Chapter 50 Little Eyebrows

"I don't know."

I looked around and saw more than a dozen bodyguards in black suits guarding the area. I didn't dare to move, so as not to ask for trouble. In this world, boxing is power. If you have a big fist, you are in charge.

I thought lei jiajun would ask more questions or threaten me, but he waved his hand and motioned to take me down.

I suddenly stood up, because I knew that once I was taken down, it would be torture, and it would definitely be asking for trouble.

"Boss lei, I don't know where Qin Xiyu is, but I know who caught Qin Xiyu."

When the matter came to an end, I confessed Yan Wenfeng and Old Zhang without thinking and wanted to see how the Lei Jiajun would react after hearing it.

He just waved his hand and said, "I see. Take him down."

I was put under house arrest. In a luxurious villa, I was free to move, but I couldn't go out for half a step.

My phone was confiscated and I couldn't communicate with the outside world, which made me anxious. Seven days was coming. I was afraid that Yan Wenfeng would really tear up his ticket, even if he had caught Qin Xiyu.

How do we break the game? For three days in a row, I was trapped in the villa, frantically thinking of ways, but this is what happened in this world. Your fists are not thick enough, not big enough, so you can only be squeezed in your hands, rubbed and clenched.

On the fourth day, I couldn't stand it anymore. I decided to fight for a chance to meet with the Lei Jiajun, "Qin Xiyu is already on good terms with me."

"What did you say?"

This time, the Lei Jiajun finally moved and stared at me fiercely with a murderous look in their eyes. I forced myself to say again, "Qin Xiyu has already slept with me."

"Impudent! Do you know where all the people who lied to me about the Lei Jiajun went?"

He stared at me gloomily, his eyes filled with anger.

I explained the relationship between the Lei Jiajun and Qin Xiyu. "Xiao mei said that you have been the best person to her ever since her mother died."

Xiao mei was Qin Xiyu's nickname. She was half drunk that day and I overheard it.

"She even told you her nickname?"

The anger on the Lei Jiajun's face was gone, revealing shock and disbelief. I was relieved and knew that half of the time had passed, and that half of the time had passed.

After a few minutes of silence, he sighed and pointed to the sofa to let me sit down.

"Since she told you all this, I'm sure you're not with them."

He looked at me deeply, and I shook my head, "Yan Wenfeng kidnapped my wife and threatened me to hide by your side as an undercover agent."

I sold Yan Wenfeng without any moral integrity, but I said seven percent truth, three percent lie, only half truth can deceive people.

The Lei Jiajun nodded, "I know about you. After you sent Jiang Qingrou to the yan village, he appeared in front of me. He must have sent him."

I gave a dry laugh and realized that I had underestimated the power of these big shots. I'm afraid there's nothing they can't find out about what they want to know. Fortunately, I didn't treat him like a fool like Lei Yun.

"By the way, did you find out where Little Eyebrow was tied up?"

The Lei Jiajun half-narrowed its eyes and smoked a cigar. Instead of answering me, it sneered and said, "These clowns, if they dare to attack Little Eyebrow, I will not let them go."

Xiao xiong! These two words popped up in my mind, and I thought of the rumors about the Lei Jiajun from the outside world, which had climbed up from the underworld step by step.

"There's no need to look for anyone. I know where that old man took Little Eyebrow."

The Lei Jiajun assured me that Yan Wenfeng was still in Yan village and that Jiang Qingrou and Little Eyebrow should be there.

"I've searched all over Sham ming city, but I haven't found anyone. Only Yan village is left." The Lei Jiajun suddenly stared at me with a cold look. "I tell you, after saving little eyebrows, you and jiang Qingrou must break up, or else she won't end up better than now!"

"If you let Little Eyebrow down, you will definitely regret coming to this world, and so will Jiang Qingrou!"

I was petrified by the Lei Jiajun's stare. I knew he could do what he said, but did he want me to give up on Qingrou? Dream!

I lowered my head, neither agreeing nor disagreeing. He shook his head and left me alone.