Chapter 44 The Situation Is A Mystery to the Beholder

Without a doubt, I was once again amazed by her. She was wearing a white dress and gray sneakers, revealing her delicate white calves and looking at me in a daze.

It took me a long time to recover from such a beauty. "Looking for lei yun? He's out."

She pursed her lips tightly and her cheeks were red. It took her a long time to say, "No, I... I'm looking for you..."


"I'm looking for you -" she puffed up her chest, not knowing how attractive her movements looked to me.

"Sit down."

I took two bottles of red wine and sat her down on the opposite side of my sofa, watching the fluorescent screen on the tv shine on her face.

"I called you this time because... Xiaoyun called me to complain..."

She kept her distance from me and did not drink a drop of wine.

"Needless to say, I definitely need your help to deal with me, right?"

"No... No..." Qin Xiyu waved his hand and blushed, "He asked if I was..."

I sneered. This rich second generation is really too weak to support the wall. If I had the resources, I wouldn't have been forced to such an extent. I wouldn't have to rely on my elders to get back on the stage even if I was bullied.

"Oh yes, I still have your picture here when I mention that. I have to look at it several times every night before I can fall asleep."

I gave a proper warning, with a faint warning.

"You... What do you have to do to return the photo to me? And let Xiaoyun go."

Qin Xiyu mustered up the courage to look at me this time, but backed down in half a second.

Looking at such a simple Qin Xiyu, I was too embarrassed to tease her again. I sighed and said, "You should know that his father asked me to discipline him."

"But my brother didn't ask you to hit him. Look at how hard you hit him. His whole body was injured."

"But he didn't object either, did he?" I took a sip of red wine. "There are so many tigers, dogs and sons in this world. They are used to it. When they go out, no one is his father. Don't spoil him."

"I am doing this for his own good. Since ancient times, not only filial son but also gold came out from under the stick. You should understand the principle of not beating but not destroying, right?"

"But..." Qin Xiyu hesitated, but still bit his lips and argued forcefully, "But you hit too hard."

"Okay, I'll play softer next time."

"You -"

Qin xiyu's face was red with anger, but it was obvious that she was not good at quarreling. She just looked at me and said nothing.

I was amused by her appearance and thought, "Well, I happen to have a question. I want to find someone to discuss it with. If your answer pleases me, I won't hit him in the future."


Her eyes lit up and she suddenly looked at me cautiously, "You're not allowed to ask that kind of question last time."

"I promise."

As she spoke, she unconsciously took the glass I handed her and completely forgot how she fell in this villa last time.

"What do you mean when you say that the onlooker knows the truth and the onlooker knows the truth?"

Through the wine glass, I saw her delicate features and the confusion when I heard the question.

"It means that people in the game can't see the facts clearly. People outside the game can see them clearly at once. Don't you understand?" After drinking a glass of red wine, Qin Xiyu became bold and gave me a flirtatious look.

"I know that, but why can't the people in the bureau see the truth clearly? But the people outside know it at a glance?"

I shook my head. Old Zhang, Yan Wenfeng, the Lei Jiajun. I always felt that the relationship between the three was not as simple as it seemed, at least not as simple as stealing research results.

"Of course, it's a matter of vision. Everyone sees things differently. The people in the government only see what's right in front of them, but the people outside the bureau see the whole picture."

Qin Xiyu was lying lazily on the sofa, but his casual words shocked me.