Chapter 2971 The Right Question, the Right Answer

"I, I, I, woo woo woo!"

Han te choked for a long time, his whole face turned pig liver color, tears and snot couldn't help rolling down his face, and he bowed deeply to the boxing king. "Thank you, thank you, thank you so much. I didn't expect you to look up to me so much and be willing to help me selflessly. I, I really don't know what to say. I, I am so touched, so righteous, so meaningful!

"By the way, I want to apologize to you, I want to apologize to you solemnly!"


The boxer said quietly, "Why apologize?"

"Because I misunderstood you."

Hunter wiped his nose and said honestly, "When I first met lord boxer, I was frightened by your reputation as the evil bandit king. I subconsciously thought that you could make such a big name in the evil land alone. From nothing to the top ten super gangsters, you must be a ruthless, scheming, scheming, and even more sinister than yao lao!

"So, I was really afraid of you at that time, and I secretly discussed you with liuli. I also repeatedly warned liuli not to get too close to you so that she wouldn't be sold by you and help you count the money!

"Now that you think about it, it's really childish. You're such a high and mighty person. You can call the wind and call the rain. You can do anything you want. You can cough lightly. The whole dirt will be stirred up by a storm. Liu li and I are just two insignificant people. What use is there for you to put in a lot of effort?

Really, after spending so much time with you, I realized that you are not a scheming and cunning bandit at all, but a loyal, gentle, honest and reliable good person. You are simply a loyal elder, and getting along with you is like a spring breeze - even a worthless little brat like me, you have put your heart and soul into helping me, no matter how much you repay me. Alas, I really don't know how to repay you. That's good.

"I misunderstood you at the beginning. This matter is like a sharp fishbone in my heart. I have to spit it out. You won't blame me, will you?"

"Hehe, don't be silly. Why?"

The boxer king's eyes twinkled and he said, "Your vigilance is right. Generally speaking, to survive in the bloody rain of the evil-doing soil and even climb up to the throne of the bandit king step by step, it is definitely not a good man or a good woman who eats fast and recites buddhas. All of them are extremely scheming and evil people. If I were born as a person, it should be the same.

But I am... Something new between strong artificial intelligence and information life.

"Even if I awaken a real life, there are certain laws that restrict it. You can interpret it as' the morality of information life', and the most important one of them is not to deceive others at will.

"As long as you learn how to ask questions and enter the correct prerequisites, I will never lie to you and will definitely output the correct answer."


Hunter blinked, not understanding much. "What do you mean?"

"It means that if the imperial emperor, li jialing, is your greatest rival in love, and your goal at all costs is to defeat li jialing, then learning magic is your best choice."

The boxer king said seriously, "I used all the crystal brains I had in my control, and I've tried and calculated them over and over again. As long as you're really focused on using your life to study magic, then in the competition between you and li jialing, you have a winning rate of at least 80 %, and you have a very good chance of winning.

"If liuli had to choose between you and li jialing to be the guardian of her life, then she would be more likely to choose you as the great mage.

"And while you are practicing magic, I will definitely keep my promise and help you resist everything that pours on the glazed tile, describing the filthy, ungrateful, sinister, and stinky piece of trash.

"I guarantee that each of these words is 100 % true, and if you have any other questions, just ask them. As long as you ask the right questions, I will give you the right answers.

"How is it? Do you have any other concerns? Now, can you put everything aside and concentrate on learning magic?"

"No, no. After lord quan's analysis, wow, I really feel enlightened and suddenly enlightened. The road ahead is suddenly filled with light and hope. I will not disappoint lord quan's trust and teaching and learn magic with my life!"

Han said in a loud voice, "Really, I now feel that lord boxer wang is so kind and warm. He is the guiding light of my life, or the kind uncle next door!"

"I don't like the term' uncle'. Since we are fated, we have been through so many bitter battles together. It's a comrade relationship with equal status. Let's talk about the same generation."

The boxer king said, "You can treat me as an amiable big brother next door. If you feel embarrassed to talk to others, you can come to me anytime. No matter what problems you encounter in your cultivation, or what troubles you have in your life and feelings, I can help you analyze and solve them. The most important thing is how to deal with your relationship with glazed glass. This is what I am obligated to help you with. With my excellent computing power, I arranged it properly so that you wouldn't act rashly and mess up the good situation and make a pot of rotten porridge in a hurry."

