Chapter 147 Did You Decide to Leave Me?

"Daddy, since you're not coming back today, it doesn't matter. Then you can stay outside. But daddy, please help me take care of my mommy. My mommy is rarely in a bad mood."

"Rui, don't worry. I'll take good care of your mommy!"

"Okay, daddy, I hope that when you come back from work tomorrow, I can see a happy mommy smiling at Rui."

"I promise you!"

Xi Nianchen picked up the phone and turned to go into the bathroom. When he had just taken a bath, he heard a sudden noise from outside.

"No, no, don't come over..."

As soon as it was confirmed that it was Gu Shengxia's voice, Xi Nianchen put on his bathrobe and hurriedly opened the bathroom door.

The one who caught his eye was the woman who had been sleeping peacefully on the bed. Her hands were waving upwards, clearly having a nightmare.

He hurried to the bedside and grabbed the woman's hands before he could see her face clearly.

The light in her eyes darkened when she saw the five obvious finger marks on her face.

Gu Shengxia opened her eyes when xi nianchen grabbed her wrist. When she saw the two of them so close, she subconsciously tried to push them away, but she heard the low and familiar voice and asked, "What's going on?"

The man's hands were cold and comfortable against her still hot face, making her want to continue to rely on them.

"Gu Shengxia, what the hell is going on? Your parents called?" Xi Nianchen frowned, his eyes piercing.

Gu Shengxia closed her eyes and enjoyed the cold in his hands. When she heard him ask again, she was only in his hands, shaking her head slowly.

"Speak." Before Gu Shengxia could speak, Xi Nianchen frowned and asked again.


Gu Shengxia said slowly.

However, the next second, Xi Nianchen suddenly pulled her out of bed.

When she was in a daze, he had already sat down on the bed and let her gently lean against his arms. Then a cold touch suddenly spread all over her body, especially the burning and unbearable place on her cheek, which instantly eased a lot.

"Gu Shengxia, do you think I would believe you if you said it wasn't?"

"Are you stupid? Don't you know how to call someone when you're beaten up?"

"No one can call." Gu Shengxia knew that Xi Nianchen would never believe what she had just said. When she woke up from her bed, she knew that he would definitely see the palm print on her face.

Xi Nianchen's heart sank when he heard Shengxia's words.

"Gu Shengxia, since you don't like going home, why are you going home today?" Xi Nianchen said in his deep voice as he gently pressed the ice on Shengxia's face.

When Gu Shengxia heard this, he suddenly remembered that he quickly sat up from xi nianchen's arms and looked left and right at the bed, looking for the file bag that she had been holding in her hand.

Seeing this, Xi Nianchen got up and walked to a table not far away, took the brown paper bag, put it in front of Gu Shengxia's eyes, and asked, "Looking for this?"

His voice was low and gentle.

Gu Shengxia looked up, nodded, took it, and said nothing more.

"Is that why you went to the Gu family today?"

"Xi Nianchen, I hope you don't care about the Gu family anymore." Xi Nianchen, who had always been used to being overbearing, raised her eyebrows slightly, obviously unable to accept her words.

"Give me a look."


Gu Shengxia looked at Xi Nianchen and didn't understand.

Why is he asking her for a reason now? She's doing it for his own good!

"Xi Nianchen, I don't want you to care about everything in the Gu family. Of course, I have my reasons. Can you just think that there is no Gu family at all?"

He had seen how the Gu family treated gu Shengxia before, and now he wouldn't be surprised to hear her say that.

But... "Xia, you don't want me to get involved in the Gu family?"

Xi Nianchen's words were so gentle that Gu Shengxia always felt so unreal and so flustered.

She nodded and said, "I don't know how the Gu family is doing in the business world, but if that one hundred million didn't slow him down, it really wouldn't exist."

Xi Nianchen narrowed his eyes when he heard that.



Xi Nianchen answered so quickly that Gu Shengxia, who was asking the question, did not react.

But then Xi Nianchen continued with a good temper, "You don't want me to get involved in the Gu family, so I won't bother."

"But xiaxia, remember, you are my wife!"

Even if this woman needed to be taught a lesson, he could only come to xi nianchen. The others had no qualifications, including her parents.

Xi Nianchen's words had to be said, which caused ripples in Gu Shengxia's heart. She couldn't help but smile at Xi Nianchen.

"Thank you for your words, but you don't have to be so good to me!"

Yes, he shouldn't be so good to her. After all, his good doesn't belong to her at all. Now he depends on her. What about the future?


Tonight's Xi Nianchen was like a hundred thousand whys. Every time she said something, he would ask her why.

Gu Shengxia looked into Xi Nianchen's eyes for a long time before he seemed to have made up his mind and looked up at xi nianchen again!

"I don't want you."

"What did you say?"

"Xi Nianchen, can you not be so good to me? You're as good as you used to be. I don't need you to be good to me, and I don't need you to be good to me."

What Gu Shengxia said was really infuriating.

He rarely took the initiative to care about people like xi nianchen, but now listening to Gu Shengxia's words made the anger in his heart spill out unconsciously.

"Say it again."

He had said before that the two of them could give it a try for Rui. He was trying his best to adjust himself now, but it was clear that this woman had not entered the state at all, or... Indulged in lust!

As soon as he thought of this, a smile suddenly appeared on his handsome face. He took two steps forward, stood by the bed, leaned over slightly, and pinched Gu Shengxia's chin with one hand. His eyes were full of charm and he asked, "Gu Shengxia, you just said that much, but you didn't think that at all, did you?"

"You're wrong. That's what I was thinking. You really don't have to be so nice to me. No matter how hard we try to be together, we won't be together in the end."

As she spoke, the fleeting sense of loss in her eyes made Xi Nianchen frown.

"Gu Shengxia, my mother came to you today to separate you from me, and that's what you decided, right?"

Xi Nianchen's angry eyes glared at her fiercely and bloodily, increasing the strength of his grip on her jaw.

The pain from his chin was already light for Gu Shengxia.

"Say, have you decided to leave me?"