Chapter 2973 Monk Lai


A cloud piercing arrow pierced through the silence of the mountains and startled countless birds.

The arrows were ablaze, tearing open the misty night, illuminating the rugged mountain road, and the figure of the fast jumping and desperate figure on the mountain road was a fat and sloppy monk.

He said he was a monk, but he kept his short head, and his hair was covered with mangers. He looked disgusting, and his body was greasy. He could not tell whether he was wearing a cassock or a patchwork coat. As he ran, peanuts, pig's feet, dog legs, beef, wine bags and other bits fell off. He actually had the leisure to pick it up, pick up a dog leg, and put it into his mouth.

It seemed that even if he was really a monk, he was also a monk who did not abide by the rules and regulations and ate meat without killing himself.

It was wrong to drink and eat meat. What was more shocking was that behind the monk was a beautiful young woman, dressed in a red wedding dress, who ran so fast that her embroidered shoes fell halfway, revealing her jade-like toes. Even in the dark, they were frighteningly white.

In the middle of the night, in the mountains and wilderness, an unruly monk carrying a woman in a wedding dress, what a shame!

"The demon monk is there!"

"Catch that mad monk!"

"Kill, kill that crazy monk for me. Chop him up into pieces. Chop him up into pieces. Wah, wah, wah, wah, wah!"

Halfway up the mountain, thousands of powerful and powerful people from the rivers and lakes, with their temples raised high, fought openly and chased after them. Each arrow pierced through the clouds was as fast as an arrow, getting closer and closer to the demon monk who carried the woman.

These heroes from all over the country were fierce men who licked their blood with knives. They were the best in the world. Even the "Flying feather guards" of the imperial court were not their opponents. If they were not worried about hurting young women and didn't want the monk to die so quickly, they would have made this monk a string of sugar calabashes and pierced their hearts.

However, the entire "Green wolf mountain" was surrounded by seven factions, not even a grasshopper could jump out. Even if this demon monk was really like his nickname, what "Spirit condor" was, he could not fly out!

Sure enough, the demon monk was pushed more and more tightly by various heroes, and there was no way to retreat. He could only climb continuously. In a short time, he came to the most steep "Wolf tooth peak" of the cang lang mountain.

The wolf's tooth peak, ten thousand feet high, was shrouded in mist all year round, and the wind at the bottom of the valley was swirling. It was the most dangerous place on the rivers and lakes. Even the "Flower butterfly sect" known for its light kung fu, no one dared to go down from the wolf's tooth peak.

In front of him was a cliff of ten thousand feet, and there was no way out.

Behind him were scattered torches, like gnashing wolves with their eyes wide open.

The demon monk was in a dilemma. Finally, he put the woman in the red wedding dress down from her back and stared blankly ahead. Deep in the mist, there was no road.

This was a scene in the west of the kunpeng dynasty, where the seven major factions of the rivers and lakes besieged the demon monk, "The vulture."

This spiritual condor shangren was a new master of the kunpeng dynasty in the last ten years. He said he was a monk, but he did not know which temple he came from. He had a mysterious origin, ruthless means, and traveled around the world.

When he was in a good mood, he could rob the food truck of the "Spirit fire sect" for a group of insignificant victims, snatch away a large amount of white food, and give it to those starving ghosts to waste freely.

They could also steal the treasures of the "Treasure house," which were not even found in the imperial palace, but they were all broken up and thrown into the dark slums, reduced to the toys of homeless children.

When he was in a bad mood, he could even cry for a girl from a brothel. In a short month, he could cross the county, step across half of the kunpeng dynasty and kill 447 heroes just to destroy something. According to his buddhist family, "The gang of abducting and selling women and children" had destroyed the entire brothel alliance's "Fanaticism."

Even though they were famous in the world and were deeply rooted in the seven great schools of the kunpeng dynasty, the demon monk did not care and provoked them for no reason from time to time.

The seven great factions were strong and powerful, with a large number of people and forces, so they were naturally not afraid of a single demon monk.

However, the demonic monks were barefooted, they wore shoes, the road was facing the sky, each side of the road, can not offend the river, it would be best.

The demon monk, who had no idea where he came from, was indeed ruthless and sinister in his methods. He had tried several times in secret to test the seven great sects, and they were all shocked by him. Therefore, in the face of his various provocations, he had to endure it.

But this demon monk actually took their patience as weakness and rode on their necks to shit!

Three days ago, it was the wedding day of the master of the green dragon gang, the leader of the seven sects.

The one who married the daughter of the master of the green dragon gang was the eldest son of the master of the "Thunderbolt hall in the south of the yangtze river," the oldest and most powerful of the seven sects.

Not only was the couple a match made in heaven, but the marriage represented the alliance between the qing long gang and the thunderbolt hall in the south of the yangtze river. An unprecedented behemoth had officially risen.

It was not necessary to mention the grand occasion on the big day. Not only did the people from the rivers and lakes rush in, but even the imperial court sent people to congratulate them. The whole south of the yangtze river was in turmoil. This was originally the most glorious day for the qinglong gang and the thunderbolt hall in the south.

Demon monk! Demon monk! What a demon monk!

