Chapter 52 Yan Mei

I suppressed my anger and waited for the Lei Jiajun to make a decision.

I thought the lei family would be more anxious than me. After all, she was his precious sister, but I didn't expect him to not look at Qin Xiyu at all. He went straight to Yan Wenfeng and reached out his hand, "I wasn't prepared today. Give me some."

His tone was very flat, but I could hear the unmistakable smell of an owl. Yan Wenfeng was in his fifties and bent over. To my surprise, he dumped the paper money he brought to the Lei Jiajun.

What's going on? Aren't the two mortal enemies? I don't understand. Don't they always die when they meet?

Lei Yun was also shocked and pointed at Yan Wenfeng, "So it's you! You kidnapped Yu Yi!"

From his tone, does he know Yan Wenfeng? I was even more confused. What was their relationship?

I wanted to ask lei yun, but he completely disdained to explain to me that he wouldn't have been so calm if he hadn't been unable to beat me.

The two people in front of the tombstone were very calm. After burning the yellow paper for more than ten minutes, there was no movement. I couldn't help it. I ran to Jiang Qingrou and wanted to untie her rope.

After two months, she looked much better than before. Her face was ruddy. It looked as if Yan Wenfeng had fulfilled his promise and helped her quit the drug addiction.

"Don't move. I have a miniature explosive on her. If you move again, you can only watch her disappear."

Yan Wenfeng didn't look back, but what he said made me stop what I was doing.

"Good, very good!" I coldly looked at his back and sneered, "You did do something!"

As Yan Wenfeng burned the paper money, he said slowly, "I believe you can tell that I helped her quit her addiction. Remember our previous agreement?"

Of course, I remember getting what he wanted, and as medical expenses, he cured Qingrou jiang.

"Well, you are indeed with him. Dad, the people who called you came and killed them. They dared to arrest Yu Yi!"

Lei Yun seized the opportunity and pointed at Yan Wenfeng and me, laughing wildly.

"Shut up! In front of your grandmother's grave, speak louder and see if I don't break your legs!"

A sentence from the Lei Jiajun made lei yun shut his mouth and the committee stood aside in grievance. It seemed that he had remembered his previous lesson.

After finishing his son's military training, the lei family turned to look at me with cold eyes. "Now is an opportunity. In front of Jiang Qingrou and Little Eyebrow, you choose one. Be careful. It may decide your fate for the rest of your life."

His words were very calm, without a single threat, but it made me shudder and look at him coldly. I knew that if I chose Jiang Qingrou, I would have to be his enemy. If I chose Qin Xiyu, I would be on the same side as him.

But do I have a choice? Thinking of the little things that happened with jiang Qingrou, I gritted my teeth and stood silently behind Yan Wenfeng.

"Good, very good. I hope you don't regret it."

The Lei Jiajun glanced at me and didn't say anything more. They were just quietly burning paper money. Lei Yun looked at me angrily, muttering to himself, calling me a traitor.

Yan Wenfeng was pleased with what I did. He nodded and looked proudly at the Lei Jiajun. "Now that I have your sister in my hands, hand over your ledger for all these years. I also planted a small bomb on her. You know that the explosive is not powerful, but it can make a person's blood and flesh blur."

The Lei Jiajun's face was grim. "How dare you do this in front of my mother?"

Yan Wenfeng lowered his head and remained silent for a minute. Looking back at me, he stood up abruptly and grabbed my shoulder. It was hard to imagine that an old man in his fifties could have the strength to scratch my shoulders with such burning pain.

"Why wouldn't I dare? Ask him what he can't do for Jiang Qingrou?"

He looked crazy and stared at me, but I knew he didn't tell me.

He turned around abruptly, grabbed the collar of the Lei Jiajun, and roared, "If it weren't for your father, meier wouldn't have died!"

"Your family is a gangster. What brings mei' er is an endless disaster, but she will follow you until she dies!"

"Say, are you worthy of your mother?"

The Lei Jiajun ripped his hand away and did not explain anything. They scattered a handful of yellow paper in the sky and drifted around in the wind.

Listening to their quarrel, I seemed to have cleared up a little bit of the relationship. There was such a conflict. On the tombstone, it was the grave of my mother's grave.

No wonder Qin Xiyu's nickname was Little Eyebrow.