Chapter 150 We Only Have One Daughter, Xiaxia

When Zhou Yao heard this, he quickly explained, "Honey, don't be angry. I know that yesterday afternoon's Xia was really too rebellious and too ignorant. I also taught her a lesson for you yesterday. But husband, no matter what, xia xia is still our daughter, isn't she?"

"It's been all night. I want to call her and ask her to come back and apologize to you. Honey, I really don't have any other ideas. I really don't."

Zhou Yao explained nervously.

Gu Zheng sneered and said, "Zhou Yao, do you think it's necessary?"

"If that unfilial daughter knew how to apologize, she wouldn't have missed a call so far. She even wanted to hit me as a father. I can't afford this daughter no matter what."

Zhou Yao panicked when he heard that. He couldn't care less about the face that had just been hit by Gu Zheng. He grabbed his arm and said in a choked voice, "Honey, it's all my fault. It's all because I didn't feed Xia well. I'm sorry. I said sorry for her. Are you okay?"

"We only have one daughter, Xia. Without her, how will we live the rest of our lives?"

"How can I live? How can I live? I think buying a dog outside is more loyal than having a white-eyed wolf."

"Didn't you not hear what she said yesterday? She would rather not have been born in the Gu family for the rest of her life. Now that she has spoken to this position, if I hadn't done anything, wouldn't it have looked like I was a coward to be scolded by my own daughter pointing at my nose?"

"No, no, Xia must have had a hard time yesterday. She's my daughter. I know her. There must be some misunderstanding about yesterday. Let's contact Xia and ask her to come over. Let's make things clear, okay?"

"There's nothing to say, Zhou Yao. I warn you, you must never contact gu Shengxia. If I find out, I will never spare you!"

With that, Gu Zheng turned around and entered the dining room.

Zhou Yao looked at the phone on the table and finally shook his head, followed Gu Zheng into the restaurant.

After a meal, she was completely distracted.

It was not until Gu Zheng left work that she quickly took out her phone and called Gu Shengxia.

But unexpectedly, her phone was still turned off!

She furrowed her brows, worried more and more. In the end, she thought about it and dialed the phone that she had never called before.


When Gu Shengxia woke up, it was already ten o' clock in the afternoon. Looking at the empty bedroom, she thought helplessly that he must have gone to Du Sisi's place.

Although there was a deep sense of loss in her heart, she still let herself choose to ignore it.

And thought, it's actually good, only if all his attention goes back to Du Sisi, will her life return to nature, will be like before, as long as you take Rui to live a good life.

She really didn't want to care about anything else.

It was clear that she had not completely given up her heart, so what could she do? She wanted to cry because she felt that her heart was hard to repress.

Especially in this bed full of his smell, she could not restrain the pain in her heart!

He buried himself deeply in the quilt, just trying to absorb the taste that belonged to him.

She knew that after today, perhaps there would be no peace between her and Xi Nianchen!

How could such a superior person like him tolerate what she said yesterday?

Suddenly, she smiled foolishly.

"Gu Shengxia, everything is your choice. Even if you regret it, you have no way back!"

So, why do you have to be so greedy for his taste at this moment!

She got up in a hurry and staggered toward the door. When she reached the entrance and saw that the palm print on her face had not disappeared, she could only choose to go to the company.

Just as she arrived at the company, she received a call from Xi Nianchen.

She stared at the phone, her brows furrowed, and she wanted to answer it. She wanted to know what he was doing by calling her, but reason told her time and again, Gu Shengxia, you can't be soft-hearted.

What you should do is keep your distance from him and find a way to get custody of Rui after the divorce!

At this thought, she endured the pain in her heart and turned off her phone.

In the apartment, Xi Nianchen listened to the mechanical female voice on the phone repeatedly reminding you that the other party had turned off his phone, which instantly darkened Xi Nianchen's face.

He came back very late yesterday and smelled of alcohol, so he didn't want to disturb her in the bedroom. He came out of the bedroom this morning and wanted to see if her face was better, but he didn't think that once the door opened, it would be empty.

Xi Nianchen's eyes dimmed as he stared at the phone. He said, almost gritting his teeth, "Gu Shengxia, you are such a good boy."

But do you think you can leave me like this? What I, xi nianchen, want, has never been able to escape!"

After staring at his cell phone and talking to himself, he turned back into his bedroom, changed his clothes, went straight to the underground parking lot, started the car and headed for the c. S Group.

As soon as he entered the office, Zhou Lijiang walked in and looked at the unpleasant president. He could only let himself be more careful, because the president could let him go home and eat dirt in minutes.

"President, the The Xi Group has already made a decision. Although there are still many people who are very dissatisfied with your position as vice president of the The Xi Group, there are still some people who support you in the end, so the chairman's proposal is approved."

"Also, when we acquired The Tengyue group, Wang Haisheng had a heart attack. Now he's in the hospital. Wang Hua is locked up by us, and Wang Linna is in the The Jiang family."

Hearing this, Xi Nianchen, who had been expressionless all along, frowned, looked up at him, squinted and asked, "The Jiang family? Jiang shen got married?"

"Yes, when we wanted to buy The Tengyue group, Jiang Shencheng stepped in because Wang Haisheng had helped Jiang Shencheng's father in the first place, and the second time we merged with Jiang Shencheng, Jiang Shencheng didn't continue. I think it was probably because of the consideration of their company, and the other side was to fear your strength."


Xi Nianchen's dark eyes narrowed dangerously, and that cold laugh made Zhou Lijiang feel like there was an extravasation, even as the air around him plummeted.

"I have a meeting with the board of directors of huifeng Group, The Changsheng Group, and wan and yue tonight."

If these three companies could talk about it, it would be of great benefit to the future development of c. S.after all, in the business world, there is still a need for more cooperation, which is naturally unavoidable.

"It's 8: 00 pm in Guangya Club."