Chapter 26 Clues

If things were to get this far, all the hard work Luo Hao had put in would be in vain.

Throwing away the vegetable leaves in his hand, Luo Hao's heart was in a mess, and his mind was circling the question in front of him. What exactly caused the vegetables on the five acres to turn out like this, and there was no problem with the vegetables on the rest of the land.

He suddenly stopped, his head suddenly flashed, and he quickly turned back, squatting on the ground and looking for something carefully. Luo Hao found that in the furrow, there were many small white round particles half-buried in the soil.

Stretching out his hand to remove the layer, he found that the round particles of the white flowers were buried. Luo hao was stunned and quickly picked up one to sniff at it in front of his nose. Then he dug up the soil layer on the ridge and found that such white particles were buried under every vegetable seedling.

"Urea? Nitrogen fertilizer?" Luo hao frowned, got up and ran to a distance. He peeled away a few more vegetable seedlings and found that they were all covered with fertilizer.

I didn't expect that the reason was that the growth was accelerated by the use of urea and the amount of nitrogen fertilizer was large enough to cause the burning, which would cause the vegetable seedlings to be unable to bear the nourishment of excessive chemical fertilizer, causing the burning to cause the seedlings to start to turn yellow and wither.

Who did this behind the scenes? Luo Hao was very angry. It was obvious that he was hurting them. Even if they were rescued, they couldn't be sold to Lin Jiawei's supermarket.

Once the vegetables were contaminated with chemical fertilizer, they would seep into the inside of the vegetables through the leaves and roots. Such vegetables could be seen at a glance even without checking.

Luo Hao got up and walked out of the vegetable field, just in time to meet Li Xianglian. He explained everything to Li Xianglian. Li xianglian stomped her feet angrily when she heard that someone had done it on purpose. She kept saying that if she knew who did it, she would not spare him.

The two agreed to hire someone to remove the unmelted fertilizer from the vegetable field and water the vegetables to dilute the fertilizer.

After a busy afternoon, Li Xianglian and luo hao dragged their tired bodies away after dark.

Although the rescue was timely, a lot of seedlings were still lost, and the rest could only pray for survival, but it could not become a supermarket for green vegetables to be provided to Lin Jiawei.

On the way back, Li Xianglian was worried about this problem and discussed it with luo hao for a long time. What if you really can't deliver it on time? The two of them had no good idea for a while.

The moon was clear and cool, scattered on the village road of the Peach blossom village, and every family had turned on the lights, looking at a kind of beauty in tranquility.

Luo Hao entered li xianglian's house with a hoe and basket. When the two of them closed the door, a dark shadow ran out of the darkness. A pair of sneaky eyes stared at the li family's door for a while, then turned and disappeared into the darkness.

It was already past eight in the evening when he left li xianglian's house. When luo hao returned to the taoist family, he took out a handful of fertilizer from his pocket and tested it after dissolving it in a simple chemical experimental vessel he had brought back from the provincial capital when he was in university.

Half an hour later, looking at the ph test paper in his hand, he sighed. As expected, he was right. The mixture of nitrogen and urea could burn any vegetable seedlings.

Who did this to her? The question reverberated in Luo Hao's mind.

As the night grew darker, luo hao did come out of the house quietly. He had been thinking about it for a long time. If someone intentionally damaged it, there would be a lot of fertilizer on five acres of land.

There must be no trace of this dosage.

Who's in the village? Duo luo hao knows best. Except for li xianglian's family, which are the village head and wang's family, the rest are small households. It is impossible to buy so many fertilizer even if you purchase it.

Luo Hao took advantage of the night and walked towards the village head's house. Now that most of the villagers were asleep at this time, he took this opportunity to go to the village head and the three wangs' house to see what was going on.

Who did this? It was clear as long as you saw the fertilizer.

Luo Hao tucked away the rice balls that he had set his sights on to deal with the dogs in the two courtyards. Then he came to the village head's house with ease.

In the brick wall of more than one meter, the whole village made beautiful brick houses. The village head, Niu Dafu's family, was probably asleep. Luo Hao leaned against the wall and listened. The wolf dog in the yard was still awake.

He quietly climbed up the wall and looked inside. The wolfhound with black fur was standing in front of the kennel. It seemed that he heard something suspicious.

Luo Hao leaned against the wall, intending to climb a little closer and throw the food over.

At night, Luo Hao was not noticed by the dogs in the yard. When he climbed to a similar position and was about to throw the rice ball with broken hair into it, the door of the village head's house suddenly opened.

A sneaky figure came out of the house. He looked around to see that no one was there, as if he was relieved.

"Little Chun fang, you're so excited today. I'll come back to you when the village head isn't home next time." The shadow came out from under the eaves and was seen clearly by luo hao, who was lying on the wall.

The man had shifty eyebrows and eyes, and his most distinctive feature was that he was bald. Even Luo Hao knew who he was when he turned into ashes.

Wang San?!"

Luo Hao was very surprised. He never expected Wang Sanhui to have an affair with the village head's wife, Liu Chunfang, while the village head was not at home.

The two of them hugged each other for another minute before they parted. Wang San and liu chunfang said goodbye and walked out of the village head's house, only to see that no one was quickly running into the roadside path and disappearing.

Luo Hao did not expect to find out who was fertilizing the soil, but he was surprised to find out. When Liu Chunfang entered the house, he threw the rice ball over to be eaten by the dog, then jumped into the yard, and quietly entered the village head's storeroom where the sundries were stored.

There were only some old grains from last year, but no new fertilizer. Luo Hao already had some answers in his mind. When he came out of the village head's house, he went straight to the three wang families.

Ten minutes later, outside the walls of the three wang houses, looking at Wang San who had just fallen asleep with the lights turned off, Luo Hao turned over the wall again. After he had finished the dog, he turned it directly into the warehouse. When he opened the door of the warehouse, the half-used nitrogen fertilizer and urea let Luo Hao know the answer.

I didn't expect it to be this son of a bitch again. Luo Hao had suspected Wang San the last time about the Soo soo's house. I didn't expect that before he went to find trouble with Wang San, this kid came to me again.

Luo Hao planned to take out two generations of fertilizer from the warehouse, poke two holes with the branches of the roadside, and sprinkle it all the way to the fields of li xianglian's house.

After everything was done, Luo Hao returned home. Now, just wait for dawn, and everything will be revealed.

It was a sunny morning in the countryside, and the villagers were busy preparing to work on the ground after breakfast. When they passed through the three gates of the wang family, many villagers were stunned.