Chapter 2976 The Middle Realm, the Outer Body!

This clover is going to die.

It would not have died so early. As one of the few tyrants in the cambrian sea, there were few creatures larger and more ferocious than it in this primitive and chaotic sea. Even if it encountered strong enemies, its sturdy shell could provide adequate protection. Near the coral thickets where it lived, there were sea lilies, sponges, coelenterates and zooplankton as food. It could be called "Plump."

If it wanted to, it could continue to swim comfortably and muddle-headed in the sea, prey on zooplankton, and spend the same life as billions of its kind - its structure and the laws of how this side of the world works determined that its species could at least survive hundreds of millions of years in this form before it could end up unscathed in a mass extinction that affected the world.

But since three days ago, the adult, healthy, and strong trilobite has given up eating and allowed its hard shell to float and sink in the sea without doing anything.

It was like... It was thinking, it was meditating, it was exploring the meaning of life.

Of course, this is a very absurd thing.

It would take hundreds of millions of years and good luck for this world to be born with the ability to think about itself. The trilobite's extremely simple nerves could not even be called "Systems." How could it possibly spark the spark of wisdom and the light of thought?

However, through its compound eyes made up of calcite, there was clearly a stream of intelligent light flowing out, illuminating this chaotic world and sending endless information to this primitive ocean.

For three days and three nights, the trilobites remained motionless.

Some of the carpopods, headlands, and coelenterates carefully circled around him, thinking that he was already dead and couldn't wait to devour the rotting tissue of his body.

At this moment, the sea was fluctuating, and the small animals were running around, but a strange shrimp with a strong and resolute body found it.

The strange shrimps were one of the largest and most ferocious carnivorous creatures in the cambrian sea. The largest strange shrimps could grow to more than one meter in size, larger than the trilobites.

The prawns were naturally not afraid of the trilobites, but the two sea lords usually had enough food and rarely fought head-on.

However, a dying, defenseless trilobite was a different matter.

The prawn shook its eyestalks, waved its huge forelimbs and sharp spines, and charged towards the dying trilobite.

This was originally a sure attack, but the prawn that was determined to win was empty.

It turned around and caught a beautiful scene with its eyestalk - in the turbid water behind it, the shell of the trilobite gradually became crystal clear until it was completely transparent, and from the transparency, it blossomed thousands of brilliant colors, turning into one, two, and countless rainbows, dissipating in the whole ocean, the whole world.


Unlike the trilobites, the life of the archaea could be as short as a day.

They lived in an extremely extreme environment in the depths of an even older primitive ocean, near a high temperature and pressure crater.

In just one day, they would have to madly absorb the nutrients and heat emitted by the undersea volcanoes, create synthetic peptides and proteins, and then split them up so that they could pass on their life information and discover the most precious possibility among the endless changes.

Every second was precious, and every split represented a new possibility, even if a new race could evolve into a true "Civilization" in billions of years.

This methanobacillus lived, thought, and meditated in such a harsh, mysterious and sacred environment, using every 0.1 second of every second to think.

Finally, when it sensed the restlessness of life, the splitting and spreading of information, and the origin of civilization, in an instant, it emitted seven colors of black light that were more dazzling than the volcanic eruption on the sea floor, and turned into a circle of rainbow ripples, disappearing.


Not just these worlds.

It wasn't just monks, generals, beggars, cavemen, trilobites, and archaea.

There are many other worlds and identities that seem to be drawn by some kind of invisible fetter in the underworld. At the same time, they live, think, meditate, cultivate, realize, turn the rainbow, and ascend.

In some worlds, he was a dissolute son of heaven who had lived and died for decades in a drunken dream. Only when he was attacked by the rebels into the imperial city did he gain enlightenment and relief.

In some worlds, he was a tall tree that stood on the top of a mountain for thousands of years, speechless for thousands of years, rising one by one.

In some worlds, he was a plankton, a flower, a grass, an amphibian, a snake, a lizard, a dinosaur, a caveman, an early homo sapiens who killed and ate cavemen, a bluestone on the old street, a light breeze and a bright moon...

The infinite world, the infinite rainbow, rose up one after another, cutting through the walls of the worlds, and rose to a higher level of the world, where they gathered together, bringing new insights, experiences, and fragments of the heart of the tao, or in ancient world terms, with "A few seconds, decades to thousands of years of different daoism," to reshape a brand new, pure as a child, powerful as a god. Existence.

Now, there was only one last world, the last rainbow.

It was also a world that floated in the "Sea of virtual data," which was pushed to the extreme, evolved to the most advanced, and produced the most developed civilization.

There are many criteria for determining the degree of evolution of a civilization.

In general, could this civilization jump out of its parent planet and march into the infinite universe?

At a microscopic level, could this civilization develop supercomputing tools similar to the "Crystal brain" that could create its own virtual world, even the simplest of virtual games?

