Chapter 236 Baked Page

Xu cheng himself was stunned. When he had just ordered, he saw that the price of the extra large eight-treasure porridge was in the three figures and didn't think much about it. He thought it was the ordinary extra large porridge. In his opinion, Jiang Feng's cooking is far more than the price on the menu. By the time he is on the list of famous chefs next year, if the ranking is still quite substantial, his prices can be doubled. The Knowing the taste's list of famous chefs is re-elected every five years, and the top 50 chefs are ranked worldwide. Although it is impossible to be completely fair and objective, it is already the fairest selection that the public can imagine. The next round will be in july next year, and Zhang Guanghang will be on the list last time. Although it is at the end of the crane, it is still sensational enough. The french food magazine has also published several special reports on Zhang Guanghang, a new star in the french culinary world. Next year's list of famous chefs will be selected, and the culinary world of florists is afraid of a carnival. And it was an unprecedented carnival. "This casserole..." A fellow diner couldn't help but laugh." This is the first time I've seen such a big casserole." The chef's table next door also gathered around to watch the show. After all, such a big pot was not everywhere to be seen." My dear, old liang, is there such a big casserole in your shop?" A chef asked the people around him." I don't know. I've never used such a large pot of porridge. I'm afraid such a large casserole is specially made." Old liang said he had opened his eyes." Xu Boss, do you mind if I rub a bowl of porridge?" Pei Shenghua knew that the eight treasures porridge was cooked by Jiang Feng. If I hadn't seen it, I would have seen it now, smelled it, and put it in front of me. The taste of the eight treasures porridge I drank during the competition was like coming back to my mouth. I could feel the smooth touch on my tongue and the sweet smell. After the competition, Pei Shenghua went to a few familiar porridge masters to eat porridge, and couldn't find the amazing feeling of drinking porridge cooked by jiang feng during the competition." Go ahead." Xu cheng smiled and said," you all have a taste. This porridge will surprise you." Xu cheng rarely praised a piece of food like this, and everyone was very curious. Whether it was curiosity or giving Xu cheng face, everyone scooped up a bowl of porridge. More than 30 people each had a bowl of porridge, and the super large casserole was empty. The waiter who stood by quickly took the casserole down." Master xia, have some porridge," Xu cheng said to xia mu." Okay." Xia Mubing looked away from the chicken and scooped up a spoonful of porridge. Entrance, stunned. He had never tasted such a eight-treasure porridge, and all the ingredients were so compatible, as if they were made for each other, and everything was so perfect. Xia Mubing's taste had deteriorated to the point where nothing tasted, but he could smell, see, and feel it. Even in such a cruel and tasteless world, this porridge was a rare and wonderful feeling." Does Master xia want to eat chicken with vegetables?" One of the diners sitting next to the chicken had noticed that Xia Mubing had been staring at the chicken from the beginning and had turned the chicken over to Xia Mubing. Xia Mubing subconsciously wanted to refuse. He had never cooked or eaten this dish since li fen's death. Anyone who knew him thought he hated it. But looking at the chicken in front of him, it was hard for him to refuse. He took a bite of a chicken wrapped in vegetables, but he couldn't taste or feel it." Not to your liking?" Xu cheng asked. He looked at the chicken and thought it should be okay." My teeth are gone," Xia Mubing said. Everyone was drinking eight-treasure porridge, which was surprisingly quiet. Even Pei Shenghua, who was a chatterbox, was busy drinking the porridge first and then talking after drinking it. At the reporter's desk, he looked at the oddity and asked if he wanted to order some porridge as well." Reporter Hu, why don't we order a bowl of porridge to fill our stomachs when we're done?" Tang asked. The dishes on the table were already cold by the time they touched their chopsticks. Reporter Hu was the only Shredded yam who tasted one piece. No amount of leftovers were as comfortable as a bowl of hot porridge." Let's see. The table is not ready yet. We should be able to eat two mouthfuls of hot cabbage." Reporter Hu refused in his heart. He had just looked at the menu. A bowl of porridge costs more than ten yuan. It would be better to