Chapter 29 Evil Is Rewarded with Evil


Niu Dafu didn't know how to answer the question. He turned to wang san and said, "Wang San, what the hell is going on?"

Wang san's face was bitter, "This... I really don't know. I don't know who wanted to hurt me. I did it on purpose."

Niu Dafu nodded and said, "Yes, maybe someone did it on purpose. If you say so directly that it was wang san who did it, you have to show evidence."

Luo Hao tilted his lips, turned around and picked up the fertilizer bag behind him, and handed it to Niu Dafu, "This is evidence. If you want to see it with your own eyes, then go to the three wangs' house. Their warehouse should have the same brand, the same name as the urea."

Seeing luo hao say this, Niu Dafu was stunned, and Wang San who was standing beside him was dumbfounded. The two of them never expected luo hao to hit the nail on the head like this.

"You... You... You're talking nonsense, you, this is... Spitting blood!" Wang san panicked.

If luo hao were to go to his warehouse now, everything would be exposed, even if they had a hundred mouths.

"Luo Hao, you have to tell me the evidence. There are so many in the village. Why do you say that it belongs to the three kings? Haven't other families bought this kind of urea?" Niu Dafu said with a straight face.

Luo hao smiled and said, "Did someone else buy it?! With so many villagers present, who has ever bought such high-priced imported ureas?"

He shouted loudly, and the villagers looked at each other, shaking their heads to show that no one would buy this high-priced urea. Although it would increase the production of crops, the price was simply unacceptable to ordinary farmers.

Niu Dafu and Wang San, seeing that luo hao recognized the imported ureas, suddenly felt a chill in their hearts.

Luo Hao turned to look at the two of them and continued, "Village head, do you think someone else will buy this? Who did this now?"

Niu Dafu moved his mouth, not knowing what to say.

Wang San gritted his teeth and shouted, "Luo Hao, don't talk nonsense. Even if this is mine, how can you be sure that I spilled it on your land?"

Luo hao glanced at him and said, "It's simple, because you're jealous. And you hold a grudge against me. That's why you peed on the land I contracted."

"You fart!" Wang san scolded.

Luo Hao ignored him and continued, "Because you saw that I made money, your heart is out of balance. Plus, you want to chase after xiuxiu, and I got the first chance. You have been holding a grudge against me, which made you want to use this method to put me in a desperate situation. You know that the county supermarket is about to buy the mature green vegetables in my field. You just took this opportunity to do this and let me lose my reputation. Then you'll be the one to kick the bucket."

"Nonsense. I didn't do all this. Someone told me to do it." Wang Sanyi said something in a hurry.

Niu Dafu glared at him, eager to go up and give him two mouths.

When the villagers around them heard this, they all looked at Zhang Cuilan and Wang San and pointed at them.

Wang San's cheeks were flushed and he wanted to find a hole in the ground. He never thought that things would turn out like this. Luo Hao was the one who got into it for no reason.

"Wang San, you've already admitted what you did. It seems that you can't argue about it." Luo Hao turned to look at Li Xianglian and asked, "Did elder sister Xianglian record it?"

Li xianglian nodded.

Seeing Li Xianglian take out his phone and panic in his hand, wang san was so scared that he almost sat on the ground.

Niu Dafu glared at him. He was either leaving or not.

"Luo Hao, did you say that wang san did it? Where is your actual evidence? This is slander." Niu Dafu also wanted to speak for third wang.

Luo hao looked at him and said, "Now look at his left hand and see if there are white crystals under his fingernails. These crystals are exactly the same as the urine in the bag. I don't think I need to use something to do a comparison test, right?"

This sentence completely broke their lucky hearts. Niu Dafu knew that staying would only lead to trouble. He turned around to take his wife away but was stopped by Luo Hao.

"Head of niu village, if you leave like this, who will give me justice?" Luo hao said.

Niu Dafu was so embarrassed that he could only turn around and turn back.

"Luo Hao, this is what happened. Wang San might have done something immoral. If you can't, just call the police." Niu Dafu glanced at him, intending to kill him.

Wang san widened his eyes and shouted, "What did you say? Call the police? Niu Dafu, are you fucking human?"

Niu dafu stamped his foot angrily, "Wang San, do you dare to scold me?!"

Wang San was also anxious, "What's wrong with scolding you? You old bastard, let me help you do bad things. In the end, you want to leave me behind and let the police look for me. No way! I'm telling you, you're the one who made me screw up Li Xianglian and Luo Hao. You bought the urine with the village's public funds, and you found the man. I just brought them to and fro to bury the urine in the ground. There's nothing you can do about it."

"You're talking nonsense, Wang San. You're just farting!" Niu Dafu was also anxious.

Seeing the two of them rebelling, luo hao was so happy to watch the play that he stood aside and took out his cell phone to record both of them.

As they spoke, they fought directly. The villagers stood in the distance and watched happily. Since Niu Dafu became the village head, the villagers had not gotten any benefits. They were squeezed by him everywhere. Wang sanben was the second class in the village, and after catching up with Niu Dafu, he bullied the villagers even more.

Who would help such two people? They rolled around like enemies and ended up bleeding from their noses. Luo hao called the police and the two were separated when the police arrived.

After the investigation, the village head ordered wang san to do it. Both of them denied it, but Luo Hao provided the video and audio recording. There was sufficient evidence, and the two finally had to admit the truth.

The case was temporarily handed over to the court, ready to go through the process of judgment.

Half a month after the storm, Luo Hao received a call from Lin Jiawei urging Luo Hao to quickly calculate the output and prepare to send a car to pull the vegetables. Luo hao wanted to explain that there was a problem with five acres of land, but the other party hung up without waiting for him.

It was almost time for delivery, and Luo Hao calculated that he was still 2500 catties short of the original order of 15000 catties, which was an unknown amount.

If you can't get it within a week, you'll lose your credibility.

What should I do? Luo hao was worried about this and was going to talk to Li Xianglian about it. When he went out, he met Huajia wang and xiuxiu who came back from the mountain with bamboo baskets. When he saw their baskets full of wild mushrooms, monkeyheads and ferns, Luo Hao had an idea in his head.

"Uncle hua, Xiuxiu." Luo Hao said hello.

Xiuxiu smiled and nodded at him. Hua Jiawang snorted calmly and called xiuxiu home.

Seeing uncle hua's attitude, Luo Hao knew that he must still be angry about what happened last time. But right now, he doesn't have time to deal with a relationship.

She ran to li xianglian's house and saw that she was busy in the yard with the harvest next week.

Luo hao ran over, grabbed Li Xianglian and said, "Elder sister Xianglian, we have a solution to the 2,500 catties of food we are short of."

"What?" Li Xianglian looked very excited.

Luo Hao hurriedly said, "Wild vegetables, the wild vegetables you mentioned last time, now wild mushrooms, hericium erinaceus and ferns have a bumper harvest. As long as we mobilize the people in the village to harvest them, we can deliver them on time and not break the contract."

Li Xianglian nodded happily, "Xiao hao, your head is really spinning too fast. I just said it casually before, but I didn't expect you to really use this method."

Luo Hao smiled, "That wasn't elder sister Xianglian's call."

The two of them looked at each other with smiles. Suddenly Luo Hao was stunned. He was surprised to find that Li Xianglian was only wearing a short sleeve today, as if it was empty inside, because when she was laughing just now, Luo Hao could clearly see the two balls beating full.