Chapter 51 Back Mountain

After meeting lei jiajun, even if I wasn't completely trusted by the Lei Jiajun, I still regained some freedom, at least my phone was returned to me.

When I turned on my phone, I received a text message from an unknown number. There were three messages, one a day.

"Six days left."

"Five days left."

"Four days left."

I know that Yan Wenfeng can't wait any longer. The Lei Jiajun is so powerful that he can only force me, but I still don't know what he wants.

Safe? That must be a joke. What era is it now, not even the money is in the safe, what other information will be in the safe?

Was it really Qin Xiyu's necklace? I had a vague guess. Otherwise, Yan Wenfeng wouldn't have caught Qin Xiyu before he found what he wanted.

Picking up my phone, I edited a text message and replied, "Let Qingrou go. I won't get involved with your relationship with the Lei Jiajun."

Very soon, I received a reply, simply two words: "Dream!"

Okay, you forced me! I really didn't want to get involved in their grudges, but I didn't expect Yan Wenfeng to leave no room.

During the last few days at the villa, Lei Yun would still be fine to see me laugh, but when he saw the Lei Jiajun return my phone and no longer house arrest me, he ran away when he saw me, but he still couldn't run away from me and was beaten up by me.

"I knew you were a boneless brat. Didn't you think I would be okay?"

Lei Jiajun's attitude towards this son seemed very casual, completely without the father's love for his son, every time he was beaten, the Lei Jiajun did not care.

The Lei Jiajun hasn't been doing anything, and I'm sure he's received a threat from Yan Wenfeng, but he's just so calm, working normally every day, no different from normal.

It was only on the sixth day that I learned from Lei Yun that one more day would be the anniversary of grandma Lei Yun's death.

"I really don't know. Why did dad take you with him? How did you deserve to visit grandma's grave?"

He kept mumbling all the way, and I ignored him, but from what he said, I knew that every year the Lei Jiajun would go to visit their graves in Yan village.

Moreover, every time he visited the grave, he took no one but Lei Yun, Qin Xiyu, and the three of them to Yan village alone.

Only then did I understand why the Lei Jiajun said that the whole of Sham ming city had been searched that day. That person must be in Yan village.

Perhaps because the Lei Jiajun's mother's grave was there, he did not allow his own forces to enter Yan village, which became the only place in his heart.

When we arrived in Yan village, a villager greeted us at the entrance of the village, "Is that Mr. Lei Jiajun? Old Yan said that when you get there, you go straight to the back mountain to look for him."

My face changed, and I rushed forward to grab the villager, grabbed his collar, and asked, "Say, where did that old man Yan Wenfeng hide him?"

He was startled by my actions and shook his head repeatedly. He said he didn't know. He was just a messenger. He took a hundred dollars from Yan Wenfeng and told them to go to the back mountain.

The Lei Jiajun asked me to let him go. After a while, I realized that Yan Wenfeng, that sly old man, could not possibly send his own men.

"Do you want to go?"

I looked at the Lei Jiajun. After all, he was the boss. Even if he didn't bring anyone with him, I believe that he was not half as good as me at climbing to his current position in the underworld.

"Of course."

The Lei Jiajun's eyes turned cold, cut off the half-smoked cigar and stomped hard on the ground. Lei Yun looked at the two of us in a daze. It was obvious that the Lei Jiajun didn't tell him about this.

Is it biological or not? I have another question in my mind. Lei Yun's relationship with the Lei Jiajun is really abnormal. He's an only son. Why is it like he picked him up?

After an hour of driving, we finally reached the back mountain. From a distance, we could see the smell of burnt yellow paper floating in the air.

Yan Wenfeng!

In front of an ordinary tombstone, Yan Wenfeng was hooking up and burning paper money. Next to him were two women tied up and unconscious. It was Jiang Qingrou and Qin Xiyu.