In this side of the world, the intelligent beings who call themselves "Sky-sea civilization" have already analyzed the mysteries of the stars, tried to use the energy of the stars to explore the universe, and developed the so-called "Super brain" supercomputing tools, which can concentrate a large amount of data and information, and carry out simple virtual deduction.

"Wan xiaotian, you're here again. Are you kidding me? It's impossible to jump in four dimensions. Get out of here!"

At the star research institute, the most prestigious university of the "Heavenly sea civilization," a young man with disheveled hair was kicked out of his office by his mentor and fell to the ground.

After that, he spent half a year writing a paper full of jump formulas in hyperspace and was thrown out. "Clatter" spread out and scattered all over the place.


The door of the celestial sea civilization's leading star research expert slammed shut in front of him, leaving him in the dust.

The senior brothers and sisters in the corridor pointed at him with sarcasm.

"He is wanxiaotian, the little madman who doesn't do anything and just wants to go beyond space!"

"I heard that he was originally a top student in the department and published seven formulas on the composition and motion of stars in succession before he was twenty years old. He was a sensational genius who specially recruited us, the most advanced star research institute. I didn't expect him to go crazy and abandon the promising star research to study some kind of hyperspace, which failed the teacher's expectations. He abandoned his career and almost became a cripple."

"He has not passed the examination in the research institute for three months in a row. According to the rules, he is not qualified to stay any longer. The teacher kindly gave him one last chance, but he still gave up on himself, indulged in some'super-space formula' and wasted countless valuable resources. It is pitiful and hateful. Now, he can only pack up and leave!"

The academic world is not pure. For the sake of funding, resources, and the time spent in the laboratory, all the researchers want you to fight me. Wan xiaotian was originally too sharp, and recently he has gone his own way.

However, ever since he set his mind on exploring the mysteries of transcending space and even the universe, he had an incomparable realization. He did not take the cold words to heart, but clenched his lips and silently picked up his thesis and calculations.

At this time, a pair of rough hands reached out to help him clean up.

Naturally, they were not the senior brothers, sisters and teachers who wanted him to leave immediately.

It was the cleaner at the star research institute, old li.

As he cleaned up, he smiled at him innocently and innocently, and even looked at his thesis with interest. Old li, the cleaner, acted as if he could really understand.

The laughter around them became louder and louder, and everyone could not help laughing.

Because old li, the cleaner, had a round head and a fat body, and he looked naturally stupid. He was a disabled person with mild mental retardation.

"Look, old li can read wan xiaotian's calculations, but they are bosom friends!"

No one knew who had said that, but it also caused a burst of light laughter, which eased the enormous pressure on the researchers in the vast world of computing.

Wan xiaotian frowned. He was not afraid of embarrassment, but he did not want old li to be ridiculed - perhaps everyone in the star research institute looked down on old li and even "Couldn't see" old li. He only used old li as a toilet, but he was different. He was an orphan. In the orphanage where he grew up, there were many children like old li who had all kinds of disabilities and were his relatives.

When he saw old li, he thought of his brothers and sisters.

To a certain extent, he and old li were both "Fallen from the ends of the earth," and they were alien to the star research institute.

"Old li, let's go."

Wan xiaotian packed his calculations and papers as fast as he could, and pushed the silly old li out of the corridor in the face of ridicule.

Out of the corridor, there was nowhere to go, and in a daze, old li dragged him into the toilet instead.

At the end of the toilet, there was a small tool room, which was lao li's "Office."

Everyone else despised old li for being dirty. Wan xiaotian was in the orphanage, but no matter how dirty and smelly the scene was, he didn't care so much. Occasionally, he saw poor old li and was willing to come here and talk to him.

"Old li, I'm leaving tomorrow!"

Seeing that old li was smiling like a 200-kilogram child with no worries at all, wan xiaotian was both envious and distressed. He sighed, "I'm afraid I won't be able to come back to see you in the future - they won't let me in."

"Why, why?"

Old li was carrying a skin scoop and asked in a slurred voice, "Why are you leaving?"

"It's not my calculations yet. They can't read them. They say they're rubbish."

Wan xiaotian shuddered and smiled. "Forget it. You don't understand even if you say it. Don't say it."

"I understand, really. Your calculations are rubbish."

Old li was still giggling, but his voice became clear. "You wanted to use the superstring theory to deduce the existence of the entire universe, and then find the gap between the three-dimensional and four-dimensional universes. It wasn't wrong at first, but you chose the'density cloud algorithm' to calculate the structure and the law of star motion by mistake. As the basis for running the superstring theory, it was as if you needed to count the entire desert one by one. The amount of sand is impossible. You are indeed wasting your time and resources. What is not garbage?

"Well, garbage is garbage, but you, a young man, are still a little whimsical and not completely hopeless. Have you ever thought about introducing the'discrete cloud algorithm' into your hyperspace formula?"