Chapter 27 A Glimmer of Life

The villagers stood there, pointing and discussing, when they saw the long white line leading to the distance.

Luo hao was standing in the distance and had already called Li Xianglian. Now they were going to sing a good show for Wang San.

"What the hell is going on?"

"Yes! What the hell is going on with all this fertilizer?"

"Could it be that wang san stole the fertilizer from his own home and gave it to the ladies?"

A group of women were standing in front of Wang San's house, jabbering and pointing.

Wang San was woken up by the noise outside early in the morning. Dressed in her clothes, she walked into the yard with the old lady and shouted at her.

"In the morning, there's nothing to do, is there? Whatever noise you make at the door, shut your mouth up."

The two of them walked out one after another. When third lady wang opened the door and saw the group of people at the door, her anger flared up. She was about to get angry when she saw the fertilizer on the floor at the door.

She saw the white chemical fertilizer, following her door all the way to the west of the village.

"What... What the hell is going on?" Third madam wang was stunned for a moment and then shouted, "Little brat, who did you offend? Let someone steal our fertilizer. Get out of here!"

When Wang San heard the old lady scolding him, he hurriedly opened the door and walked out of the courtyard. When he saw the fertilizer on the floor, his face changed.

Luo Hao saw all the panic in his eyes.

He never dreamed that such a thing would happen, and it was so bizarre. How could the fertilizer from his own warehouse be scattered outside, and still spread all over the ground, all the way to the west of the village.

"What the hell is going on?" Wang San was also stunned.

He kept the fertilizer in the storeroom, and the yard was guarded by two wolfhounds. How could such a strange thing happen?

"Little rascal, you ask me, and I want to ask you? What's going on? Who the hell wants to mess with my family?!" Wang san's mother shouted at the top of his voice.

When the crowd around saw that the tigress was angry, they all retreated far away in fear. Everyone knew that Wang Tailai's mother-in-law was a tigress, and most of the women in the village avoided it for fear of getting into trouble.

Luo Hao, on the other hand, stood in the crowd and watched the show quietly.

After going crazy for a while, Wang san's mother stomped his foot angrily and ordered wang san to find out where the fertilizer was spread.

Wang San had long been confused by this and wanted to figure out what was going on.

With spades and brooms in their hands, the two of them swept all the way, followed by the villagers watching the bustle. Luo Hao was far behind and saw them heading west of the village. He stopped and called Li Xianglian to get her ready.

Li Xianglian was also prepared to wait for the Wangjia to throw themselves into the trap.

The villagers on the village road who were watching the bustle walked forward one after another, while the Wangjia women were scolding and dealing with the fertilizer on the ground. Neither of them knew what was going on. Why did the fertilizer spread all the way to the west of the village? Whose land did it enter?

Just as everyone was speculating which field the fertilizer was planted in, more than a dozen figures in the distance were already standing on the ground waiting for the arrival of the Wangjia women.

"The sun is really rising in the west. It's amazing that the Wangjia can work in the fields!" Li Xianglian purposely shouted sarcastically.

Wang San and his mother raised their heads when they heard Li Xianglian's voice. The villagers knew that Li Xianglian and Wang san's mother were not going to deal with each other. They didn't expect to meet each other in the field today. This was really a narrow road for enemies.

"Bullshit! I thought someone was barking here. It turns out that she's an old widow without a man's nourishment!" Wang san's mother did not give in, and the moment he spoke, it was filled with gunpowder.

The two women looked at each other, and the anger in their eyes was clear to everyone.

No one expected that the two women who could pinch each other the most would meet, and the moment they met, they were ready to fight.

The villagers who followed them saw that there was a lively scene to watch, and each of them found a place to stand, ready to watch a good show here.

Luo Hao quietly hid in the crowd, waiting for the next scene.

"Without a man to nourish you, it's better than having a home furnishing." Li Xianglian was also a talker.

Everyone in the village knew that Wang Tailai was a playboy when he was young and became a living eunuch when he was in his forties. Wang san's mother had been criticized by the villagers all these years.

"Li Guafu, clean your mouth for me. What the hell are you talking about? I have a man, and he's not a decoration." Wang san's mother pinched his waist, and the shrew immediately appeared.

"Hmph, are you the only one who knows?" Li Xianglian glared at her and turned around to glance at the crowd.

When she saw luo hao in the crowd, her heart was at ease.

"You... Are you looking for a smoke today?" Wang san's mother was anxious.

Li Xianglian sneered, "You really don't deserve to slap me. You two should see what's going on with this fertilizer first."

She turned away, and the fertilizer that had been sprinkled all the way to Li Xianglian's house.

When wang san saw this scene, he was stunned. He didn't expect this to happen. What he had done before was done in secret, and according to the village head's instructions, how did this happen?

How did fertilizer appear in li xianglian's field? Who made it?

Wang san's mother glared, grabbed Wang San's ear and cursed, "You little brat? What did I tell you? Even if all the women in the village are dead, you are not allowed to go to the widow. Did you take your mother's words as bullshit?"

"Ouch, mom, it hurts! It hurts! It hurts! Let go!" Wang San bared his teeth and begged for mercy.

The villagers who were watching the scene picked up a joke, but they didn't expect that this third wang had fallen in love with Li Guafu, which made a big joke. Who in the village didn't know that Li Guafu was a flirtatious woman and had been entangled with Luo Hao recently. If wang san was involved, it wouldn't be a love triangle.

"What the hell is going on? Could it be that two men like one woman?"

"What's going on here? This is really a mess."

"Oh, this woman is so shameless. She's so brazen with two men."

The villagers'discussion was not loud, but it was clearly heard by Li Xianglian and Wang san's mother. Hearing this was very harsh and felt like a needle prick.

Li Xianglian's cheeks were flushed even though he usually didn't care. Especially when she saw Wang san's mother's ugly face, coupled with a malicious look, she almost exploded.

"Rotten widow, rotten widow, you can't find a man to seduce my son. I tell you, no matter how beautiful you are, I don't want second-hand goods like you in my house." Wang san's mother pinched his waist, his big round face wrinkled together and looked like a beijing opera face.

"What did you say?!" Li Xianglian still couldn't hold back his anger.

Just as she was about to explode, Luo Hao came out of the crowd.

Luo Hao's appearance stunned everyone present. They didn't expect luo hao to appear at this time.

When Wang san's mother saw Luo Hao, his heart grew even angrier. Wasn't it obvious that the widow had seduced the wild man and gathered here to find a fight?

"It's you, kid!" Wang San stared at him coldly.

Since last time, wang san had a grudge against Luo Hao, and he had always wanted to find a chance to get Luo Hao. I didn't expect to meet Luo Hao on this occasion today. It was a narrow road between enemies.

"It's me, that's right!" Luo hao glanced at him and his lips curled up.

Li Xianglian, who was about to lose his temper, immediately calmed down when he saw luo hao appear. Now she had more important things to do than to get angry.

"Wang San, Zhang Cuilan, what happened to your fertilizer entering my field? And it made the seedlings and vegetables in my vegetable field turn yellow. Can you explain to me what happened?" Li Xianglian took a few steps forward and stared coldly at the Wangjia mother and son.