Chapter 31 Lei Jiajun

Gang! These two words immediately popped into my head. Liu Heilong was barely a local snake in Sham ming city, but he was nothing compared to a big gang.

No wonder he wasn't worried about losing power for so many days. To be honest, the Ray gang he was talking about made me feel a little weak. I just wanted to deal with this and not cause another big boss.

Old Zhang didn't care at all. In my opinion, he was mysterious, as if nothing could scare him.

He even dared to get involved in kidnapping and offered to help me out. He was so familiar with it that I seriously suspected that he had done a lot of it in the first place.

Two days later, my deal with Weng Hai was also completed. With a million dollars in, I told him the address and asked him to send someone to take Liu Heilong and the evidence.

Using this sum of money, I bought down two stores around the cafe and started a vigorous renovation. I find that because of the beauty effect, business is too hot, and cafes often have no place.

The storefront and renovation went smoothly, costing almost half a million dollars, and I no longer wore a mask between the coffee shop and the rehab center every day.

Because I received news from Weng Hai that he had successfully used the evidence of Zhao Tianyi and Liu Heilong's collusion to suppress political opponents and successfully ascended the throne. Liu Heilong was sentenced to a death sentence with a reprieve. For this reason, he wanted to invite me to dinner and I declined.

I have seen through people like him. "The future of my daughter" is nothing compared to the power and interests of the government. He is now appointed to be extremely happy and should not hold a grudge against me.

Just as I thought Liu Heilong was over, on my way to rehab, I was stopped by a porsche.

The porsche was followed by a truck. The back of the truck rolled over and a dozen people came down. They stood up straight and surrounded me.

I didn't run. It was a dream to run in front of so many people. Even the special forces couldn't run.

Not long after, a man came down from the porsche. He was a middle-aged man in his thirties. He looked very amiable and could not tell that he was a member of society.

"Meet me, my surname is lei."

He reached out his hand to me. I hesitated for a moment, but nodded politely and shook hands.

"What are you stopping me for?"

My mind raced. Were these people Liu Heilong's new subordinates? To avenge Liu Heilong?

"Little brother, don't be afraid. I just happened to pass by Sham ming city. I heard that Liu Heilong fell here. I came here specially to see. I didn't expect to find such a character as you. What a surprise."

Lei's face was very kind. If he were to exclude the dozen people around him, he would be like a middle school teacher with a gentle attitude and not as overbearing as Liu Heilong.

I didn't answer. He had already identified himself. No matter what I did, it would be very awkward. After all, I was the one who got Liu Heilong in.

"Little brother, this is my business card. If you are interested, you can come to me."

With that, he left. From the beginning to the end, these people didn't do anything to me.

This episode gave me a bad feeling. After looking at the business card he handed me, I realized that this person's identity was frightening.

Lei Jiajun, Shenming province's largest real estate developer, was the only one on the news anyway. He was indispensable to all the major counties and cities in attracting investment.

Such a person would come to see me? My gut tells me things aren't that simple.

But as soon as I arrived at the rehab center, Guo Yanran told me another bad news. Jiang Qingrou's first stage of treatment was a complete failure.