Chapter 2974 A Rainbow


The whole mountain was silent, except for the hunting wind and the sound of people urinating on the vultures.

The heroes of the mountains and the heroes of the mountains, the murderous heroes, were all shocked by his audacity and speechless for a long time.

The mountain wind was blowing in the direction of the group of males from the top to the bottom, and the smell of urine was coming towards them, faintly mixed with a few stinking raindrops. The group of males' faces gradually turned from white to green, from green to purple, from purple to black.

The monk unhurriedly took a long bath of urine, slowly tied his belt, and smiled at the angry heroes, as if he did not know how miserable he was about to die.

"Too, too presumptuous!"

"Crazy, crazy, this demon monk is really crazy!"

"Great humiliation, great humiliation, great humiliation. This demon monk insulted the whole country with his own strength. How dare he do this? How dare he!"

The men trembled with anger, fifty bolt crossbows, hundreds of strong bows, nearly ten thousand chills, shining swords, one after another shining sharp points, aimed at the vulture.

"When you die, you dare to be presumptuous, demon monk. Suffer death!"

The males approached, roaring like thunder.

The vulture still smiled nonchalantly.

Above the sky, suddenly dark clouds rolled, lightning flashed and thunder roared, and a torrential rain fell in an instant.

The vulture man wiped his face and his expression changed instantly. It was an unspeakable majesty and terror.

"Who on earth is dying? Don't you wake up?"

The monk's booze in his chest, and even the thunder in heaven and earth, gave all the heroes a hard slap in the face. Everyone was like being struck by lightning. Their eyes were red and green, their ears were buzzing, and they fell into a hallucination unconsciously. It was as if they saw years later when the qinglong gang and the thunderbolt hall of the south of the yangtze river joined forces to revolt against the imperial court, killing them to the ground and sky, causing countless disasters. After the overthrow of the kunpeng dynasty and the slaughter of each other, lang lang became an endless demon realm.

Today, the heroes who besieged the vultures on the green wolf mountain will become the main force of the rebellion of the imperial court tomorrow, one by one, the majestic generals, and after causing serious crimes, they will be doomed, reduced to corpses under each other's swords and bones that have nowhere to be buried.

Apart from dragging down countless people and becoming ghosts for their ambitions, they got nothing.

What a vivid dream. Everyone was sweating and their hearts were aching. They couldn't tell if the dream was real.

Only then did he know that the people on the griffins had great powers, that the outstanding people walking on the main road, and that the real immortals on the land, even the most famous experts in the rivers and lakes, were different from him in terms of clouds and mud, and that he was scared to death and kept silent for a moment.

There were even more astute people who secretly thought that this wise man was not robbing someone's new wife, but using this to gather a lot of murderous heroes and use this method to enlighten them.

However, someone's heart and fingertips trembled together. "Avalanche, avalanche, avalanche," hundreds of powerful thunderbolt bolts actually came out of the strings, whistling towards the spirit vulture.


The group of heroes suddenly changed color, especially the masters of the qinglong gang and the jiangnan thunderbolt hall, which made their faces twisted with fear.

Seeing hundreds of crossbows that could pierce through the city wall, the people on the vulture turned into countless colorful feathers in an instant. The feathers were enveloped by the mountain wind and turned into a bunch of dazzling streamers. The streamers condensed into rainbows and rose up into the sky. They disappeared into the spiraling dark clouds.

In this incredible way, the spirit condor lords turned into a rainbow and completely disappeared from the kunpeng dynasty.

All that was left was the mountain group of heroes, kneeling on the ground, facing the cliffs, between the spiraling dark clouds, all of them were demented.



Once again, the hammer of the bandits had inflicted heavy damage on the city gates. Even the soldiers who had been fighting back against the city gates had been shaken to their internal organs and their blood spurted violently, sending them flying out.


The guard's stones and oil poured down together, and the flames and arrows rained down like rain. Finally, the hammer was torn to pieces, causing the bandits to flee again.

However, more than a hundred times the number of bandits, they formed new siege hammers and ladders in the rear, rubbed their hands, howled, and prepared to fight.

The number of bandits was three to fifty times that of the defenders. Everyone could see that the "Blood eagle guard" was the starting point and the last stronghold of its glory. This isolated city could no longer be defended.

The dilapidated city building could only bear another blow at most. Between the ruins above the city building, a bearded, frosty general looked out into the sky and remained silent. Even the winged eagle on his helmet was wrapped in black smoke and its wings were broken.

"My lord!"

General blood eagle's own soldiers also suffered from several sores and were covered in smoke. They rolled over and cried in their voices. "For a whole hundred days, the imperial court still had no reinforcements. Obviously, several armies were close at hand, but they were still standing still and watching us being surrounded by thieves! How could this be? Our blood eagle guards have made great contributions to the imperial court and to his majesty. How could this be?"

