Chapter 2975 The Savage Cultivation!

The "Strong arm" was awakened by a "Ding dong" sound.

It was the beginning of chaos and the beginning of a new era. The sky and the earth were dark. There were volcanic eruptions everywhere and black smoke filled the air. While the earth was moving and the mountains were shaking, it also brought abundant nutrients. The jungle grew freely, birds and beasts galloped freely.

The "Strong arms" were the leaders of the cave's twenty or thirty cavemen - distant relatives of the early humans, who were physically strong, with their faces and shoulders developing horizontally, their bodies covered in long hair and their arms and legs wrapped in well-developed muscles. They were more like upright gorillas than humans.

The caveman's forehead tilted back, but his jaw protruded forward. This skull structure gave them a strong bite force, but it also limited their brain capacity and intelligence development. Therefore, they did not learn to polish too delicate tools, let alone learn to plant and herd animals. They just made rough stone axes, wooden spears and bone sticks, and chased their prey every day, gathering fruits and living.

Chasing prey requires a lot of energy. A sleepy person can be run away by a plump prey, or forget to distinguish the tracks of wild animals, resulting in unimaginable consequences. As the leader of cavemen, the sleep of "Strong arms" is a matter of life and death for the entire race.

So, when he was woken up before dawn, the "Strong arm" had accumulated a belly full of anger, and was even more vigilant. The hair around him stood up like a chimpanzee, and the deep part of his chest made a snoring sound.

The other men in the cave, or male cavemen, were also awakened by this strange sound.

"No hair," "One more," "Pig's claw." The men looked at each other, then turned their cloudy eyes to the leader. Their curled fingers gestured to the "Strong arm" and asked - what happened

The sound of "Ding ding dong dong" came from the deepest part of the cave. At the end of the darkness, there was a faint, flickering fire!

This cave was warm, rugged, and narrow, making it the best place for cavemen to live.

However, the cave was tilted downward, sinking deeper and deeper, but there was nothing at the end. It was not suitable for survival, and it was impossible for "Divine wood" to be struck by lightning and ignited a raging fire.

These cavemen were still trying to figure out the secret of making a fire, and they were instinctively curious and awed by it.

Although it was a weak flame, it was enough to stimulate all the cavemen's pupils and shrink to the size of a needle.

The "Strong arm" rubbed against the sharp canine teeth, picked up the slightly polished stone axe, and gestured with the male caveman to climb to the end of the cave.

Soon, they saw a handmade torch, which was refined from pine nuts, animal oil and bone sticks, far beyond the times. It was incessant, almost smoky, and gave off a pleasant smell.

The fire stung their eyes, causing their pores to constrict, their muscles to stiffen, and their breathing to become difficult. Even the strongest and boldest leader, "Strong arms," almost screamed and scurried.

But what surprised them even more was the tiny figure reflected in the flickering flames.

"It's crooked neck!"

The "One more" with six fingers on his right hand danced to the "Strong arm" to ease the tension between them.

These early cavemen had not yet mastered the ability to speak. Their rough throats could only produce strange roars, forming short syllables, and the blazing fire sealed their throats, not daring to make a sound.

Without having to say "One more," "Strong arm" would recognize it

"Crooked neck" was the thinnest caveman in this small cave.

If the other cavemen were chimpanzees and the "Strong arm" was a gorilla, then the "Crooked neck" was simply a hairless monkey.

Such a skinny caveman had no right to survive the brutal flood.

However, although he was thin, he ran very fast, and was good at polishing stone axes, making spears and all kinds of strange things. He could smell wild animals and avoid the whole hunting team being destroyed, so "Strong arms" forced him to stay.

In addition to being thin and frail, "Crooked neck" was not a problem - every night, he rarely slept, but liked to run out into the wilderness, where he could not see his fingers, crooked his neck, looked up at the stars, looked at the bright stars, and fell into long thoughts.

Outside the cave, under the night, there was the world of beasts, saber-toothed tigers, long-haired lions, and the omnipresent wolves and giant ancient pigs.

Fortunately, this early caveman tribe had not developed a primitive religion. Otherwise, an alien like "Crooked neck" would have been cast under the cliffs to please the gods as a "Devil."

