Chapter 2977 The Mountain Is There!


Wan xiaotian was completely dumbfounded. Every brain cell was in a daze, and there was an unconscious sound coming from the depths of his throat. "Ah?"

"Just like this, you want to capture the existence of spatial ripples by measuring the curvature of the star's light. It's a good idea, but you can't do it with'density cloud', if it's'discrete cloud' -"

Old li put the skin scoop into wan xiaotian's hand and dipped himself in the mop water to wipe the ground. He was floating on the wall and dancing like a dragon and a phoenix. Not long after, he wrote a wall full of formulas and algorithms, which were unheard of and unheard of by wan xiaotian.

"Can you read 10 %?"

Old li asked as he wrote.

"Bad, about the same."

A storm surged in wan xiaotian's heart, not only for the mysterious algorithm written for old li, but also for old li himself. His voice trembled. "Old, old li, how are you... What are you... Who are you?"

"Is it important?"

Old li youyou said, "To this world, I may be returning or passing by. It doesn't matter who I am. What matters is who you are and what you want to pursue. Tell me, young man, why do you study' hyperspace'? Just to make a four-dimensional jump? If I were to tell you that in this world, a four-dimensional leap would never be possible, would you gamble your life and continue to study?"

"A four-dimensional leap is impossible." Many senior scholars in the academic world have said this, and even wan xiaotian's teacher had said it firmly, but wan xiaotian still did not believe it.

However, old li's deep and deep voice contained a special magic power, and wan xiaotian could not help but waver.

But he felt that there was something in old li's words. What old li said was "Impossible," and what the teacher said was "Impossible," was not the same thing.

"No, it's not like that. I don't just want to jump into space. I want to know the truth. I want to know the truth about space, the universe, the world!"

Wan xiaotian felt an inexplicable power rising from the bottom of his heart. He clenched his fists and roared, "Isn't it our most noble mission to find the true self, to verify the nature of the world, and to explore the universe beyond the universe? Since the universe is there, of course we have to study it, conquer it, and surpass it. It's like a climber conquering the highest mountain in the world.' where is the mountain' is the only reason!"

"I see. I didn't see the wrong person. You are indeed a... Very interesting young man. It is worth me to pass on these algorithms and formulas to you."

Old li's eyes shone brilliantly, and there was not a trace of the stupidity of a mentally disabled person on his face. He smiled and said, "Then, if I tell you, even if you have the right formula and algorithm, you will only get the wrong or even desperate answer in the end. Do you still want to continue?"

"What do you mean?"

Wan xiaotian tightly grasped the plunger. "Old li, do you know the secrets of hyperspace, or even the truth of the universe?"

This conjecture is ridiculous.

But everything that happened to old li seemed to go beyond the word "Absurd."

Wan xiaotian felt that an earth-shattering secret was slowly unraveling in front of him.

"Time is infinite, space is endless, and there is a universe beyond the universe. No matter how much stronger I look than you, we are all equally ignorant and insignificant in the face of the infinite universe. So how can I know the' truth' or even whether the' truth' exists is a big question mark."

Old li said, "We, who call ourselves the spirits of all things, are like blind men and blind horses running all the way on the cliffs of evolution. The only thing I can do is to do everything I can to run in front of you and use the hooves of the horses to guide you before I fall off the cliff.

"No, I don't know the truth, but we can make some interesting or terrifying assumptions to guess the ultimate picture of the universe as a small game of thought."

Wan xiaotian was so fascinated that he couldn't help but say, "You mean, you guessed the truth of the universe, at least half a scale of the truth of the universe?"


Old li propped up a mop and muttered, "Maybe the universe we live in didn't come from an ancient big bang, or rather, it came from a controllable, premeditated, purposeful big bang, a virtual world created by a higher dimensional being.

"And the existence of this higher dimension did not just create this virtual world, but hundreds and thousands of virtual worlds. Even with enough computing power and energy, he could create countless virtual worlds, forming a concept of a'multiverse'."

"This -"

Wan xiaotian thought for a moment, this "High-dimensional creation theory" is not new in the academic world, and many of the cutting-edge theories have been touched on. He believed that what old li had to say was more than that simple. "Why, why did this high-dimensional existence create so many virtual worlds?"