"Yes, yes, yes."

Han te nodded and said yes. After thinking about it, he felt a little embarrassed. "Well, that's not good. How can I be brother to lord boxer wang?"

"It's okay, I'm not as old as you think."

The boxer king said, "Although my core database has existed a long time ago, and my predecessor, the automatically upgraded combat puppet, has also been fighting on the soil for hundreds of years, including the identity of' boxing king lei zonglie' for a long time, it was not long ago that I awakened my real life.

In fact, I feel like I have just begun an incredible journey of life and am still in the prime of my youth. For myself, for the people around me, and for the whole world, I still have endless curiosity and thirst for knowledge. Like you, I am also stumbling and stumbling around, groping like a blind person, groping for the true appearance of myself and the world. Learn how to face your own heart and the vast universe, learn to love, hate, and learn how to be... A real person, maybe it's ten thousand times harder than learning magic, isn't it?"

"Yes, but I believe lord boxer will get what he wants and become a real person."

Han te clenched his fists and swung them hard, shattering the magic screen that the boxing king had created and creating thousands of brilliant ripples. "Just like I can decipher the deepest mysteries of magic and become the ancient universe, no, the most powerful great magician in the entire multiverse!"

"... Then, come on, young man."

The boxer muttered, not knowing whether he was talking to hunter or to himself, "For the life that we just started, the infinite brilliance, the infinite possibility!"

The two of them fell silent and looked at the top of the city wall of the taiping stronghold not far away.

The young girl, who reflected the sunlight like a golden barley, was there, tiptoeing and looking out at them.

I don't know if it was an illusion, so far apart, both of them saw the innocent smile of glazed glass, and that shallow, but it seemed like a dimple that could fit the entire universe.

"I'm really looking forward to it."

Hunter rubbed his hands together and couldn't wait. "Tomorrow will come soon!"

"What's the rush?"

The boxer said, "Tomorrow, it will come!"


Just as the covenant alliance and the true human empire were ushering in their upheaval and rebirth, the Federation of stars on the border of Xinghai seemed to be ushering in its most glorious moment.


"Unbelievable, a crushing victory!"

"The jade ding realm, the yellow dragon realm, the extreme heaven realm, three victories in three battles, more miraculous than a miracle!"

"Not only did they not lose too many starships and soldiers, but they also won double victories against the old empire and the holy alliance. While they gained rich spoils, they also concluded a rather solid tripartite alliance, which initially formed a tripod situation, greatly improving the strategic situation of the Federation. With no power to stop the advancement of the Federation, they could take advantage of their'dao xin' advantage. Exert a strong influence on the empire and the holy alliance!"

"Ding Lingdang, the speaker of the Federation, is on his horse, and Li Yao, the supreme of the three realms, is dead!"

The shocking news, the colorful battlefield videos, the swaying, hyped up roadside news and gossip... Turned the entire Federation into a sea of celebration, and the sea boiled in an instant.

Since the news of victory half a month ago, all the habitable and resource planets in the Federation have been partying all night, even the calmest government executives are in tears on the live broadcast; even the most confident optimists before the war can't help but heave a sigh of relief; even the most calculating businessmen are waving their hands, at the expense of local discounts to celebrate the victory. Even the most old-fashioned veterans put down their airs and joined the festive crowd that could be seen everywhere.

The jubilant atmosphere reached its climax with the triumphant return of a Federation fleet.

Three days ago, the triumphant victory ceremony in the capital attracted more than 50 million people to participate in the scene, and more than tens of billions of internet broadcast volume, becoming the most lively festival in the history of Federation of stars, even the establishment of the new Federation of stars a hundred years ago was far from the momentum.

Today, it was the home of Li Yao, Peng Hai, and countless powerful people, another Lianbangjun stronghold. It was also the headquarters of the five hundred strong sects of the Lianbangjun, such as the yaoshi group, and the grand triumphant ceremony held in Fugo city.