Chapter 49 Missing

Things became even more complicated and confusing, this whirlpool, involved more and more people, Jiang Qingrou was involved in it, my heart was a little bitter.

After I got out of prison, I wanted to run a cafe with jiang Qingrou and live a normal life. I've never thought about doing anything earth-shattering in my life. I don't need too much money. I just need it. That's why I only blackmailed Weng Hai twice, but I didn't expect Yan Wenfeng to force me to this point.

I got another text message from an unknown number on my phone: seven more days. Seven days later, if I don't find what I want, wait for Jiang Qingrou to collect the body.

My heart shook, and I clenched my fists, shouting Yan Wenfeng's name in my heart.

He couldn't wait any longer. There were two months left before the original deadline, and his life was shortened to seven days.

Seven days later, what will happen?

Did Old Zhang find anything after he went over? I thought to myself that after Old Zhang had been gone for so long, it was time for Yan Wenfeng to come back even if he didn't find her.

That night, Old Zhang went back to the coffee stand and drank half a bottle of water. He patted the table and sighed, "I'm sorry. That old man is no longer in Yan village. I've looked everywhere but I haven't found him."

I had expected that. If Yan Wenfeng was still waiting there, there would be a ghost.

I asked what I was most concerned about, "Where's Qingrou?"

Old Zhang avoided my gaze and shook his head, "I didn't find her. They're all missing. They're not in Yan village now. After more than a decade or two, people change!"

"By the way, did you find anything at the Lei Jiajun? If we can't find anything else, this old man might really do something to jiang Qingrou!"

I was silent, wondering if I should tell him Qin Xiyu's identity.

After pondering for a long time in my heart, I said, "The last few days you left, I found out that Qin Xiyu was actually the sister of the Lei Jiajun. This is the fact that the Lei Jiajun tried to hide. I think it might be a clue."

"Well, I see. Don't worry too much. With my help, that Old Yan fellow won't be able to turn the world upside down."

Old Zhang patted me on the shoulder, not making a sound, but I still noticed the light in his eyes, and it was obvious that the news touched him.

Telling the news, I waited quietly for things to change. As expected, the next morning, Lei Yun came to me angrily. "Say, did you kidnap Yu Yi?"

"She's missing?"

I didn't expect Yan Wenfeng and his men to move so fast. If that was the case, wouldn't it be said that Old Zhang and Yan Wenfeng were on the same team?

After confirming this news, I was a little bit upset. I've been treating Old Zhang like a brother and a father. He taught me a lot of useful things, but I didn't expect to use me in the end.

"Don't pretend to me. If it weren't for you, how could she have disappeared? Tell me, where did you hide her?"

Lei Yun simply and innocently thought that I coveted Yu Yi's beauty to kidnap her, and wanted to treat her as a forbidden animal. Indeed, he was right to judge people by himself. He thought I was the same person as he was.

I didn't even bother to explain to him. I punched him on the ground, but the Lei Jiajun stopped me.

"What does the Lei Jiajun mean?"

I looked back at Lei Yun and he laughed smugly, "I told my dad about your molestation of Yu Yi. You're dead!"

"Aren't you afraid he'll kill you?"

"Haha, do you really think I'm a fool? Without proof, Yu Yi is missing again. Who can prove that I brought aunt yu to see you?"

Lei Yun leaned against my ear, gloating, and his voice was low, giving me a sense of triumph.

It was only then that I realized that I had forgotten about this. Damn it, I was struck by a thundercloud once.

"Let's go, Mr. Lei, please."

Soon I was brought to the Lei Jiajun, still so dignified, and glanced at me faintly, "Tell me, where is the hiding place?"