Chapter 23 The Situation Was Critical

At the County hospital, the doctor saw the patient's condition, and the notice required immediate surgery and family signature. Luo Hao didn't think much about signing it directly.

Seeing Li Xianglian being pushed into the operating room, luo haoxin raised his throat. If anything happened to Li Xianglian, he would blame himself for the rest of his life.

A few minutes after the patient was pushed into the operating room, a nurse rushed out and said that the patient needed blood transfusion for anemia.

Luo hao didn't even think about it, saying that he could transfuse blood. After the blood test, both his and Li Xianglian's blood were b blood. After receiving 300cc of blood, the nurse told Luo Hao that she needed to go to the front desk to pay for the operation and hospitalization.

Dragging his tired body, luo hao ran to the front desk and asked about the payment. Only then did he know that the operation and hospitalization costs would be fifteen thousand yuan.

He only had five thousand yuan in his hands, which was far from enough to cover the cost.

Seeing that luo hao couldn't pay, the nurse at the registration station was in a hurry and told him that if he couldn't pay all the money within 12 hours, the hospital wouldn't treat the patients with medicine.

Hearing what the nurse said, luo hao was as anxious as an ant on a hot pot. What should he do? Now he can't even raise ten thousand yuan back to the village!

For the villagers of the Peach blossom village, ten thousand yuan was not a small amount. What's more, if Luo Hao went to borrow money now, he would be kicked out without being scolded to death.

He had just sold the cabbage in the morning and borrowed money in the afternoon. No one could borrow money from him.

Standing at the entrance of the hospital, Luo Hao's mind was in a mess. He thought of all the ways he could. But even so, they couldn't get a single cent.

What should I do? What should I do?

Luo Hao clenched his fist and punched the pillar in front of the door.

The hero was really stumped by a penny. Now, the ten thousand yuan was astronomical to him.

Looking at the time, it was already two in the afternoon. If the amount of money was less than ten thousand yuan by four in the morning, Li Xianglian would be stopped by the hospital.

Although appendicitis surgery is not a major operation, once the anesthetic time is over, the pain can be fatal.

Luo Hao gritted his teeth. He wanted to rob a bank, but that was illegal. Walking aimlessly on the street, a bright red car suddenly drove past.

Seeing the red shadow, Luo Hao suddenly remembered someone.

At this time, she might be the only one to try, but Luo Hao decided to pay attention and ran away.

Half an hour later, in Lin Jiawei's office, Luo Hao was sitting on the sofa with sweat all over his head. Lin Jiawei was sitting behind his desk, looking at the sales records.

"We just met this morning. Why did you come all the way from the village to me? What can I do for you?" Lin Jiawei opened the door and asked directly.

Luo Hao grabbed the cup from the coffee table and drank it in one gulp. Only after taking a deep breath did he relax a little.

"Lin Boss, I do have something I need your help with." Luo Hao said with some difficulty.

Seeing luo hao's expression a little embarrassed, Lin Jiawei was smart and guessed that he must have met with something difficult.

"Tell me, what do you want me to help you with?"

"Borrow money!"

"Borrow money? How much?"

"Ten thousand, urgent. I'll return it to you as soon as possible."

Lin Jiawei looked at him curiously. He had just bought a few thousand jin of vegetables from his field in the morning. Why did he borrow money in the afternoon? She had a lot of doubts in her heart.

It was said that women were more curious, and so was Lin Jiawei. Thinking about the last time, Lin Jiawei had a lot of questions he wanted to ask in person.

"Ten thousand yuan? What exactly happened to you? What's the point of borrowing so much money?" Lin Jiawei asked one after another.

Luo hao did not think about it and said, "There is a relative who is ill. The five thousand yuan I have in my hand is not enough to pay for the operation. Lin Boss, I have no other choice but to ask you for help."

"Relative? As far as I know, you don't seem to have any relatives in the Peach blossom village? You're an orphan, aren't you?" Lin Jiawei had secretly asked someone to investigate luo hao.

Luo Hao was stunned by lin jiawei's words. He didn't expect the other party to know so much about him.

Seeing luo hao standing there, Lin Jiawei said with a straight face, "Mr. Luo, although we are partners, I also have my principles and business principles. For you, if there is no reason for my satisfaction, I will not lend you this money."

Luo Hao felt a buzzing in his head and was completely stunned.

The reason why he didn't want to say Li Xianglian's identity was because he was afraid that others would misunderstand him, especially in this situation. If Li Xianglian was only from their village, Lin Jiawei wouldn't borrow the money.

What should I do? Luo Hao was in trouble.

"Mr. Luo, have you thought about it? If there is no reason to be satisfied, I will continue to deal with things."

Lin Jiawei ordered her to leave, but she was betting that luo hao would tell the truth.

Luo Hao knew that he had not made it clear, especially when he heard Lin Jiawei say that he was an orphan, he knew that the other party must know a lot about his past.

Lin Boss, you must have investigated my past. In fact, I didn't explain this to you in detail." Luo hao saw Lin Jiawei put down his hand and looked up at him. He knew there was a chance.

"Then tell me. I want to hear the truth." Lin Jiawei said.

Luo Hao did not hesitate, "In fact, the person who sent her to the hospital was my partner in the Peach blossom village. His name was Li Xianglian. He helped me before. After I got the first money from you this morning, I went to her house to pay it back. I didn't expect her to have an acute appendicitis. I sent her to the County hospital from the village and found that the money was not enough. I thought of many ways, but I couldn't get the ten thousand yuan."

In the end, Luo Hao felt very powerless. It was the first time he had borrowed money from someone, and he was a woman.

Lin Jiawei could sense Luo Hao's awkwardness. He said it was similar to what Lin Jiawei himself knew. After that incident last time, Lin Jiawei went to a friend the next day to retrieve the surveillance footage from Linhe road in order to find out if anything had happened between him and him.

When she saw Luo Hao take her away in order to save her and the hooligans, she was very grateful. What happened at the inn, Lin Jiawei also asked the boss carefully. After sending her to the inn, Luo Hao went out for the night and didn't come back until six o' clock the next morning.

Later, lin jia adjusted the surveillance of the nearby streets and discovered that Luo Hao was picking up mineral water bottles and paper boxes in the streets and trash bins that night.

Only then did she know that Luo Hao had paid for the night at the inn.

After knowing this, Lin Jiawei felt heavy in her heart. She did not expect Luo Hao to be so kind and honest in this society.

It was because of this that she decided to cooperate with luo hao.

Lin Jiawei opened the drawer, took out a stack of money, and handed it to Luo Hao.

"Go and pay the money. Come back to me if you have any problems!"

Seeing Lin Jiawei hand over ten thousand yuan, Luo Hao's heart warmed up, took the money and turned to leave.