Chapter 28 The Truth Came out

Wang San subconsciously took a step back, feeling guilty. He never expected this to happen. He had done it in secret, but how did it end up like this? How did this fertilizer end up in Li Xianglian's house? Was someone following him behind his back?

Wang San was in a complete mess. Zhang Cuilan, who was standing in front of him, didn't know anything about it. When she heard that Li Xianglian had framed her family, she immediately became angry.

After you clean your mouth, when did my family get fertilizer into your house? Li Guafu, stop spitting blood. I'll tell you if you dare to talk nonsense again, I'll tear your mouth apart." Zhang Cuilan shouted with his eyes open.

Li Xianglian glared at her and did not say anything. What she had to wait for now was to see how luo hao would handle this matter.

Luo hao looked at the fertilizer under his feet, turned his head and looked at the vegetable seedlings in the field. He walked forward a few steps and stopped in front of Wang San.

Wang San was a little nervous by Luo Hao, who didn't say a word, and took a step back.

"Luo Hao, what do you want?" Wang san frowned.

Luo Hao looked him up and down and said, "Nothing. I just want to shake your hand."

"Handshake?" Wang San was stunned. He had no idea what Luo Hao meant.

Luo hao smiled and took the initiative to reach out his hand, "I had a misunderstanding with third brother before. This time I came to apologize to you."

Wang Sanyi heard that this kid was coming to apologize, and immediately returned to his foolishness, with his head held high and his nose up in the air, completely ignoring Luo Hao.

"Boy, you've thought it through. I'm an adult and I don't want to give you a hard time." Wang San reached out his hand and said.

Luo Hao hurriedly took his hand and looked at it deliberately. Wang San's fingers were peeled and there were some white crystals between his fingernails.

These things were enough to prove that his guess was correct.

Releasing Wang San's hand, Luo Hao turned around and walked back to Li Xianglian. Wang San, who was just about to continue with luo hao, saw him suddenly turn around and leave, and his anger surged up.

"Luo Hao, get your ass over here! I haven't apologized yet. What do you mean by leaving? Are you trying to make me unhappy?" Wang san looked up and said.

Luo hao glanced at him and said, "Wang San, let's talk about the fertilizer now. This thing entered elder sister Xianglian's house from your house. I think everyone saw it clearly. How do you explain it?!"

Everyone turned their eyes to Wang San and Zhang Cuilan, and none of them expected this to happen all of a sudden.

What exactly is going on here that no one knows about?

"What the hell are you trying to explain, Luo Hao? You, you little brat, stop spitting blood. Why does this have anything to do with me?" Wang san was anxious.

Zhang Cuilan hurriedly said, "Luo Hao, don't throw shit at the three of us. You have something to do with Li Guafu. The three of us don't. If you dare to frame the three of us like this, don't blame me for coming to the village head to judge."

What luo hao wanted was Zhang Cuilan's words. He was really afraid that the village head would not come.

"Looking for the village head? Great! I just think there's something wrong with your third prince. If you can find the village head." Luo Hao deliberately provoked Zhang Cuilan.

This woman really didn't use her brain. When she heard luo hao's words, she was so anxious that she picked up the old woman's phone and called the village head Niu Dafu directly.

Seeing that she had hung up the phone for a long time, Luo Hao knew that the village head would be here soon.

He turned to look at Li Xianglian. They exchanged glances and understood each other.

The villagers saw that things were getting worse and worse, and many good things began to call their families. Not long after, the ground of li xianglian's house was full of people.

Even xiuxiu and Hua Jiawang arrived.

"Li Guafu, Luo Hao, let's talk about this today. If you frame the three of us, don't blame me, Zhang Cuilan, for tearing up your mouths today." Zhang Cuilan shouted fiercely.

Luo Hao and Li Xianglian looked at each other, not taking Zhang Cuilan's words seriously. The more things went wrong today, the more the Wangjia lost face.

"Tear us apart, that depends on your ability." Li Xianglian would never lose again.

Luo Hao turned around and told the dozen temporary workers he had hired to disperse. He stood aside and deliberately exposed the fertilizer bag behind him that looked exactly like the three wang's.

Wang San accidentally found the fertilizer bag and widened his eyes. He remembered that when he had done it, he told the people below to find out why there were still fertilizer bags in the fields.

Niu Dafu's voice came from outside the crowd just as the two of them were fighting silently.

"Give way, give way." Niu Dafu followed his wife, Liu Chunfang, with his hands behind his back.

When he saw Li Xianglian and luo hao, his expression froze in an instant, but it returned to normal in an instant.

"What's going on? If you don't work in the fields, why are you gathered here to watch the fun?" Niu Dafu shouted with his hands behind his back.

When zhang cuilan saw Niu Dafu coming, she hurriedly went over to hold Niu Dafu and said, "Village head, village head niu, you must make the decision for the three of us! This Luo Hao and Li Guafu are spitting blood."

Niu Dafu had noticed the fertilizer on the ground and complained to the three kings in his heart. He couldn't understand what he was doing and had to clean his ass.

"What's going on? Is there such a thing? Don't you know that this is a society ruled by law?" Niu Dafu put on official airs.

When the villagers around him saw him like this, they all avoided him from afar. Only Li Xianglian and luo hao stood there without moving.

Niu Dafu looked at them coldly and said with a straight face, "Li Xianglian, Luo Hao, what the hell is going on? With the village head here today, you have to explain this to me and clear Wang San's name."

Li Xianglian and Luo Hao both knew that Niu Dafu and wang san were wearing a pair of pants. If there was no evidence of this today, Niu Dafu would turn black and white upside down, and eventually become them.

"Chief niu, you can take a look at it yourself. This fertilizer flowed from the three families of wang to the land I contracted. Do you still need to explain this?" Luo hao asked.

Niu Dafu paused, not expecting the boy to ask him back. Niu Dafu looked down at the fertilizer that was leaking from the ground and saw the familiar bag of fertilizer.

He frowned slightly and thought of something bad. I didn't expect to make such a big deal out of it. If Luo Hao found out, their plans would be ruined.

"Luo Hao, everything depends on evidence. How can you say that wang san did it?" Niu Dafu pretended to be calm.

Luo hao looked at the two of them and knew that Niu Dafu would speak for Wang San and turn black into white. Now that things have come to this stage, it should be open to the public and there is no need to hide it.

"Well, you said it wasn't made by wang san, so how did this fertilizer go from the entrance of wang san's house to the land I contracted? Why don't you go to another house and go to my field? How do you explain that?" Luo hao asked.