Chapter 48 An Inkling

Out of pride, Lei Yun did not complain, but his behavior became a little abnormal, and even I did not understand.

He started to attend classes on time every day and listened to them attentively. A dandy scumbag swore to be a good student. The only normal thing was that he enrolled in a taekwondo training class and showed a bone-chilling hatred every time he saw me, especially after I completely destroyed his image in front of Guo Yanran.

I don't really care about him. Compared to the Lei Jiajun, his behavior is too childish and childish. What I need to guard against now is the grudge between the Lei Jiajun and Yan Wenfeng.

Lei Jiajun is worth billions, and it's not easy for Yan Wenfeng to cure his addiction. What I hate most in my life is being used as a tool.

If it's true as yan wenfeng said, then of course it's good. If it's not, I will definitely find a way for myself.

Thinking of this, I called Guo Yanran and asked her to go to the rehab center.

"Where the hell is elder sister Qingrou? Is that country bumpkin really that amazing?"

Along the way, Guo Yanran kept asking me. She obviously didn't believe that there was such a powerful person in the world who could cure the addiction that the american authorities couldn't solve at once.

To be honest, I had always doubted this, but seeing Jiang Qingrou getting better in Yan village with my own eyes, it was absolutely impossible to fake it.

But Guo Yanran's words woke me up. Thinking of what Wang Yu said, I felt more and more strange.

With Guo Yanran's help, I got the medical records of jiang Qingrou in the rehab center, said goodbye to Guo Yanran, and I received a call from Song Yu.

"Brother King, I found out what you wanted me to find out. Can I send it to you now?"

I asked him to deliver it to Original cafe, and as soon as he got out of the car, he bowed to me and handed me a thick file of information, "In order to check the internal information of this hospital, I asked for a lot of connections, otherwise ordinary people wouldn't be able to find it."

He said a lot of things, just to show his worth, especially after seeing that the famous Original cafe was still my car, he put his attitude to the lowest level.

This is a dog that bullies the good and fears the evil. In my heart, I have a definition of song yu. Whoever has a big fist, he will stand up for him.

After receiving the information, I glanced at him, unmoved. "Where's the other information?"

Song Yu's face immediately collapsed, and he said with a sad face, "Brother King, that person is really too difficult to investigate. After all, it is the information in prison. No matter how close I am, I can't find it."

"If you can't find out, you can go to jail and instigate drugs. I don't think you can handle it!"

I sneered and chased him out. Guo Yanran's lawyer had been suing him. If I hadn't suppressed him, he would have been in court long ago.

After Song Yu left, I opened two cases and compared them carefully. One was the case of Jiang Qingrou in rehab, the other was the case file of Jiang Qingrou's minor illness when he was hospitalized.

The names were the same, the photos were the same, but when I saw the height data, one was 1.62, one was 1.63, which shocked me a little.

Is this really the case? I had a thought in my mind. When I turned to the blood type, one was type a and the other was type b.

"Qingrou, did you lie to me?"