go back and eat the pickled fried rice under the building for ten yuan. While everyone was still drinking porridge, Jiang weiming's Paotun served it. About ten catties of suckling pigs were slaughtered and their internal organs were taken out to fill the dates. The outer layer was coated with grass and mud and put into a fierce fire to burn. According to the practice of the western zhou dynasty, after burning, remove the outer shell, wipe off the film on the skin, mix the rice flour with the surface of the suckling pig, and fry it in the oil pan. After that, the fried suckling pig and the spices were put into the small cauldron, and the small cauldron was put into the big cauldron, and the soup was added. It took three days and three nights to finish the cooking. Paotun, with such a complex approach, was almost the peak of creativity and imagination in the western zhou dynasty, when raw materials, seasonings, and cooking techniques were extremely scarce. A thousand years later, it would be disrespectful to be a Paotun in this way. Jiang weiming's approach was a simplified version of what Jiang Chengde had done back then, with ingredients not steps. Back then, the Paotun could be considered one of Tai feng tower's top dishes, and it would be a lot more dignified to serve such a dish at a banquet. At that time, Tai feng tower was still the number one restaurant in Beiping. Apart from the gluttons, there were also dignitaries who wanted to be extremely luxurious and more dignified. The Paotun, which had unlimited possibilities of flaunting their wealth, was naturally ruined. Fill in whatever is expensive, add whatever is expensive to the Paotun, and the price of an Paotun is a thousand gold. Jiang weiming vaguely remembered that there was a time when the playboys in Beiping city were not even more expensive than the actors who raised them. The actors who brought them up became popular, but more expensive than the Paotun who ordered them, and who used more ingredients. It was really embarrassing for jiang Chengde. With so many strange ingredients and spices to make Paotun, the taste was not bad. Jiang weiming did the same Paotun job as Chengde jiang taught him. The suckling pig's stomach was stuffed with jujube paste and put into the fire. The dates were taken out and filled with fresh bamboo shoots, mushrooms, duck, pigeon meat, glutinous rice and other ingredients. The film on the skin was wiped off and stewed in the High Soup. Finally, the sauce was brushed on the surface and roasted in a big fire. After leaving the pot, the Paotun, as jia sixie wrote in" qi ming yao shu":" the color is the same as amber, but also similar to real gold, the entrance will disappear, strong as lingxue, paste moist, extraordinary." A few waiters carried a copy of the Paotun. Not only did the Paotun in their hands attract attention, but the fragrance of the Paotun also made it difficult to not notice it. When she joined the queue for the lottery, she ended up missing a $ 1000 voucher because of her african ancestry, and because her daughter wanted to eat a three-mouthed daughter who came in with her own money, she saw the Paotun in the waiter's hand and jumped up excitedly, pulling her father's sleeve and screaming." Roast the Peiqi, dad, look, it's roast the Peiqi!" Her daughter was as excited as she saw a live piglet Peiqi." Wenwen, keep your voice down. The other aunts and uncles are still eating!" Her mother warned her in a low voice and used her eyes to tell her that if she didn't shut up, the consequences would be serious. Wenwen could only lower her voice and tugged at her father's sleeve." Dad, I want to eat grilled Peiqi too!" Wenwen's father: ..." Don't you like the Peiqi very much? Isn't the Peiqi your friend? How can Wenwen eat friends?"" But roasted Peiqi smells good." Wenwen's words were irrefutable. Wenwen's father: ... Wenwen's father's heart sank when he picked up the tablet and saw the roasted Peiqi, bah, and the Paotun. What kind of roasted suckling pig is this? Is it roasted by the little pig Peiqi? Why is it more expensive than the mcm bag his wife likes? Wenwen's father breathed a sigh of relief when he saw the words" book in advance" on the back of the bid. The tablet was shown to Wenwen, who was already in the first grade of primary school and could guess the words." Look, the roasted Peiqi has to book in advance, but it's not available now." Wenwen sadly accepted his fate. Wenwen's father breathed a sigh of relief. Thanks to the shop owner, roasted Peiqi, bah, and the Paotun need to book. If only mapo tofu had less pepper, Wenwen's father said his mouth was numb. Com. Wonderful study. Com