Chapter 2972 Holy War

At five o' clock in the morning, just as dawn broke, the entire Fugo city was packed to the brim. The strong and tourists from Tianyuan boundary and the surrounding world gathered here to look forward to it.

At seven or eight o' clock, the sun was as bright as a painting, the sun was as thin as a red sun, and the clouds were steaming in the sky. This was the crystallization of Federation's own technology, the new generation of spirit gathering tower, carrying hundreds of thousands of ultra-microchips, very powerful information and data transmission nodes, each of which corresponded to thousands of netizens from all over the world and allowed netizens thousands of light years away. Using devices such as neural interaction helmets and holographic game cabins, he "Arrived" above Fugo city to participate in the event.

In the sky and in the ground, there were laughter, tears, mountains and tsunamis everywhere.

At nine o' clock in the morning, the majestic national anthem sounded and the victory ceremony officially began.

When hundreds of battle-scarred starships tore through the clouds in the middle of Xinghai, accompanied by rolling thunder, the sky trembled and the earth roared, and the emotions of all the people were instantly ignited.

Although these starships were simply maintained and reinforced in the imperial shipyard, the intense tearing force through the four-dimensional space still left new damage on them, crisscrossing cracks, and the constant release of spiritual flames, making them look like men who have been through many battles, full of awe-inspiring domineering and soul-stirring charm.

Scars are men's medals.

It was not the same for a starship.

Even though they were scarred, mottled, and mutilated, they came back with victory.

The Federation had hope again, and civilization had hope again.

This was the best outcome.

Long live! Long live the Federation! Long live Cultivator! Long live human civilization!"

Countless virtual pigeons, symbolizing peace, were released and turned into gentle white training wrapped around the triumphant star ship, which diluted the ship's murderous spirit and wrapped them in a soft white light. Under the increasingly bright sunlight, they reflected pieces of golden scales, which were supported by the proud cheers of the people, flying all over Fugo city, the entire Federation, the entire world!

Meng lichuan and Meng Jiang, who were born and raised in Fugo city, were also part of the crowd.

In addition to welcoming the triumphant return of the seventh division of the Federation expeditionary force, they also had a personal purpose - Meng Jiang's grandson, meng lichuan's younger brother, meng xiaolang, also followed the triumphant team home.

Meng xiaolang had just graduated from the military academy and had not even participated in a deep space exercise, so he was muddle-headed and dragged onto the "Desperate" fire chariot to go to the center of Xinghai for life and death.

At that time, this was a gamble on the fate of the Federation of stars, in order to win, we must gather all the strength that can be condensed.

But now, the situation in Xinghai's central government has calmed down. Reserve officers like meng xiaolang, who have outstanding achievements in the military academy and experience in war, are naturally the precious seeds for the future Lianbangjun to become more powerful. There is no need to participate in the prolonged, low intensity but extremely cruel fight against bandits and public security. Of course, they have to retreat to the rear and further train.

In the bustling crowd, meng lichuan tried to stand on tiptoe. Meng Jiang tried to straighten his back, but he could not tell his relatives from the murderous and energetic young soldiers.

Or rather, the faces that were still young, but their eyes became extremely determined, looked like their own grandchildren and brothers.

The entire Federation expeditionary force had been forged into an inseparable whole under the pressure of the central Xinghai. Where else could meng xiaolang be found?

After looking for a long time, tears could not help but flow down. The two gave up their plan to look for meng xiaolang. Meng lichuan helped Meng Jiang out of the crowd and came to a corner where the flow of people was slightly sparse.

Meng lichuan fanned meng jiang with the wind, and Meng Jiang gasped for breath. Hearing the cheers around him, he saw the nine stars raising the dragon flag, but his wrinkled face glowed with youthful brilliance.

"I didn't expect us to win. It was like a dream."

Looking at the war flags, fireworks and virtual ribbons above and below, meng lichuan had an incredible expression on her face. "This is really the result that we can't even deduce on a virtual platform. Grandpa, do you believe it?"

"Why don't you believe me?"

Meng Jiang chuckled. "You're still too young. If you were like grandpa, you wouldn't have any doubts about the new miracle if you had survived a hundred years ago on a small planet, suffered from the beast tide all day, and even been slain to the capital by the Yaozu, but the jedi fought back, and the miracle reversed, and built into the grand occasion of today's nine worlds. Of course, we would have won. Because our Federation of stars is a country born for miracles and victories!

