Chapter 43 Doubt

I didn't notice how Lei Yun left the cafe, but half an hour later, the sweaty Guo Yanran stared at me with his eyebrows raised. "I heard him say that your father and his aunt were asleep?"


I quickly denied that I had seen Guo Yanran's temper before. He had the guts to love and hate, and his love and hate were clear. The way he looked at me now was obviously the way he looked at a heartless man.

"I'm telling you, sister Yanran is waiting for you. You can't abandon her because of her... Or I won't let you go!"

She was wearing red high heels and stepping on a chair. Her red dress slid down to reveal the white skin on her thighs, not caring about the image of a lady.

It took me a long time to push this past. Guo Yanran glared at me and left the cafe.

After she left, Old Zhang, who had been helping me manage the coffee shop, came over and patted me on the shoulder, "How's it going? How's things going?"

I sighed. "It's not easy. The clue is broken. Does the Lei Jiajun really have a safe? Safes are out of date these days, aren't they?"

Old Zhang swore, "This is what Old Yan said. It will not go wrong. I got the latest news. Lei Jiajun used to have a half-sister. The man from the Lei Jiajun had doubts about everyone, but he trusted his family very much. The safe is most likely in his sister's hands."

Suppressing my doubts and shock, I asked, "Is this news true? How did you get it? Didn't you go to jail for 15 years?"

Old Zhang chuckled, "Don't worry about it. You just need to know that I won't hurt you. This news is absolutely true. The only difficulty is the sister of the Lei Jiajun."

I opened my mouth to tell Qin Xiyu the news, but somehow, there was a suspicion in my heart that kept weighing on me and not letting me say it.

"I'll check again."

Taking a deep breath, I communicated with Old Zhang and left the cafe.

I thought a lot along the way and felt like I was trapped in a huge mystery and conspiracy. I didn't think anything strange about Old Zhang before, but ever since yan wenfeng appeared, more and more things had gone wrong.

When I returned to the villa where lei yun lived, I saw lei yun's hateful eyes. It was probably because I betrayed him, but he couldn't beat me.

"Don't hold it back. Let it out. It's not good for your health."

I was lying on the sofa watching tv and smiling at the grim-faced Lei Yun on the other side.

"I sent Yu Yi to your bed. What did you do to me? Isn't it a deal?"

He suddenly stood up and stared at me like a tiger that was about to go berserk. Unfortunately, he was so weak that I could beat him with one hand.

"A man is a man, but if he takes it right away, how can he give credit to anyone at all? I can win aunt yu over on my own. If you can win Guo Yanran over on your own, do you blame others for being stupid?"

I hit him without hesitation. "You're such a loser who can't even get a girl, and you still have the face to throw a tantrum at me? If I were you, I would have killed myself. I would have saved the country food, wasted the sun, air, and water!"

His face turned red from my scolding. It took him a long time to come back to his senses and run away in shame after saying something cruel to me.

"I'll get Guo Yanran, you'll see!"

After scolding Lei Yun away, I was the only one left in the villa. I was a little unaccustomed to the emptiness. I was sitting on the sofa thinking about the follow-up plan when the door of the villa suddenly opened.

I turned around and found qin xiyu standing at the door, staring at me in a daze.