In fact, according to the rule of naming cavemen, "Crooked neck" should be called "Looking at the stars."

However, these poor cavemen's brains were still unable to understand the concept of heaven and earth, and they did not know what was flashing in the sky every time the night sky came. To them, it was just a meaningless little light spot.

Their short syllables and the arrangement of ten fingers could not describe such a profound concept as "Star," so they had to call this skinny fellow "Crooked neck" with habitual movements.

All cavemen, including the "Strong arm," knew that "Crooked neck" was an alien of the race, but no one expected that "Crooked neck" would be so weird - he was doing something that no one had seen, described or understood under the light of the fire.

He was drawing.

He first used a sharp stone spear to carve out rough lines on the limestone, and then used various ores to grind and add water, blood and grease to paint it. A primitive, crude, rough and full of life tension mural appeared in front of many cavemen.

In the sea of dark and chaotic thoughts of the caveman, there was still no space for art, religion, and imagination to roam freely. As a leader, "Strong arms" should immediately stop the absurd act of "Crooked neck." However, his throat and strong arms were gripped by an invisible force, unable to roar, unable to wave his arms, and could only stare blankly.

Looking at it, a ray of wisdom, like a clear spring water, poured into the narrow brain chambers of the "Strong arm" between the fingers of the "Crooked neck," making him vaguely understand the meaning of this mural.

"Crooked neck" first drew a lot of little people under the mural. These little people waved stone axes and spears, as if they were chasing... Wild boars and bison, that, that was their daily life, that represented them!

Then, "Crooked neck" painted a lot of small dots on the top of the mural. The dots were surrounded by radiating lines that were hanging high in the sky, the sun, the moon and the stars.

Finally, "Crooked neck" pulled many dotted lines from the little people who represented them, all the way to the sun, moon and stars in the sky, and drew many arrows at the end of the dotted lines.

What does that mean, that these cavemen, who had just transformed from mud, would one day be able to fly to the sun, moon and stars?

"Strong arm" doesn't know.

He just felt that there were a lot of new concepts, new words, new images, and bizarre fantasies pouring into the depths of his brain, or simply coming out from the depths of his brain.

Sun, moon, stars, heaven and earth, universe, flight, exploration... He wanted to find a new way to express these concepts to the people of his clan, and then search with them for a way to fly to the sun.

The "Strong arm" was drowned by the huge, deep, distant and ever-changing world. Clear tears flowed from the corner of his turbid eyes. He stood there in a daze, and the stone axe unknowingly fell to the ground.

His people, "One more," "Hairless," "Pig's claw..." Everyone was the same

The "Crooked neck" finished the mural, the ten fingers had been worn out, and the last one was completely stained with blood.

He turned his head and looked at his stupefied and thoughtful tribe. He grinned, his smile brilliant, pure, and peaceful.

While the clansmen were still in a trance and unable to control themselves, "Crooked neck" quietly fell into the shadow that the torch could not illuminate, stuck to the wall of the cave, bypassed the clansmen, and walked towards the entrance of the cave.

He tiptoed very carefully, not wanting to wake up the sleeping woman and children.

"Crooked neck" pushed away the rock that sealed the entrance of the cave and closed the cave again from the outside. Then, step by step, they came to the wilderness at dawn.

The sun had not yet risen, but the horizon had already raised waves of red, outlining the steep, majestic, and soul-stirring ridge.

As the river flowed and everything woke up, the roar of wild animals and the chirping of birds gradually came from afar, forming an ancient chorus.

"Crooked neck" looked at everything reluctantly, took a deep breath, licked his saliva with his curled hands, and for the last time, combed his hair carefully.

Under the glow of the morning sun, his hair was glowing red, and deep in the red, there were faint strands of golden awns. He was clearly a weak monkey, but he exuded a breathtaking aura that could not be hidden from the world.

Suddenly, he stopped combing and carefully groped for a flea.

Habitually, she wanted to crush him to death. After thinking about it, she curled up her fingers and bounced the flea out into the open field of infinite possibilities.

Behind him, the rocks that sealed the cave were pushed away again, and the roars of "Strong arms" and others came.

"Crooked neck" did not turn his head back, smiled slightly, jumped up and went towards the morning sun, turning into a rainbow!