Chapter 30 Dreams Come True

Sensing that Luo Hao was looking at her chest, li xianglian blushed, gave him a white look and said, "What are you looking at, brat?"

Only then did Luo Hao come to his senses and run over to help with the work with a smile.

His idea was approved by Li Xianglian, and the two reached an agreement. Li Xianglian paid Luo Hao to gather the villagers to pick them and collect them.

The next day, early in the morning, Luo Hao gathered the villagers and began to collect fresh wild mushrooms and other vegetables.

After the villagers finished planting the land, they all wanted to earn some extra money. With this good opportunity, all the men and women in the village fought to go to the mountains to pick.

In just five days, he bought 2,500 jin. Looking at the yard full of fresh wild mushrooms, Luo Hao called Lin Jiawei in advance and asked her to come and pick up the goods.

Lin Jiawei was surprised that luo hao would call in advance.

The next day at noon, Lin Jiawei took four large box cars to the village. When he saw luo hao full of wild mushrooms in the yard, he was completely stunned. After listening to luo hao's explanation, Lin Jiawei had a better impression of the man in front of him.

Such a person who keeps his promise is definitely someone who does great things.

After loading the dishes, Lin Jiawei directly gave 100 thousand cash to Luo Hao and informed Luo Hao to go to the provincial city with her a week later and sign a long-term contract with the head office.

Upon hearing this news, luo hao le almost jumped up, especially when he looked at Li Xianglian. His heart was full of gratitude. If Li Xianglian hadn't helped him, he might still have lost his future.

After sending Lin Jiawei away, Luo Hao gave Li Xianglian a total of 70,000 yuan for the seed and the money.

Looking at the money in his hand, Li Xianglian looked at Luo Hao excitedly and said, "Xiao hao, I can't have that much money."

Luo Hao declined, "Elder sister Xianglian, you should take these. Take them."

What Li Xianglian wanted to say was rejected by Luo Hao.

"Elder sister Xianglian, I have something to do. Let's go." Luo Hao, who got the money, ran to the Huajia regardless of anything.

The thirty thousand yuan was earned by him, and it was the betrothal money that he had agreed with Hua Jiawang before. With this money, he would be able to get married openly and openly.

Running into the garden, Hua Jiawang was drinking tea in the yard. Luo hao ran over and knelt directly in front of Hua Jiawang, handing over thirty thousand yuan.

"Hua uncle, this is the money I promised you. From now on, I will take good care of xiuxiu and you. I won't let you live a hard life. I hope you can promise me to marry xiuxiu." Luo hao spoke sincerely.

Hua Jiawang was stunned. He didn't expect it to be so sudden, but when he saw how sincere Luo Hao was, his heart softened. The previous anger dissipated.

"Hao Zi, get up."

Xiuxiu ran out of the room and quickly picked up Luo Hao.

"Brother ho, what are you doing? Take your time."

Luo Hao looked at Xiuxiu and said happily, "Xiuxiu, I made the dowry money. I earned 30,000 yuan."

Looking at the thirty thousand yuan on the table, Xiuxiu felt warm.

Hua Jiawang was relieved to see the two of them standing together. Why did he have to tear them apart when they were in love?

Perhaps this was how happiness came suddenly. A week later, luo hao went to the provincial capital and signed a three-year contract with Lin Jiawei's Alex Hua Tian group for the supply of green vegetables. At the same time, he got 30 % of the advance contract money.

With this money, he was more confident in bringing the Peach blossom village's relatives to the road to wealth.