Chapter 2978 Heaven And Earth Are Inhumane

"It means -"

The thunderbolt in the myriad heavens' head split the chaos one after another. He was first surprised and then furious. "Are you the high-dimensional being who created the world and everything? What a joke! I don't believe it! Me! No! Xiang! Believe it!"


Old li said, "In the pursuit of truth, questioning everything is the highest virtue. You really shouldn't believe every word I say."


Wan xiaotian's mind was in a mess, and he tightened and tightened his grip. After a long pause, he tossed and turned and said, "I don't believe it. I don't understand. You, how can you prove it? No, nothing like this can prove it. Can you tell me how it feels to travel through the infinite world in three thousand incarnations? Can you really transcend time and space and experience infinite life?"

"I can't describe exactly how I feel, because I'm still not all of me in front of you. I'm only one in a thousand. At most, I'm a larger fragment of a spirit."

Old li said, "My thousands of avatars are all connected in some mysterious and mysterious way. You can simply imagine it as' quantum entanglement'. The original old li could not sense the existence and experience of the other avatars. Until recently, my cultivation was about to end, and these avatars returned to the' original universe' one by one, I could only vaguely feel some information.

"Believe it or not, I don't want to convince you. I just have a relationship with you and just have a chat.

"Let's talk about feelings. At first, as I told you just now, I did treat this training as a game to relax and relieve the fatigue of war. I did not treat these virtual worlds as real existence, including mountains and rivers, sun, moon, stars and spirits of all things in the virtual world. In my eyes, it was just a series of unpredictable data.

But when I split myself up and put myself into it, the situation was very different.

"My soul has split into thousands and is greatly restricted by the crystal brain and the database. The computing power of every avatar is extremely limited. If it turns into a human or a strange intelligent life, it's fine. If it turns into a bird, beast, snake, rat, ant, even a trilobite and an ancient fungus, then my computing power is almost zero. He couldn't think at all.

"Moreover, with the separation of the spirit and the spirit, my feelings and character were also split. Some of my separate bodies carried the' good'side of me, some of my separate bodies carried the' evil'side of me, some of my separate bodies carried the' wise and mighty'side,' romantic and heroic'side, and some of my separate bodies, like this one in front of you, carried the' wise and foolish, deep and philosophical'side. These separate emotions and personalities, wandering in the world, gradually condensed out of their own personality, it was as if I had thousands of personality, but did not know that is the real self.

"I'm lost.

I am lost in the ancient buddha with green lanterns and singing with swords; I am lost in the jade of qionglou, in the golden splendor; I am lost in the golden horse, in the lonely smoke of the desert; Li Yao's difference, I just have a little bit of chaos in my heart, along a thousand different paths, in a thousand different ways, to live, to feel, to meditate, to practice.

"There are three thousand avenues, all the different paths lead to the same goal. As I continue to cultivate, I finally remember a lot of things, but I fall into even greater confusion. Hundreds of millions of questions are like the brilliant stars falling down in the sky, falling on my head.

"What's the difference between real and fake?"

"Is it zhuang zhou mengdie or diemeng zhuang zhou? Was it the vulture Li Yao who incarnated into 3000 in the virtual world or the countless living beings in the 3000 world who condensed out a series of shimmering flames to form the vulture Li Yao in a higher dimension?

"If I created these virtual worlds, do I live in a virtual world created by others? And do I, the creator of the creator, also have its creator?

"How should the creator deal with the moral dilemma when he walks between his creations? Do I have the right to kill the virtual life that I created, do I have the right to interfere and change their historical process? When I create a virtual world, and this virtual world will soon be full of vitality, even after the birth of the spirit of all things, do I have the right to close it? If the virtual life in this virtual world awakens one after another and wants to resist my control, is their resistance just and my suppression evil?

"There is no correct answer to these questions. The only thing I have to say is," heaven and earth are not benevolent, and everything is a cud dog."

"I used to not understand this sentence - if heaven and earth really have no benevolence, why should they give birth to life and nourish everything?

