Chapter 151 Ruirui's Worry

As Zhou Lijiang spoke, he secretly looked at his boss's attitude from the corner of his eyes.


When Zhou Lijiang heard the word Xi Nianchen, he felt like he was on the verge of an amnesty, and his heart was half relieved. But later, he should still call little young master and ask him what made the president so unhappy today.

"In 20 minutes, inform the department heads to have a meeting."

Zhou Li jiang was just about to say nothing, if he could go out, but he didn't expect to hear the president's cold and emotionless voice before he opened his mouth. He suddenly paused in his heart and prayed that the heads of various departments had better not make mistakes today. Otherwise, according to his understanding of the president, he would naturally go home.

On the other side, Xi family's mansion.

Rui sat on the sofa in the living room with a frown and a cold face. That look was really passed down by Xi Nianchen. It would make people think that these two people were not father and son, that would be strange!

"Rui, why are you so serious and unhappy?" When the old lady came out of the study with a book, she saw her great-grandson sitting in the living room like this.

"Great grandma, I'm fine. I'm just thinking about it. I'm not supposed to go to kindergarten yet."

The old lady was surprised and asked, "This is really strange. Your mommy has said many times that she wants you to go back to kindergarten, but you are always looking for a reason not to go back. Today, is it?"

Rui shook her head. Her lovely face was still very serious. She said, "Great grandma, it's not that I don't want to go to kindergarten. I'm just worried that if I wasn't there, my father and mother would definitely quarrel, or they wouldn't get along well."

"Oh?" The old lady smiled and said, "Rui, great grandma knows that you're worried about your daddy and mommy, and you know that you want your daddy and mommy to be together, but you shouldn't worry so much about adults. If they are really destined to be together, they will eventually be together. Don't worry too much, understand?"

"Great grandma, Rui knows, and knows, so I feel like I should leave them alone and give them enough time to feel themselves."

Listening to her grandson, who was only three years old, the old lady couldn't help but laugh out loud.

"Rui, I'm sorry. Great grandma didn't mean it. It was your old age that reminded great grandma of your father when he was a child."

When Rui heard this, a light flashed in his eyes and asked curiously, "My daddy?"

Just as he wanted to ask the old lady to tell him about his father's childhood, Rui suddenly turned his eyes and looked at the old lady with a sly look, "Great grandma, as far as I know, my father lived in the old house when he was a child, didn't he?"

The old lady listened to Rui's words, but she had a premonition that the smile on the boy's face was very disharmonious. Her intuition told her that Rui's next words could definitely choke her out of words.

"Why do you suddenly remember to ask me this?"

"Actually, it wasn't all of a sudden. I just heard great grandma say that I'm old enough. At first, I didn't understand these so-called adult things, but since I've been watching tv shows with great grandma, I've learned a little bit."

"But what I want to know is that my father is a blockhead sometimes. He's not good at using his brain at all, and he doesn't know how to coax girls. So, great grandma, is my father a failure for your men?"

Sure enough, the old lady sounded like she was trying to find a hole in the ground.

After all these years of living, she loved watching tv dramas, but now she's being teased by her great-grandson, so where does her old face go?

The old lady coughed awkwardly and then said, "Cough, Rui, your father is not my fault. I really liked watching this tv series, but your father was too cold at that time. What did my grandmother say? He would listen, but let him watch tv with me. Forget it."

"Great grandma, didn't you say that my father wasn't cute when he was young?"


The old lady shook her head, thinking of Xi Nianchen, who had been serious since he was a child, but more powerless. When he was young, he had never felt the warmth of his family, so now, he didn't know how to treat a woman well.

This was where the old lady felt most sorry for Xi Nianchen.

"Great grandma, I just got a call from uncle Zhou. I asked him how my dad was feeling today. Uncle Zhou said it was terrible, and he just had a meeting and gave all the supervisors a good scolding."

"What?" The old lady frowned and her face froze.

"Uncle Zhou said that when my father arrived at the company, he had a gloomy face. But last night, my father clearly called to say that my mother was in a bad mood, so they didn't come back. And my father said that he would take good care of my mother, but this morning, he didn't look like he had any further development with my mother."

At the mention of this, Rui felt powerless.

They are all adults, so how come they don't know how to deal with their feelings?

Does it have to be someone else's intervention to let people know that they already have feelings for each other?

The old lady was silent for a long time, but saw the butler's uncle walking towards them.

When she saw the old lady, she nodded at her and said politely, "Old madam, little young master."

"What is it?" The old lady frowned and asked.

"Madam, madam has called to ask you to meet her. She wants to talk to you about the young master." Although housekeeper zhang spoke, there was a clear intention of reservation in his words.

Seeing this, the old lady nodded and waved at the butler's uncle, indicating that he could do other things first.

As soon as the butler's uncle left, Rui got up, walked to the old lady's side, climbed onto the seat beside her, and asked curiously, "Great grandma, is the lady and young master that the butler's uncle just mentioned my father and his mother?"

Rui frowned. Even though he had never seen his father's mother since that day, he was determined not to let himself go up and be told that he had no family education.

What's more, I don't want to be told how bad my mommy is.

The old lady looked at Rui's expression and naturally knew what was on his mind. That day, she was thinking of taking Rui away directly and then calling Xia to let her go back to the old house.

But at that time, Rui said nothing.

In desperation, she had to leave Rui behind. After all, he believed that Chen would protect Rui!

What she didn't expect was that the last thing she wanted to do was happen. She knew exactly what kind of person that woman was, but she didn't expect to be so uncontrollable in front of Rui.

"Rui, yes, so great grandma is going out later. Don't think too much about your father and your mommy. Great grandma is on your side. You don't have to care about your father's mother's attitude. Anyway, remember, with great grandma around, you and your mommy will not be wronged, okay?"