Chapter 148 How Could You Drown Your Sorrows in Alcohol?

Gu Shengxia could not help but raise his head when he heard this. His cold and indifferent eyes fell straight into Nianchen's deep and dark eyes.

At this moment, he made that handsome and suffocating face seem to be covered with a layer of frost. At this moment, it was emitting a chilling air. The thin lips of the knife were tightly pressed, and the lines were cold and hard, making people shudder.

But gu Shengxia was a little stunned, staring at him with his red and swollen eyes.

She realized that at this moment, she actually admired him.

His emotions were well controlled, but in the blink of an eye, all his emotions were completely hidden behind those dark, jade-like eyes.

His grim-faced face was completely different from the one a minute ago, which made her inexplicably feel a complicated sense of loss.

But at this moment, she still let herself look up at Xi Nianchen and said, "Are you leaving? Xi Nianchen, we've never been together. How can we talk about leaving now?"

When Xi Nianchen heard this, the atmosphere on his face suddenly disappeared. He only stared at her with his eagle-like eyes for a long time.

When both of them were about to stiffen, Xi Nianchen flung away Gu Shengxia's chin, his eyes as cold as ice, and his eyes as cold as ice. "Gu Shengxia, you better remember what you said tonight."

"You want to leave? I'll give you a chance!"

After that, he dodged and left without looking at Shengxia again.

When she heard that the door of the room had been flung up with great anger, her heart began to bleed.

She didn't really want to give up, nor did she really want to leave Xi Nianchen, but she knew that it wasn't always her own, that she was deeply in love with him, but in his eyes, it was only for Rui to try, that was all.

But that woman was the only woman who was qualified to be by his side for three years.

No matter from any angle, she did not even have the qualifications to fight for, and this qualification was never given to her by Xi Nianchen!

After Xi Nianchen left the apartment with an angry voice, he drove directly to "Temptation."

As soon as he got to the private room, he called Yan Qing and nian shi.

Soon, the new year arrived.

As soon as he entered the private room, he saw Xi Nianchen drinking alone. He raised his eyebrows and said in a teasing tone, "Oh, Chen, it's rare. You actually use alcohol to drown your sorrows."

"Cut the crap. If you're a brother, drink with me!"

"That brother must be a brother. It's okay to drink with you, but shouldn't you tell me what happened now?"

"Did you fight with Sisi or your wife?"

When Xi Nianchen heard nian shi's words, he immediately raised his head, his dark eyes filled with coldness and warning.

When he saw this, he waved his hand carelessly, but his eyes looked elsewhere.

"Chen, I'm sorry for what I said to you that day. I didn't know about you and your wife. I always thought you loved Sisi, and I thought you would stand me up that night."

"After I left, I learned about you and your wife from Boss Yan."

After all, he was a proud man in his youth, and it was very rare to admit to Xi Nianchen the mistake he made that day.

But Xi Nianchen didn't care about that at all.

"That's a lot of nonsense. If you don't want to drink, get out now." After Xi Nianchen finished speaking, he began to pour himself a drink.

Looking at xi nianchen's ferocious drinking, he really couldn't stand it anymore. He stepped forward and took off the bottle in xi nianchen's hand. He frowned and said, "Xi Nianchen, are you still you today?"

"Although everyone has emotional problems, you don't. You've always handled this very well, haven't you?"

"Well handled?"

With that, Xi Nianchen smiled at himself and reached for the wine on the table.

"Enough. Stop drinking. If you have something in your heart, just say it now. Maybe I can give you some advice. Don't hide it in your heart like before. You won't say anything."

"Say what?" When Xi Nianchen looked at nian, what did he want him to say?

Gu Shengxia didn't care about his good intentions at all, or did he say that he finally had a crush on a woman and that she was trying to leave him?

It was none of his business. His pride was telling him that.

Soon, Boss Yan came too, but he wasn't alone. He brought Jiang Gege with him.

When he saw Jiang Gege, he felt a lump in his throat.

He couldn't afford to provoke this woman, so it was better to hide as much as possible.

She was originally a cheerful woman, but when she saw the man in front of her who was always very rational and calm, she now looked very decadent and poured wine. This was really rare.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. Should I record this scene? After all, it's a historic moment."

"I say, Xi Nianchen, you're such a big man. Why are you starting to do such childish things? Is it true love?"

Jiang Gege smiled and was about to pour himself a glass of red wine on the table, but he didn't expect to get an extra glass of juice in his hand the next second.

She frowned at Yan Qing, but heard Yan Qing say, "It's not good to drink red wine at night. Drink more juice, it will help digestion."

"Chen, you have a relationship problem?"

After settling down with his wife, Yan Qing thought of Xi Nianchen as his brother.

Who knew Xi Nianchen didn't say anything, but he opened his mouth happily in the middle of the year and said, "Boss Yan, I think Chen must be having a relationship problem. Didn't you just tell me that Chen wanted to try it out with his wife last time?"

"Plus what happened to Sisi the other day, now that you can tell, Chen must have been in a difficult position by the side of these two women."

Jiang Gege was drinking fruit juice and eating nuts. Looking at nian, he said, "Oh, big stars know a lot, but what's so worth drinking?"

"Du Sisi and Gu Shengxia, the clear-eyed people know who to choose, so to do such a childish thing for this kind of thing, Xi Nianchen, you really make me look at you in a new light!"


Yan Qing turned his head and looked at Gege, who was eating the nuts leisurely and not forgetting to complain. His eyes were filled with love and indulgence, but he was also telling her not to speak.

Seeing this, Jiang Gege curled his mouth, waved his hand, and turned to continue eating the nuts.

Xi Nianchen had never been a person who would say anything about himself. Even just now, he didn't want to say a word. Today, he just wanted his brothers to drink with him.

But after hearing what Yan Qing said, he was relieved.

He said, "Chen, actually, what Gege just said is right. Let's not talk about you and Gu Shengxia having a son for a while. Regardless of some factors, it's her who suits you."

"I know why you let Du Sisi stay with you for three years, but no matter what, it's all in the past. Think about it. The women who used to be around you, when has it been more than a month?"

"It's probably impossible to say that you don't have any feelings for Du Sisi, right?"