Chapter 2979 Small Problem

One, two, three, four, seven, eight, ninety, one hundred, one thousand rainbows surged out of the crystal clear virtual world and merged into a huge whirlpool.

They mingled, devoured, split and absorbed, different fragments colliding continuously, smashing into more brilliant and brilliant colors, and like little beasts with life, waiting for something.

Finally, an exceptionally bright and bright rainbow joined the ranks of the whirlpool, causing the whirlpool to have an unspeakable chain reaction. First, it became a blooming lotus, and then it formed something like an egg or a cocoon from the core. When the warm and flawless cocoon broke, a naked baby broke its cocoon and swam happily in the sea of data and information..

The baby expanded and grew at a speed visible to the naked eye. Not only did it experience childhood and youth, but it became a defiant and heroic young man. As the bubble of data surged, it added strands of life experience and wind and frost of swords and swords to the young man's foundation. Every pore was filled with an unfathomable temperament. The fragments of lotus and jade cocoon turned into majestic armor and hunting. A loud cloak enveloped his almost perfect body.


This man, who could not tell whether he was a young man or a middle-aged man, roared and yawned like a giant yawn, representing him, vulture Li Yao, who had come back from the dream of the endless virtual world!

The whole ocean of data was stirred by his spirit, accompanied by his will to stretch, echo and resonate.

"Great, great computing power!

"What an incredible algorithm, so many new ones, all perfectly assembled together, making dad's spirit more and more unfathomable!

"What kind of realm is this? I have never felt such a realm in any human being! Congratulations, father, father he xi, you have made a new breakthrough through the practice of' incarnation'!"

Xiao ming's data rippled and turned into countless plankton, small specks of nocturnal jellyfish and sea lilies, dancing around Li Yao to celebrate his rebirth.

"That's right, I broke through again. It's... Amazing!"

Li Yao looked at the condensed hands of "Thought touch" and fell into long memories. He smiled and said, "I rolled in the world of mortals, saw every detail of my personality and soul, and activated my unprecedented potential. I have been eroded by killing and animal desire, and I have faced the snow, and I have understood the truth that everything is empty. In the end, I have combined so many wonderful experiences and captured the clearest self in the reflection and reflection of countless fragments.

"I've changed.

"I have grown taller, stronger, handsome, kind, humble, and wise.

"I have also become more refined, approachable, elegant and spotless.

"Although my current state can't be measured solely by my fighting ability-it's too simple and rough, and it really hurts my distracted demeanor.

But I can clearly feel that I have a deeper understanding of the nature of the entire Xinghai and even the entire universe, and I have a deeper understanding of some of the mysteries hidden in the cracks of the universe.

"Right now, when facing the enemy in battle, I am afraid that I can be more free from the constraints of the enemy's number. Whether facing an enemy or a hundred enemies, I can output the most powerful combat power at the same time and greatly improve my endurance.

More importantly, in the face of some indescribable horror, monsters on the other side of the multiverse, and even the arrival of high-dimensional space, my spirit was clearer, my heart was firmer, and I was less susceptible to their erosion and interference - I faintly felt that this was vital for our next adventure.

"Xiao ming, where is my body? Are you ready to carry an unprecedented impact?"

"Yes, dad."

Xiao ming said cheerfully, "Your body has been carefully prepared by the best biochemical experts in the Blood demon world to ensure that you are in the most powerful state of life. Every brain cell remains crystal clear and intact, just like when you left, and then transferred from the golden crystal tower to the starry sky. The empire's largest mobile communication base station, to ensure that the spiritual network is unimpeded, is waiting for your return!"

"Very well, then let's meet in the real world - no, in the material world!"

Li Yao let out a long roar and his body split again, turning into countless rainbow-like streams of light, flying towards the faint spots above the sea of data and information.

In an instant, his spirit flew out of the "Eternal salvation," roaming in a dark vacuum, moving at the speed of light.

He "Saw" the fully automated defensive positions that were slowly being repaired around the entire celestial realm, as well as a majestic fleet, and "Saw" the appearance and internal data of many starships, and even inadvertently hacked into their network system, hijacked the monitoring crystal eyes, and saw the busy crew.