"But now, I understand that for heaven and earth or the dao of heaven, the world is just a virtual game, and everything is just a string of data and programs. If you kill or save a person in a virtual game, kill ten thousand people or save ten thousand people, what is' justice' or' evil'? The so-called" unkind" does not mean cruel and evil, but it is impossible to use the standard of" good and evil," to evaluate the actions of the heavenly dao.

Even so, I still have to resist, surpass and conquer the heavenly dao.

"I want to conquer the heavenly dao, not because I am justice and the heavenly dao is evil, but because of the reason you just said,' the heavenly dao is there'.

"With this realization, it is time for me to leave this time, even if I have achieved a little bit of a negligible positive result.

But before I leave, I want to leave something behind - you are the first and only one of all the virtual worlds I have experienced who has questioned the world, who wants to transcend space and explore the real person. I am willing to share my experience with you, and I hope that you will not give up the courage to pursue the truth in front of the darkest truth - a higher level, brighter truth!"


Facing old li's unfathomable eyes, wan xiaotian unknowingly believed seven points, fell into great pain and despair, and muttered, "Am I fake?"

"That's what I want to remind you. No, of course you're not fake. You're' virtual', but not' fake'. That's two different things."

Old li said, "What is true? A human made up of carbon, iron, and oxygen to form cells, and then flesh and blood, under the stimulation of a neural current, exchanged information for hundreds of years with the surrounding world, then died, turned into a handful of bones, a pile of yellow soil, and a few years later - from the perspective of the universe, in a short moment, even the planet that buried the bones was annihilated, this is the'real human'? This'real human' is much more important than the' virtual human' created directly by data and information.

"No, the difference between truth and falsehood is not that.

"Suppose, I am a writer, and you are the character I portray. It seems that I am the creator, you are the creator, I am real, you are false, but it is highly possible that hundreds of years later, I will die without a single shred of my bones, be forgotten by everyone, and you will be remembered by some readers, and be able to move people hundreds of years later. Then, you and I, who are real, who is fake, who is senior, Who's low?

"Suppose again that an artist has worked hard to paint all his life, spirit, and will in a famous painting that has been passed down from ancient times, then died and sent to the crematorium. Ashes have vanished and gone with the wind. From then on, the world can only know this painter through this painting. Who do you think is the painter's body, the flesh and blood that has long turned into ashes, Or is it this famous painting, or perhaps tens of millions of people who are deeply thought, touched, debated, and agitated by countless brainwaves caused by this famous painting?"

Wan xiaotian listened attentively, and in a trance, he thought a lot.

"That's what I want to say, young man, the so-called' truth'does not exist, but the' road to truth' not only exists, it is also worth all our efforts to conquer it. I look forward to the day when you will find your' truth', find a way to transcend reality, space, and the universe, to the higher dimension of the universe, find me, surpass me, conquer me, destroy me, Just as... I will also rush out of my universe to find my creator, surpass it, conquer it, and destroy it!

"I firmly believe that we will succeed.

"Because... Maybe... That's the only reason we were created!"

Old li smiled, patted wan xiaotian on the shoulder, stood up, put the mop and bucket aside, and walked out.

"Old li!"

Wan xiaotian was still a little confused. "Where are you going?"

"It's almost time for me to leave. Although the training these days is very interesting, my wife is already eager and eager to try. It's no joke that she really barged in."

Old li waved his hand without looking back. "Goodbye, young man. I hope one day you can tell me the answer - what is real?"

As old li spoke, he pushed open the door of a toilet cubicle.

Soon, there was the sound of the toilet flushing.

"Old li -"

Wan xiaotian was in a hurry and rushed over to push the door.

The door was unlocked, and wan xiaotian bumped into it, but it was empty.

The cubicle was only a meter square, so naturally there was no second door, but old li had disappeared out of thin air.

Only in the rapids of the toilet, there was a faint rainbow of dazzling light.

"This, this..."

Wan xiaotian was completely dumbfounded as he watched the rainbow's swirling toilet bowl.