Chapter 22 See the Dawn

Half a month after returning from the county, the cabbage in the experimental field had matured. Hua Jiawang urged luo hao several times to sell the cabbage as soon as possible.

Luo Hao did have a last resort. He was like an ant on a hot pot, trying to sell cabbage, but no buyer could buy it.

The afternoon sun was still scorching. Luo Hao sat under the eaves and looked at the green cabbage in the yard. His heart was heavy.

It's not a big deal to drag it on day after day. Uncle hua is already in a hurry. If he can't sell these cabbages, he reckons that this time, let alone marry xiuxiu, he won't be able to get into the Huajia.

"Ah!" Luo hao sighed.

He now felt that there was no place for him to use his knowledge. That sense of loss made him very confused about his future.

"What should we do?" Luo Hao muttered.

Outside the door, there was a sudden sound of hurried footsteps. Luo Hao was about to get up when Hua Xiuxiu ran in.

"Hao... Hao... Brother ho, there are five or six trucks and a red car at the entrance of the village. They said they were looking for you." Xiuxiu clutched his chest and gasped.

"Looking for me?!" Luo Hao was stunned.

Xiuxiu nodded.

How could someone in a car look for him? He had no friends or relatives in the provincial capital. How could someone like him come to the village to look for him?

Seeing luo hao standing there, Xiuxiu hurriedly pulled him, "Brother ho, let's go! My father has already gone to the entrance of the village, and the village head has gone. It's full of people."

Who is it? Luo Hao was confused?

Following Xiuxiu to the entrance of the village, Luo Hao saw the red bmw at a glance, and Lin Jiawei's figure jumped out of his mind.

What should I do? Could it be her? Luo Hao turned around and left.

When xiuxiu saw that luo hao was leaving, she hurriedly stopped Luo Hao, "Brother ho, what are you doing?!"

It didn't matter if she called out. The villagers all turned their eyes to her.

"Yes, Luo Hao!"

"Isn't that luo hao?"

"It's really Luo Hao!"

"Did the woman in the city say she was looking for luo hao?!"

"That's right! It's looking for him."

The villagers around them were gossiping as a beautiful woman in tight jeans, a white shirt and sunglasses squeezed in from behind the crowd.

Seeing that luo hao was about to leave, she quickly walked over and stopped him.

"Luo Hao, we meet again!"

Luo Hao turned and looked over. The familiar figure in front of him made him recognize the other person.

"Lin Boss!"

Lin Jiawei took off his sunglasses to reveal his delicate face.

"Why, are you leaving when you see me?!" Lin Jiawei asked.

Luo Hao said awkwardly, "I don't socialize with Lin Boss, so it's unnecessary here!"

"Redundant?" Lin Jiawei took out Luo Hao's id card from his pocket and handed it to him, "I'll give it back to you. I misunderstood you last time! I came here today to tell you that I want to buy your cabbages. As long as the quality of your cabbages meets our needs, I will take your goods for a long time."

"Are you telling the truth?" Luo Hao couldn't believe his ears.

Lin jia nodded slightly. "Do you think I'll go all the way to call so many cars to make fun of you?"

Hearing Lin Jiawei's words, not only was Luo Hao present, but the villagers around were stunned. They didn't expect luo hao to know such a big boss and a beautiful woman.

"Lin Boss, thank you very much." Luo Hao was very excited.

He did not expect this to happen. He warmly invited Lin Jiawei to check the quality of cabbage in the field. This time, Lin Jiawei brought professionals with him, and he was able to test vegetables on the spot.

When the villagers saw the commotion, they all followed. Wang San and village head Niu Dafu looked very unhappy in the crowd. In the experimental field of the Huajia in the east of the village, Luo Hao cut down a few cabbages and handed them to Lin Jiawei.

From the appearance and appearance, the vegetables are absolutely qualified, but green vegetables need no fertilizer and no pollution, which can not be seen by the naked eye.

Lin Jiawei handed the cabbage to the professional examiner next to them. They took out the test paper and the distillation tube and carefully tested the cabbage with the chemical liquid.

When the villagers around them saw this, their eyes widened in surprise. They had never seen anything like this in the countryside, and it was the only way to test cabbage.

In the crowd, wang san and Niu Dafu stared at the inspector, not knowing what was going on.

Luo Hao looked at the inspector confidently. Seeing him walk over and say something to Lin Jiawei, his heart finally dropped.

After hearing what the inspector said, lin jia nodded slightly.

It seems that luo hao is right, his vegetables are really pure natural and pollution-free and fertilizer green vegetables.

"Mr. Luo Hao, your dishes are up to our standard. I would like to be honored to cooperate with you." Lin Jiawei walked up and offered his hand.

At this moment, Luo Hao was completely stunned. He never thought that happiness would come so suddenly.

Seeing that luo hao was stunned and did not respond, lin jia smiled and said, "Why is Mr. Luo not planning to cooperate with me?"

Luo Hao came to his senses and said, "No, no. I just feel so excited!"

Holding hands together, Hua Jiawang and the villagers looked envious.

The caution of Luo Hao's cabbage being bought at a high price quickly spread to every household in the village, and not only did the Huajia and him receive their first pot of gold.

Seeing that the experimental field had a harvest, Huajia wang le grinned from ear to ear.

After sending Lin Jiawei away, he agreed to go to the county to sign the contract in half a month, then Luo Hao went directly to li xianglian's house. This time, his several acres of land and the vegetables in his yard earned him more than five thousand yuan.

He could just pay back some of the money he borrowed from Li Xianglian for the xiuxiu family.

When she came to li xianglian's house, she saw that the door of her house was closed. Luo Hao was very curious. Usually, Li Xianglian was the most idle. Why is the door closed today? I didn't see her in such a big event.

"Elder sister Xianglian! Elder sister Xianglian!" Luo hao shouted a few times outside the door, but there was no response.

Seeing the curtains of the house closed, Luo Hao always felt something was wrong. He climbed in from the side wall and saw that the clothes in the yard had been blown to the ground by the wind and had not been put away.

The doubt in his heart grew bigger. Li Xianglian was known to be diligent. What was going on?

Luo hao walked to the house in Yuanzhong and gently pulled the door. Seeing that the door was unlocked, he called again and heard a weak response from inside.

"Elder sister Xianglian, what's wrong with you?" Luo Hao knew something was wrong and rushed in.

In the bedroom, Li Xianglian lay on the kang, his face pale and his breathing weak. Luo Hao didn't bother to ask any more questions, picked her up and rushed out.

Ten minutes after arriving at the village clinic, the village doctor examined Li Xianglian and said that it was acute appendicitis and needed to be immediately sent to the county for surgery.

Luo hao paid a lot of money to hire a tractor to send Li Xianglian to the County hospital.