Besides, don't we still have Li Yao?

"Li Yao, this boy, no matter what kind of adversity he encounters, he will not be willing to be caught without a fight. Even if it is really a dark iron wall, it will be arched and arched by him, giving out a faint ray of hope. I knew this very well more than a hundred years ago.

"By the way, lichuan, you work in the branch of the dark moon foundation. The dark moon foundation and Li Yao's disciple, jin xinyue, are closely related. Do you know the truth of this battle? How did we win? There's a lot of gossip and roadside news out there right now, and it's just ridiculous. You can exaggerate as much as you want. It doesn't seem real at all. Do you know the truth?"


Meng lichuan pondered for a moment and said, "Because of the confidentiality regulations, I can't tell my grandfather too much. I can only say that the process of this battle is indeed very, very sensational, incredible, full of too many unexpected factors and coincidences, completely unrecognizable.

"In fact, one of the things we're doing is to make the exaggerated facts less exaggerated, so that Li Yao, our old classmate, doesn't look like a'monster'. Otherwise, if we were to say it out loud, the entire Federation wouldn't believe it.

"Anyway, grandpa, if you want the truth, you should go to the roadside news and the grapevine. Find the most irresponsible, most pretentious online media, find the most exaggerated, most ridiculous article, and brag about Li Yao as the kind of devil that came, and multiply it by 120 %. That's about the closest to the truth."


Meng Jiang's smile was a little stiff.

Above the two of them, a vast three-dimensional screen of light slowly opened, and above the entire Fugo city was a huge portrait of Federation speaker Ding Lingdang.

Her long red hair was neatly curled up, and her impeccable conservative outfit fitted the setting of the political figures, even with a hint of wilful old age, but there was just a tuft of hair that refused to comply and stuck up high, coupled with the stubbornness that could not be concealed under her eyes, which formed Ding Lingdang's unique and incomparably strong personal charm.

She was making her last public speech to the entire Federation before she stepped down.

"... The Federation of stars's first great expedition to Xinghai has won an incomparably brilliant victory. I have done my duty as well as all the general and citizens of the Federation of stars. I can take a long breath of relief and relax and return to the status of an ordinary citizen, Cultivator, and human warrior.

"However, although the expedition has won, the war is far from over. Next, I have an arduous battle to fight with all the soldiers, all the people, and all of you.

"The next war is not against the empire or the holy alliance or any tangible enemy, but against the invisible enemy that has eroded human civilization for a hundred thousand years. It is a war against poverty, ignorance, superstition, famine, oppression!

"We will declare war against the darkness of human nature and the chronic illness of human civilization. We will crush the old world where people eat and oppress people. We will create a new world where everyone is born free, born equal, born with unlimited hope, and can create endless possibilities!

"This is going to be an arduous war that will last from a thousand to a thousand years, and it will go back and forth, and even take big steps. But I have always believed that the tide of the universe is vast and powerful, and that whoever goes with it will prosper, and whoever goes against it will die. No one can stop the progress of human civilization, no one can stop us from winning this war. I am willing to fight for such a Federation, such a human civilization, in this most sacred war. Fighting for life, I firmly believe, like all of you, that the ultimate victory will belong to us, to all of humanity!"

[ Forty thousand years of cultivation, holy alliance, end ]

The chapter of the holy alliance is over. Let's celebrate with flowers!

The sacred league was not easy to write. In fact, xiu si entered the latter half of the journey, and each one was not much better. Because "Tangible enemies" became fewer and fewer, and "Invisible enemies" became more and more, it was easy to create a specific evil villain, but it was not easy to write out the darkness of the human heart and the predicament after being refracted and amplified by the boundless Xinghai.

The chapter of the holy alliance should be the most difficult one to write. The holy alliance, the empire, the Federation, the entanglement of the three forces, the description of several consecutive wars, together with the scheming of fu xi, lu qingchen and others, Li Yao still tried to turn the tide... Old cow's brain cells really died a lot.

It was the same sentence that you had to write when you were in trouble and when you were not, you had to write when you were in trouble. After all, with the support of so many dear brothers and sisters, the more you worked hard to keep it, the more you tried not to make the mistake of "Late nights are not guaranteed," and you deserve all the hardships you have gone through all these years!

Then, after a short rest, today we will go into a new chapter, that is, before the "Final battle against earth," the end of the pangu universe, the "God's tomb," the many mysteries of the pangu universe, will all be solved in the "God's tomb," thank you, continue to support!