"For cultivation, or rather, for his evolution, for finding his true self."

Old li said, "Perhaps, this high-dimensional existence has evolved to its limit in his...' primordial universe'. It has hit a wall that is hard to break and is trapped in many causes and effects, trapped in a'dilemma'.

He needs new experience, new enlightenment, new opportunities to break through the cocoon and surpass the peak.

So, he created or used thousands of virtual worlds, splitting his consciousness into thousands, and putting them into each of them, was equivalent to using thousands of avatars to cultivate in the world of hong meng and the world of mortals.

"A thousand separate bodies are trained at the same time, and the speed of their cultivation is increased by at least a hundred times, so that they can see every wrinkle and crack in their spirit through countless illusory and real experiences.

"No, it's not just a life of wisdom like you and me. He even morphed into a butterfly or an earthworm to experience experiences that he could never experience as a' human'. Then, he condensed all of his separate bodies together to refine a new true self!"

As wan xiaotian listened, his jaw involuntarily collapsed, "This, this is too mysterious!"

"Too xuan? Then I'll repeat it in another way that's easy to understand -"

Old li rubbed his nose and said, "You think there's a man who's extremely bored and is not ready to meet his wife for some unimportant reason, so you downloaded thousands of virtual games and enjoyed it. You think you've got a lot of valuable experience and new life insights in the game. Am I saying that makes it much easier to understand?"


Wan xiaotian nodded.

"So, the point is, how do you know you're not a virtual character in the virtual game that this boring man is playing?"

Old li looked at wan xiaotian and his eyes became extremely deep. "Yes, of course you feel that you have flesh and blood, hot emotions and strong thoughts, but these can be virtual. As long as there is a large enough database to store all kinds of data, and run according to the most sophisticated logic, you can aim at all the input conditions and output almost perfect answers.

"So, how do you know that you're not a virtual database? What you're thinking, what you're feeling, and what you're answering are the result of mechanical filtering and conditioned reflexes, and how can I be sure that I'm talking to a' person' instead of a virtual database, mumbling to myself?"

Old li half narrowed his eyes, clearly not drinking, but he seemed a little drunk, so drunk that his eyes were bleary, as if he was not sleeping, as if he was not awake.

Wan xiaotian never thought about this.

In other words, most normal people would not think about such a ridiculous question. Isn't this a false alarm?

"Hey, young man, did you just flash an idiom in your head called' worrying about the sky'?"

Old li suddenly asked.

Wan xiaotian was shocked, "How do you know?"

"Don't get me wrong. I can't read your mind. I'm just guessing, because the word' worried-for-nothing'seems to be the best word to describe the problem I just had."

Old li leaned over with a weird smile on his face. "But there's one thing, don't you think it's strange? In the history of your' heavenly sea civilization', there was clearly no country or place called' qi'. How did the idiom' worried-for-nothing' come out of thin air?"

Wan xiaotian was stunned.

This question was like a lightning spell, slamming into his brain. In an instant, he felt every single cell of his brain split apart, and from it came endless, shining data, as if he and the whole world were going to collapse at the same time!


Wan xiaotian held his head in his arms and felt like rolling in pain.

Strangely enough, the toilets on this floor are usually very lively, and there are always people coming in to use them, but they have been here for a long time, but the outside is always quiet, as if the whole world has been frozen.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to make you feel bad or even desperate. I didn't mean that you must be fake, and I'm much more real than you are."

Old li said, "In fact, we are both fallen from the ends of the earth. I am as uncertain as you whether I am virtual or real, whether my world and I have been created, whether what I am thinking right now is really' I want'.

"To most people, this kind of philosophical question, which is almost absurd, has no meaning at all. It is indeed' worrisome'.

"Only a very small number of people can't help but ponder, think, practice, and give the most precious thing in the eyes of most people to pursue the illusory truth that may never be found. There is only one reason, which is what you said,' the mountain is there'.

"You and I are the same kind of people. We are both'mountaineers' of our own worlds. The immortal road is vast and the road is rugged. How lonely are the people who are searching up and down? How lucky are we to find a little friend who has the same mind? This is the reason why I bid you farewell when I end my practice of' three thousand imaginary realms, incarnation'."