Chapter 146 Why Are You Crying?

When Gu Shengxia saw Jiang Shencheng, he couldn't help but jump into his arms and cry loudly.

"Hoo hoo, senior, why, why is all this, why should I bear all this?"

Jiang Shencheng, who was hugging Gu Shengxia, hugged her back and patted her gently on the back. His voice was even more gentle, "Xia, tell me what happened and why are you crying?"

At this time, Jiang Shencheng did not see the palm print on Gu Shengxia's face, but simply thought that he had been wronged by the Gu family.


But no matter how much he asked, or how gently he comforted her, Gu Shengxia was crying, or why.

Xi Nianchen, who was sitting in the car, looked at the two people hugging each other. His brows were locked, his eyes were dark and his face was gloomy and frightening.

As soon as he saw Gu Shengxia throw himself into his arms, he couldn't help but want to go over and separate them, but somehow, he held back at that moment.

Because he also wanted to know what had happened to her and why she came out of the house crying?

Did her mother smash her with a vase like she did last time?

Gu Shengxia's explanation for that incident was a careless fall, but how could the doctor not see the obvious bruise?

Finally, thirty seconds later, he couldn't help but open the door.

Before Gu Shengxia and jiang shen Chengdu could react, he reached out and grabbed Gu Shengxia's wrist with great force, pulling her from Jiang Shencheng's arms.

"Ah!" The sudden pain in her wrist made Gu Shengxia cry out uncontrollably!

"Xi Nianchen, you're hurting xiaxia."

Jiang Shencheng frowned at Gu Shengxia, who was frowning and shouting. He frowned and stared at the domineering man in front of him.

"Xi Nianchen, why are you here?" Gu Shengxia was stunned, completely unaware of why these two men appeared at the door of the house.

Hearing Gu Shengxia's voice, Xi Nianchen thought that she was thinking that he had interrupted her date with Jiang Shencheng, so she tightened her brows and stared at Gu Shengxia with a deep look in her eyes. She said coldly, "Gu Shengxia, if I don't show up, what are you going to do with him later?"

Looking down at Gu Shengxia, Xi Nianchen became even angrier.

"Gu Shengxia, I really don't have the energy today, and I really don't want to argue with you at all, so don't let me explain to you these imaginary things today, okay?"

As soon as she came out and saw Jiang Shencheng, she just felt that she had finally seen someone who could show all her emotions in front of him, so she threw herself at him without thinking. She just wanted to find a hug, nothing to ask, and make her cry.

"I've seen it clearly. Do you still need to explain?"

Xi Nianchen, don't be unreasonable. I just saw xiaxia crying, so I wanted to comfort her and give her a hug.

What right do you think you have to talk to Xia like that? "

"Do you have the right to ask xia xia to keep watch over you?"

Xi Nianchen smiled coldly, grabbed Gu Shengxia, looked at Jiang Shencheng and said, "You can never get what you want. I tell you, in this life, Gu Shengxia is my man, and death is the ghost of my xi family. You can never get him in this life."

As she spoke, Xi Nianchen pulled Gu Shengxia and prepared to take her to the car. If there was anything else, let's go home.

But Jiang Shencheng suddenly grabbed Gu Shengxia's other arm.

Gu Shengxia's eyes were red and both her hands were pulled. She could not cover the redder palm print on her face.

However, because one side of his hair was hidden, Xi Nianchen didn't see it.


"Xia, as long as you tell me now that you don't want to follow Xi Nianchen, I promise to take you to a place where you can calm down and not be disturbed."

Before Gu Shengxia could speak, he heard Xi Nianchen's angry words, which seemed to be squeezed through his teeth, saying, "Gu Shengxia, if you dare to follow her today, I promise you will never see Rui again."

Gu Shengxia listened, surprisingly calm.

Perhaps it was because she had used up all her shock on Gu Zheng's side just now, so now that she heard Xi Nianchen's threat, she became very calm.

He lowered his head and looked at the three figures on the ground. He spoke slowly and said to Jiang Shencheng, "Senior, you can go!"

"Xia!" Jiang Shencheng frowned!

"Senior, thank you for just now."

With that, Gu Shengxia pushed Jiang Shencheng's hand away and turned around to get into the passenger seat.

When Xi Nianchen saw this, his eyes were still cold and frightening.

He said, "Jiang Shencheng, don't let me see what just happened."

"Xi Nianchen, I know you have a lot of power, but if you can't make Xia happy, even if you lose to the The Jiang Group, I will protect Xia!"

Xi Nianchen ignored Jiang Shencheng's words.

As soon as he got in the car, he stepped on the gas and the car roared past Jiang Shencheng.

In the car, Xi Nianchen's face was grim. Gu Shengxia covered her face with one hand and looked out the window at the flashing scenery.

"Gu Shengxia..."

"Xi Nianchen, I really don't want to say anything now. If you want to quarrel with me, can you take another day? I'm tired. I just want to have a good sleep now, okay?"

"Gu Shengxia, don't you think you should explain something to me?"

When Gu Shengxia heard this, she felt that Xi Nianchen was starting to find trouble again. She was so tired at the moment that she really had no more energy to deal with him.

"Didn't you just say that you only believed what you saw? So there's no need for me to explain. Why should I explain now?"

"What for what? I didn't want to hear it just now. I want to hear it now."

"But I don't want to say it now."

With that, Gu Shengxia closed his eyes and frowned, looking very uncomfortable.

Xi Nianchen was surprised to see that she didn't want to disturb Gu Shengxia at this moment.

Instead of meeting the old house, he went straight to his apartment.

At six in the evening, Xi Nianchen called the old house.

Rui answered the phone. "Daddy, what did you just say? You're not coming back tonight after drinking mommy?"

"Well, we'll stay at the apartment tonight and go back tomorrow night!"

When Rui heard this, he immediately objected, "I don't want it. I want to go over now too. I want to find mommy!"

Hearing Rui's words, Xi Nianchen glanced at the woman lying on the bed and said to Rui on the other side of the phone, "Rui, your mommy is in a bad mood today, but you don't have to worry. I will take good care of your mommy!"

Daddy, what did you just say? Is my mommy in a bad mood? Why am I in a bad mood? When my mom left this morning, I thought my mom was in a bad mood. Why is my mom still in a bad mood after a day?"

Xi Nianchen was speechless. Was she upset this morning because of what he said this morning?