Is it unbearable? If the demon monk led the bride away, not only the green dragon gang and the thunderbolt hall in the south of the yangtze river, but also the seven major sects and the entire river and lake, can anyone raise their heads?

"Kill, today we must kill this demon monk, skin him, cramp him up, cut him into eight pieces, kill him, kill him!"

The green dragon gang fired out the "Angry dragon flag," and thunderbolt hall issued the "Thunder order," issued a heavy gold reward, and called on the entire river and lake to encircle and annihilate the demon monk, "The vulture master!"

The people of the spirit condor have been crazy all these years and have already offended most of the rivers and lakes. Under the orders of the seven major factions, the people of the rivers and lakes should "Take part in the grand deeds together" even if they don't want the reward. Whoever can kill the demon monk will be appreciated by the green dragon and thunder sects. In an instant, they will rise to the sky. Naturally, everyone will be courageous and fight for the first place. Finally, they will force the demon monk to the impassable situation.

In order to encircle and annihilate the demonic monks, the seven major sects sent out thousands of elite experts, as well as tens of thousands of heroic men who "Participated in the grand occasion." The thunderbolt hall in the south of the yangtze river even took out fifty "Thunderbolt fire crossbows" that were not equipped in the army. Even if the demonic monk had the means to be highly skilled, they could not escape.

Halfway up the mountain, one by one, the heroes of the rivers and lakes, either gnashing their teeth, or glaring at each other with anger, or jiejie monster smiling.

On the wolf's tooth peak, the spirit vulture man drank up half of the gourd's wine and smacked his mouth, reluctant to part with the world in front of him. He smiled and said, "All right, little girl, I'll send you here. Your lover is waiting for you under the wolf's tooth peak. This is the last time I ask you. I want to know if you really want to give up on all the good things you've done and stay with him forever. An ordinary life?"

"Yes, a hundred yes!"

The bride nodded and tugged at her wedding dress, as if she could not bear to wear it for a moment longer than the wedding dress of the thunderbolt hall in the south of the yangtze river. However, when she saw the torch approaching from halfway up the mountain, her face turned pale and she sighed. "On the wolf's tooth peak, it's hard to fly. Oh, master, why are you so rash to help the little girl, but you want the little girl to implicate the master?" He's dead!"

"It's not entirely to help you. Now the court is weak and the rivers and lakes are strong. Both your father and the lord of thunderbolt have ambitions. The combination of the two gangs has the intention of winning the world. Once there are four swords, I don't know how many lives will be ruined."

The spirit vulture man tore up the dog meat and wiped the fat into his mouth. His mouth was full of fat and he said vaguely, "The monk is kind and compassionate. Although he knows that the situation cannot be changed, he can change as much as he wants. I have a clear conscience. You can ask for more of your blessings!"

"Yes, the master is truly a great man. Everyone in the kunpeng dynasty knows that you are not a god after all. We have escaped for three days and three nights and will still be captured by them. The alliance between the qing long gang and the thunderbolt hall will not change."

The bride bit her lip, made up her mind and looked up. "Master, don't worry. When we get back, the little girl will force her to die and never let her father ruin the master's life!"

"Hehe, it's enough to have a little girl. The wolf's tooth peak is high, but a monk may not be a real immortal. Although the consequences of tampering with the law are very serious, but... Occasionally sneaking around and changing it once in a while, it doesn't matter, right?"

The person on the vulture grinned, picked up a piece of golden withered leaf, crushed it in his palm, and threw it deep into the cliff.

Something incredible happened!

The crushed withered leaves turned into a winding and gentle golden road between the mist and the wind!

"This -"

The bride was stunned and speechless for a long time.

If it wasn't magic, it would be a real immortal trick.

"This treasure is called'slide'. Go, little girl, quickly meet your lover on the slide. Go and be happy without shame!"

The vulture said with a smile, "The monk can only help you here."

"Then, what about you?"

The bride asked subconsciously before she could accept the fact that the monk was an immortal.

"Everything is predestined."

The man on the griffin looked up at the sky, his dark eyes reflecting the darkness of the night, as if he had pierced through the night and the sky and saw something higher. He muttered, "In recent years, monks have thought of more and more things. They have remembered... Who they really are. It seems that my fate with this world is over. It's time to go."

As he spoke, he pushed his greasy hand, and the bride immediately fell into the "Slide" of the immortal family's most precious treasure made from withered leaves. Along the golden slide, she screamed and fell into the clouds and mist along the way, into the valley where no one had visited.

There was only a fat and sloppy monk left. He turned around and faced thousands of heroes.

"The demon monk is there!"

"Let's get him without a fight!"

"Don't run, die obediently!"

"Where's miss? Hand her over and leave you with a whole body!"

"The seven great sects are here. Even if you can't run away today, kneel down and beg for mercy. Stinking monk, we should settle our accounts properly!"

Many heroes of the rivers and lakes shouted angrily, and a flaming sharp arrow rained down like fire around the monk.

Hunting in the mountains, the monk's wide robes were blown up, and the flames shone in the sky, reflecting him like an ancient and strange buddha.

Seeing the angry and raging heroes, the vulture grinned and suddenly did something that made everyone speechless.

He actually ripped off his monk's robe, took out that guy, and began to pee happily at the heroes below!