"There won't be any reinforcements. Your majesty wants to see us and the bandits perish together. After all, the blood eagle guards have contributed too much. They have already been sealed and rewarded, and have become your majesty's biggest worry."

The general of the blood eagle smiled and said, "Our majesty, his ears are too soft and his heart is too small. He thought that general ben was going to fight with him for this piece of heaven and earth, but he did not know that there is a heaven and earth beyond heaven and earth, how vast and wonderful it is!"

"My lord, you..."

The soldier was slightly taken aback and suddenly felt that the general of the blood eagle today was very different from the past.

"Zhao chuang, how long have you been with me?"

General blood eagle asked suddenly.

"It has been 19 years since the start of the army at little river castle and after seven to forty-nine life and death battles!"

The soldier stood up like a javelin and answered subconsciously.

"Nineteen years. It turns out that I have been practicing in this world for nineteen years. It's really like a wonderful dream. It's been a long time outside. Then, today, you and I are doomed!"

General blood eagle smiled, stopped his own soldiers from asking questions, and continued, "There's no need to ask. The world is full of banquets. Although this is a good time, it's not my world, but yours.

"Nineteen years of hard work and brotherhood. Next, I will open the way for you. Zhao chuang, break through the siege with the remnants of the blood eagle guards. Escape from the siege of the bandit army, march all the way west, cross the' iron line river', then return to the mountains and forests, roam the rivers and lakes, or... Summon up the courage to fight for the world with our king who listens to slander and doesn't know right from wrong. It's up to you. Whatever!

"Just, no matter what you choose, remember this handsome saying - life is not everything, and death is not the end!"

"My lord, my lord..."

The soldier stared at general blood eagle in a daze, only feeling that his adult had released an extremely strong and unfamiliar aura.

For a moment, he forgot to ask a crucial question.

There were nearly 100,000 thieves and only one general of the blood eagle. How could they protect the blood eagle guards from being defeated?

Just as this thought came to mind, the general of the blood eagle gave him a brilliant smile, and with a long whistle, he broke through the wall and jumped into the air.

He didn't ride a horse, but he was faster than riding a sweaty bmw. He was so fast that he melted into the air. Under the horrified gaze of a hundred thousand soldiers on both sides, he became the brightest fire, the most brilliant rainbow, burning, blooming, and sublimating!


Beggars have been begging at this intersection for twenty years.

In the city forest made of reinforced concrete, there were many more of his colleagues, and people in a hurry never noticed such a beggar, as if he was just a moving stone on the side of the road.

Beggars also did not care about the attention of people, living freely and doing their own thing.

In spring, he enjoyed the blooming of flowers, in summer, he listened to the chirping of cicadas, in autumn, he picked up fallen leaves to make whistles, in winter, he shrank his head to enjoy the beautiful scenery of snowflakes falling.

Someone gave him money, he smiled, someone gave him two steamed buns to eat, he thanked them repeatedly, someone said he was in the way to kick him, he crawled away without a word, and another time, a few colleagues wanted to steal his territory, punched and kicked him, he held his head, held his crotch, silently endured, and when others finished, he curled up in his original position while spitting blood.

Over time, the beggar had become one with the intersection and became something similar to a light box and a telephone pole.

Such an ordinary, common beggar would never have attracted anyone's attention, let alone the major news media.

Before the runaway truck hit the little girl crossing the road, no one thought that such a sloppy, cowardly, smelly beggar would act bravely and even sacrifice his life.

However, just the fact that "Beggars are brave enough to sacrifice their lives to save the little girl" is still not sensational enough. At most, it will be published in local newspapers, and on the internet where people and dogs are not news, let alone stir up any waves.

The media and thousands of netizens were all very interested in this, and it was another matter that caused heated discussion.

The beggar was gone.

The moment he pushed the little girl out and was hit by a truck, he was gone.

That's right, every word is right, it means literally, it's gone, it's gone, it's gone.

There was no trace of a collision on the truck, no blood or hair on the ground, and there was no information on such a beggar in the police file, as if there was no such person from the beginning to the end.

Even the seven surveillance cameras near the scene were not sure what was wrong with them. At the same time, snowflakes began to fall, so that there was no record of the beggar's bravery, and the truck crashed into the beggar.

How is this possible?

Many people remember the existence of this beggar. The surveillance video of the previous few days also showed that there was such a person. Even the frightened truck driver and the little girl who escaped from the disaster also confirmed that it was such a beggar that prevented a tragedy from happening.

How could a large, living person disappear completely? Even if he was killed, there would always be a corpse left behind, right?

All of a sudden, there were many different opinions and discussions, which became one of the many strange urban discussions.

The truck driver's and the little girl's words added a bit of a devilish color to this strange conversation.

The driver and the little girl both said that they had seen with their own eyes that before they disappeared, the beggar who had been sitting at the intersection for twenty years had become... A rainbow.