Chapter 46 Text Message

I quietly averted my gaze. She hid the necklace before looking at me. "Now it's my turn. I'm still the same question."

"I went to jail and was forced to drop out of school."

I answered in full detail, and she was startled. Her beautiful eyes were wide open, and she looked at me like this: "Really?"


I gave her a blank look, and I was sure that she was more innocent than jiang Qingrou, which could not be described as pure. Perhaps the Lei Jiajun had protected her so well that even after graduation, her world view remained pure in her student days.

"You have a good brother."

I couldn't help but sigh. Apart from everything else, the Lei Jiajun really had nothing to say to this sister.

"That's right."

Qin xiyu, who was slightly drunk, held her head high and looked as proud as a white swan.

"Okay, I have one last question. Is there any place the Lei Jiajun frequents?"

"Why are you asking this question?" Qin Xiyu looked at me warily. This question had already involved the privacy of the Lei Jiajun, and she was obviously hesitant.

"I'm just curious. Lei Boss has so much money. Of course I have to gossip about him."

I blinked and fooled Qin Xiyu without blushing. She nodded at my words and simply told me about the Lei Jiajun.

"Ever since mom passed away, he went to the countryside to visit her every month. He stayed there for three days, almost unchanged."

Speaking of this, Qin Xiyu was a little depressed and couldn't help but pick up a glass of red wine and drink it down. There seemed to be some tears flowing in her eyes.

"Which country?"

"Yan village."

My eyes lit up and I felt as if I had caught something. What a coincidence?

What is the relationship between Yan Wenfeng and the Lei Jiajun?

While I was thinking about these questions, my phone suddenly rang and a strange number from Sham ming city sent me a text message.

The message: the march deadline has passed one month. Please get what I want as soon as possible, or I can only let Jiang Qingrou live and die on his own.

The content is simple, but I don't have to guess. It must be that old fox Yan Wenfeng!

I took a look at Qin Xiyu, who was half naked on the sofa, covered her with a blanket, rushed out of the villa, and took a taxi to Original cafe.

As soon as I arrived at the cafe, I grabbed Old Zhang, who was sitting at the checkout counter, and said in a deep voice, "Zhang Yuesheng, tell me, what's going on with that old Yan Wenfeng?"

"What's wrong?"

Old Zhang looked a little dazed and completely unaware. I grabbed him by the collar, and he couldn't get out of it. He was also angry, "What the fuck are you crazy about? What happened?"

I made sure that Old Zhang didn't look like he was faking, so I spat and told him what the text message was.

"I'll call and ask."

Old Zhang was still calm, not in a hurry, quietly took out his cell phone and called Yan Wenfeng. The result showed that it was a beep and could not be connected.

"Well, don't worry. You stay in Sham ming city these two days and continue to investigate that matter. I'll spend a few days in Yan village to see what happened. Don't worry. If Old Yan is really that kind of person, you don't have to do it. I'll kill him myself!"

Old Zhang patted me on the shoulder, comforted me, bought the ticket out of the city and left in a hurry.

I haven't replied to any of the wechat messages I sent to jiang Qingrou in the past two days, and my phone can't get through either.