Chapter 25 Something Big Happened

The dispute between Luo Hao and the Huajia spread quickly throughout the village. Hua Jiawang was so angry that he fell ill for a few days. Xiuxiu was in the way of his father and did not dare to see Luo Hao. This dragged on for a month.

Luo Hao had wanted to go to the show several times in the past half month, but he was afraid that Hua Jiawang's anger would worsen, so he dismissed the idea.

After returning from the fields in the morning, luo hao went to li xianglian's house. This month, she had recovered almost as well. The eggplants, beans, and vegetables without fertilizer in the fields had reached maturity.

In more than half a month, fresh vegetables could be on the market. During this period, Luo Hao and Lin Jiawei also had some communication. She promised Luo Hao that as long as the vegetables without fertilizer from Peach blossom village were ripe, they would be bought by car.

Luo Hao felt more at ease when he received this reply. After returning from li xianglian's house, luo hao stuffed his stomach with stuttering. Seeing that it was dark, he lay on the kang and fell asleep.

Just as he was in a daze, a familiar voice sounded in his ear.

Luo Hao thought it was a dream and rolled over to continue sleeping. Suddenly, a warm hand grabbed his hand. Luo Hao woke up and opened his eyes to see xiuxiu appear in front of him.

"Xiuxiu?! Why are you here?!" Luo Hao was very surprised.

"Brother ho, I... I missed you. I ran out while my father was asleep." Xiuxiu pushed the food box over and said, "Look, I brought you your favorite meat buns and tomato scrambled eggs."

Xiuxiu opened the box and took out the hot buns. Then he took out the dishes and put them in front of Luo Hao. Seeing Luo Hao grab the buns and gobble them up, Xiuxiu pursed his lips and couldn't help but laugh.

"Eat slowly, no one will fight you!"

After not seeing him for a month, luo hao became black and skinny, and xiuxiu looked at him with an inexplicable sadness in her heart.

Luo Hao ate three buns in one go, still familiar. Looking at Xiuxiu staring at herself, Luo Hao smiled and grabbed her hand.

"How have you been this month?"

Xiuxiu nodded. This month, he had wanted to see luo hao countless times, but her father was watching too closely.

"Brother ho, don't be angry with my father. In fact... He just misunderstood you." Xiuxiu explained.

Luo hao said, "I know Hua uncle's temper. When he is stingy, I will give him an excuse and explain it clearly."

Xiuxiu looked at Luo Hao, his face suddenly red, and whispered, "Brother ho, you, you and elder sister Xianglian, are you really, really okay?"

Luo Hao was stunned and couldn't help but laugh. Seeing xiuxiu's shy and ashamed appearance, she knew that she wanted to hear herself tell the truth.

"Xiuxiu, don't think too much. I won't do anything wrong to you. Besides, elder sister Xianglian and I are working together." Luo hao paused and continued, "If elder sister Xianglian hadn't gotten us out of trouble the last time Wang San asked for money, I would have remembered her kindness for the rest of my life. The last time she got sick, I was out of friendship. It's not like what that bastard Wang San said."

Xiuxiu stared at Luo Hao, nodded, rested his head on his shoulder and said softly, "Brother ho, I know who you are. You won't lie to me."

Luo Hao reached out to stroke her beautiful hair and said softly, "Silly girl, I only like you as a woman in my life. I will protect you for the rest of my life. I won't do anything wrong to you."

Hearing Luo Hao's love words, Xiuxiu's eyes couldn't help but turn red. This man in front of her will be the man she will accompany for the rest of her life.

Deep love was spreading. Under the dim light, the two of them slowly leaned together and looked at Xiuxiu in their arms. Luo Hao took the initiative to kiss her.

The words "Dry vegetables and fire,"" love and affection" could be clearly expressed in both of them

Xiuxiu's graceful posture, under Luo Hao's hard work, rose a layer of pink. Panting and panting in the room, they might have forgotten themselves at this moment.

The tradition of finding love only after marriage was broken at this moment.

Since the two of them had tasted the forbidden fruit that day, Xiuxiu had not sneaked out to meet luo hao.

These days, Luo Hao had been busy with Li Xianglian's field. It was the ripe day for the vegetables. Luo Hao was busy calculating the expected yield in the field every day.

The afternoon breeze brought a hint of coolness. Luo Hao sat by the river and looked at the clear water in front of him, feeling much better. During this period of time, he had been thinking about what Li Xianglian said about the natural vegetables in the green village.

Seeing autumn coming, a large number of vegetables will be harvested. As long as we take advantage of this opportunity, we can definitely earn a bucket of gold.

But now, Luo Hao was limited by funds.

Looking at the reeds under his feet, Luo Hao found several large grass carp swimming. He quickly took off his clothes and quietly walked into the river.

He had been interrupted by something unexpected several times, and this time, he had to get a few of them for a tooth strike. All of a sudden, he plunged in with a swift strike. A fish beside him was caught by Luo Hao before he could react.

Holding the fish luo hao, he waved his hand and threw it ashore, then jumped down.

Just as Luo Hao was about to grab the other two, Li Xianglian's figure suddenly rushed over from a distance.

"Luo Hao, hurry... Hurry... Something big has happened. The eggplants and beans in the field suddenly withered, and many of them began to turn yellow. What was going on? What should we do now that the goods are about to be delivered?" Li xianglian was anxious.

When luo hao heard this, he didn't care about catching fish, so he picked up his clothes and ran to the ground.

At the west end of the village, the vegetable field of li xianglian's house, the originally green bean shelf, looked at a waxy yellow, looking at the eggplant field on the side, the purple leaves had already shown signs of withering.

What the hell is going on? Why was she fine the day before yesterday?

Luo Hao walked quickly into the field, picked the beans and eggplant leaves and looked at them carefully. He was well aware of the common diseases and insect pests of vegetables. Especially wilting and yellowing, which he had studied in college and had done a lot of homework.

But now the beans and eggplant leaves in his hands, no matter how Luo Hao looked at them, did not look like the diseases he was familiar with. What's wrong with that?

Luo Hao squatted on the ground and checked the roots of the seedlings again to see if they were rotten. After checking, it was found that there were no rotten or greasy insects in the vegetable seedlings.

On the contrary, it was very healthy, and the color of the roots did not look like the signs around the seedlings.

What caused the vegetables to turn yellow and the leaves to wither?

Luo Hao was lost in thought. He looked at the vegetable field which was nearly five acres, and his heart was burning with anxiety. If he didn't find the reason to solve it as soon as possible, the vegetables would wither and die, and the delivery would not be able to deliver the quantity on time. If he broke the contract, Lin Jiawei would not be able to explain it at all. Even people would think that they were not trustworthy and would never cooperate.