He "Saw" the reborn star of the celestial pole, the scattered cities and towns on the star of the celestial pole, and even "Saw" the release, entanglement and resonance of the brain waves of the common people, forming a weak energy layer similar to mist and cloud by raising his head three feet.

Endless information poured into his soul. If it was Li Yao in the past, he would not be able to handle it. He could only give up 99 % of the information, but now he could develop tens of thousands of algorithms at the same time and calculate in different classes as fast as lightning.

However, at this moment, he had no intention of calculating, but only remembered one thing.

He couldn't wait to return to his body and see the most important woman in his life - none.

The invisible rainbow sped up and sank into the communication base floating in Xinghai. When he arrived, all the crystal heads of the communication base buzzed, all the crystal eyes blinked, and even the ripples on the screen of light turned into blurred rainbows.

Deep inside the communication base, in a medical chamber specially designed for him, his body sank and floated in a high energy nutrient solution, closely monitored by the best medical team in pangu universe.

All of a sudden, on the screen of the medical crystal brain, all the parameters went to the limit. The nutrient solution became transparent in an instant, and then it was swallowed up by his hungry body in the next instant. Even the light was shining unsteadily. His body was like a black hole, madly absorbing all the spiritual energy around him!

"Snap! Snap! Snap! Snap!"

All the medical crystal brains exploded, the light sources in the ceiling and walls were all extinguished, and the medical room was plunged into darkness. With the cries of medical experts, he slowly opened his eyes, and a rainbow of magnificent light appeared in his eyes.

"Are you mistaken? Do you want to exaggerate every upgrade?"

He swallowed his saliva, moved his dry throat and muttered to himself, "Last time it was a dye, this time it was a beautiful eye?"


Half a day later, not far from the communication base, a fully automatic small shuttle ship with a nine-star battle emblem was drawn.

This type of shuttle ship originally did not require much crew control, and after special modifications, all the crew members were replaced by spirit puppets, controlled remotely by xiao ming, and even Li Yao could control a few wisps of spirit. In the vast Xinghai, it was considered a quiet place where no one interfered.

Although Li Yao had surpassed the distracting state and advanced to the rank of one of the best masters in the ancient universe, when the door opened slowly in front of him, his heart still beat like a drum. It was as if he had returned to the old days when he first went to Ding Lingdang's house, the ignorant and vigorous young man.

He had imagined the reunion with Ding Lingdang countless times.

For example, would the cabin door open and his wife's long hair reached her waist? She stood under the porthole and looked at Xinghai. After a while, she turned around and smiled.

Or maybe, instead of smiling, she would cry and melt away the years of separation, fear and yearning for each other into tears.

However, he was clearly mistaken.

Just as the hatch opened a crack, a large hand reached out from inside, grabbed his collar, and dragged him in.

Then, he felt a 100,000 ton octopus weighing heavily on him - the kind where all the suckers were fully powered.


Li Yao could only say two words before he could say anything.

Even a distracted super expert can't say anything when his tongue is stuck by a black hole.

Well, it's all in the open. It's really his wife's style.

Li Yao could only turn himself into an octopus, and with a hundred times more enthusiastic response, he was shamelessly entangled with Ding Lingdang.

They hugged for a long, long time until the entire universe was about to melt.

Over the past few years, life and death, thrills, twists and turns, and the counterattack of the jedi, all poured out in the sweet and moist breath of the two, slowly rippling.

Finally, Li Yao regained his freedom before his tongue became necrotic.

He took a deep breath and cautiously said, "Wife?"

"Shh, don't talk."

Ding Lingdang buried his head in his chest, his long red hair like countless hungry tentacles, burrowing into him. "Let me hug you for a while, and give you a good hug for a while."


Li Yao blinked, and after about five or fifty minutes, he called out for the third time,... "Wife?"

"You're so annoying. Can't you just let me hold you for a while?"

Ding Lingdang finally looked up and frowned. "You like to talk so much, don't you? Just in time, I have a'little problem' that I need to ask you!"