Chapter 47 If You Can't Play, Call Your Parents

It would take two days to go back and forth to Yan village and shenming city. When Old Zhang left, I immediately felt something was wrong because Old Zhang told me that he would come back in two days to give me an explanation.

What will he say? I have to say, I don't trust Old Zhang anymore. Even though he taught me a lot in the beginning, I suspect he taught me.

Don't trust anyone except yourself. This is the first thing he said to me in prison.

I feel like I have to do something, or I might regret it for the rest of my life in two days.

After much hesitation, I returned to the Wang family and met Wang Yu's parents. They were very prejudiced against me, but they didn't scold me like Weng Juanjuan. They just told me that Wang Yu had been fired.

"I'm sorry."

I don't owe Wang Yu anything, but I owe my uncle and aunt many years of nurturing, so I can only bow deeply. I still understand the principle of gratitude.

"Forget it. He's in the backyard. You can go see him yourself. Weng Juanjuan has been chased away by us. He's unemployed and at home now. We won't get involved in your brother's business. You can do it yourself."

Uncle patted me on the shoulder, obviously looking very open-minded. The reason was that it was all Wang Yu's fault.

I nodded and saw Wang Yu in the backyard.

Wang Yu's tone was very unkind and mocked me, "What else are you doing here? To see me laugh?"

"Let me ask you something. Answer me honestly."

"Why? Just because you're the winner? Hahaha, I'm afraid you don't know how many times I've messed with Jiang Qingrou's shoes, right? Every time I fuck her, I think you're still in prison, and I'm so happy..."

Wang Yu was frantically venting his dissatisfaction, trying to provoke my anger, but I just looked at him coldly. In my opinion, he is a clown, a clown who has been played by others without knowing it!

When he calmed down, I continued to ask, "When you were with jiang Qingrou, what was wrong with her?"

He was no longer as crazy as before. He smoked a cigarette, inhaled deeply, and looked at me, "What's wrong? This bitch ran away with someone? I've known for a long time that women like this ride grass for thousands of people. How can you stand it?"

"What's wrong with her?"

I took a deep breath and repeated the question.

"What do you mean?"

Wang yu stood up and looked at me seriously, but I had no obligation to explain anything to him. I repeated, "Two hundred thousand, buy the answer to your question."

Wang yu paused, pondered for a while, and then said, "If there's something wrong with her, sometimes she's like someone else. When we're together, she doesn't even let me touch her, but sometimes she's very gentle. I once suspected that she was schizophrenic, and the rest is gone."

"Two hundred thousand will be on your wechat later."

I took a deep look at him and left the Wang family. I took a taxi to the police station and asked Song Yu out.

Song Yu was a little embarrassed when he saw me, thinking that I wanted to avenge jiang Qingrou, but it was not easy to run away and look at me with a little fear, "You... What are you looking for me for?"

"Who asked you to feed Jiang Qingrou drugs?"

He swallowed, took a step back, and said in a weak voice, "Master hei has only one hand to cover the sky. He asked me to do this. How dare I not do it? Didn't hei ye let you knock it down? You should be taking revenge, right?"

I ignored his little gesture and threatened, "Don't worry, I won't seek revenge on you. Help me with something, and we'll get rid of our grudges, or else -"

Before I could finish, he rushed to say, "Don't worry, I can do anything as long as I don't want my life."

Song Yu, a greedy man, was very obedient at the critical moment. If he was scared, his ancestors would be changed. After I told him, I got a call from Lei Yun.

"You've been skipping work all day. I'm going to tell my dad if he's going to kill you!"

On the other end of the phone, Lei Yun finally found an excuse to threaten me, but I directly retorted, "You can't play but others call you parents. Are you really graduating from primary school?"