Chapter 149 For Many Years,

He listened to Yan Qing's words in the new year and kept silent. He really shouldn't have interfered too much in this matter.

Yan Qing said, "Chen, I told you last time, slow down. Don't worry, follow your heart and choose!"

Xi Nianchen listened and silently looked at the wine bottles in front of him. He followed his heart to choose. When he calmed down, he suddenly realized that, at some point, his heart had begun to shift towards Gu Shengxia.

But so what?

She didn't like it at all, and when she remembered what Gu Shengxia had just said, his face darkened again.

But she said, "My mom likes Sisi, but she doesn't like Gu Shengxia."

"What about you?"

"Chen, you have to know that the person you choose is to spend the rest of your life with you, not your mother." Finally, he couldn't help but say.

Looking at the friends around him, one by one, they felt that it was better not to touch this emotional thing in the new year. Otherwise, the next person to drown his sorrows with alcohol would become him.

Xi Nianchen listened and roughly explained what he had said to Gu Shengxia this evening. Finally, he said, "I don't want to give up so easily for Rui's sake."

"I've grown up in a family without feelings, so naturally I don't want my children to grow up in an environment without love."

Listening to what Xi Nianchen said, Yan Qing had already understood and said, "Actually, you have a choice in your heart."

Nian shi also nodded and said, "Chen, no matter who you choose to be with in the future, I have nothing to say. The main thing is your own choice. You have to be responsible for your own happiness."

"Besides, you know your mother doesn't like Gu Shengxia, and according to your mother's character, you want to know what she would say to Gu Shengxia if she went to find her. Besides, very few women can win in front of your mother."

"So, you can't blame Shengxia for wanting to leave you."

"If you want a woman to be willing to stay by your side, then you have to give her the weight that you can't leave. The weight is not your strong placement, but let her be willing to lock her heart on you."

"Of course, you should also be able to give a woman a sense of security. The reason why Gu Shengxia chose to leave you after your mother found her was largely because you didn't give her enough security."

As Jiang Gege ate, he concluded, "Don't forget what you said when you left with Du Sisi three years ago, saying that she was your favorite person and that you wanted to be with her for the rest of your life. This is very important to you as your spouse and the wife who gave birth to your son!"

Looking at Xi Nianchen's frown, Jiang Gege put down the nuts in his hands, looked at xi nianchen and continued, "Even if Gu Shengxia really has feelings for you now, as long as you don't tell her clearly about your relationship with Du Sisi, then your relationship with Du Sisi will be like a thorn in Gu Shengxia's heart."

"Even if she wants to make a bigger decision to be with you, she will stop because of this."

"Well, everything I have to say has already been said. If you don't understand, I really have nothing to say."

Xi Nianchen heard Jiang Gege's words without a word, but now he didn't know what he should do, so he asked in embarrassment, "What should I do?"

Jiang Gege was stunned, shrugged, and looked at Yan Qing.

Yan Qing looked at Jiang Gege and smiled, "Why don't you give Gu Shengxia some hints first?"


Xi Nianchen frowned.

"Boss Yan, why are you so secretive? According to Chen's current brain, I'm afraid he really doesn't understand what you're saying." He waved his hand and said, "Chen, why don't you take Gu Shengxia to the party?"


"You've never acknowledged her identity outside. The outside world only knows that you're married, but they don't know who the other person is. A little more people know that the other person is from the Gu family, but no one has ever found any information about her."

He continued.

When Xi Nianchen heard this, she could not help but laugh at herself. Someone was secretly helping her. Even if the media outside wanted to know had dug up her identity and background, they could not send out any of them.

However, the proposal just now in the new year was not bad, and it was worth his consideration!

Next, a few people were drinking and talking about the business world while Jiang Gege was eating and watching tv.

She looked at Yan Qing with a resentful face. She thought she would see Xi Nianchen's joke, but she did, but she didn't expect to be his emotional teacher again. Thinking about coming out with Yan Qing tonight, it was a huge loss.

But when she thought that if she didn't come out today, he would eat her directly, so she had better come out.

At least you can save yourself, right?

She, jiang Gege, had never done anything at a loss.

The next day, Gu family.

Early in the morning, Zhou Yao couldn't sleep. In order not to disturb Gu Zheng, she went downstairs to the living room, thinking about Gu Shengxia.

Last night, when she saw Gu Shengxia running out crying, her heart started to ache. She wanted to chase after him, but before she reached the entrance, Gu Zheng stopped her.

She said she just wanted to catch up with her, and she was worried that Gu Shengxia would lose his mind because she hit her.

But she was threatened by Gu Zheng. If she walked out of the Gu family yesterday, she would never go back.

This made her want to chase out the pace, stopped in an instant.

She was worried, but she couldn't leave the Gu family.

But the worry that lasted until this morning last night did not disappear, but became even more serious.

There was no reason for that, because she couldn't get in touch with Gu Shengxia.

In the past, every time she called, xia xia would receive it, but just now she made three or four calls in a row, and the phone was turned off, which made her even more worried.

Just as she hesitated and was about to call Xia again, Gu Zheng happened to come down the stairs. She was stunned and subconsciously stood up from the sofa. Looking at gu's expressionless approach, she could not help but start to shiver all over.

When she saw gu stopping in front of her, she wanted to call him, but she did not expect a resounding slap to hit her face so hard.

She widened her eyes in horror and looked at Gu Zheng in bewilderment. Her voice was soft and full of endless grievances. She said, "Hubby, why?"

"Did you just want to call that unfilial daughter of Gu Shengxia?"