several more firemen emerged from the lava below.

"What is this?" I couldn't help but exclaim.

"Evil spirits, this kind of thing is like a blood demon, coming from an unknown world." As he spoke, the pharaohs struck out a series of spells, smashing the firemen into pieces.

At this time, the lava had risen to less than five meters from the ground, and the magma below had completely boiled. Countless firemen struggled and twisted in the lava and scrambled up.

At this glance, the dense fire men almost filled the entire bottomless cave.

The pharaohs and I quickly struck out our own spells, smashing the firemen who had climbed up into pieces, but soon they would form again and climb up again.

On the wall of the cave around the bottomless cave, the fire men were already crawling all over it, and they were about to come out. At this time, the whole underground suddenly shook violently, and then, the lava below suddenly erupted, rushing up to four or five meters high.

The hot lava surged around like a huge wave, scaring me so much that I hurriedly held Zhang Wanru back, but some of the lava still splashed on me, and my clothes immediately burned through, and even my skin was scorched, making me sweat in pain.

After the erupting lava fell, I found a blood-colored figure in the air. It was as if it had just bathed in a pool of blood, covered in bright red. Blood dripped from his body and fell into the lava below, like cold water dripping into a boiling oil pan, causing the lava below to roll even more violently.

I think this must be the blood demon, and it is full of magic and weirdness.

"Go, it's too late if you don't go." The pharaohs said with a serious face, then took out a golden pen and drew quickly in the air.

Soon, a figure like the blood demon was drawn. The king used a gold pen in his hand to draw a little, and then drank softly, "The gold pen draws the soul, the spirit and the spirit are one, go..."

As the words fell, the figure quickly solidified, and then rushed towards the blood demon in the air.

The face of the pharaohs turned pale. It seemed that a powerful character like the blood demon would require a lot of magic power to draw one.

The blood demon that was drawn by the pharaohs soon fought with the real blood demon. Both of them were covered in blood and evil spirit, and they were fighting equally.

I really admire the strange sorcery of the pharaohs. They can draw so many people who are more powerful than themselves. This is equivalent to a blood demon level helper.

Just as I thought about it, the blood demon suddenly shook off his opponent and pounced on the pharaohs.

"Purgatory of Jiuyou, open..." I quickly opened the purgatory of Jiuyou and enveloped myself and the pharaohs in it.

But what I didn't expect was that when the blood demon approached my purgatory in Jiuyou, it turned into a ray of blood and suddenly penetrated the blockade of the purgatory in Jiuyou.

By the time I realized it, the light had already penetrated into the body of the pharaohs. It was so fast that it was amazing.

The face of the pharaohs twisted in an instant, and his body shriveled rapidly. In a few seconds, he turned into a skinny, dried corpse and flipped into the boiling magma below.

The blood demon painted by the pharaohs also disintegrated at the same time and turned into a blood fog, which was roasted and evaporated by the hot magma before it could dissipate.

"Jiuyou wuji, kai..." I quickly launched the Dark Eye, and suddenly a dark light burst out and hit the blood.

After the collision of the two, the dark light that I cast instantly broke apart, but the light of blood did not diminish and suddenly hit my chest.