The Sudden Appearance of Chen Yajing

"I'll go next door to you. Try insulting my wife again."

Although I suspect that Chen Yajing is cheating, he is here to catch the adulterer today.

But that's a private matter between Chen Yajing and me. As long as Chen Yajing and I haven't divorced yet and she's my wife one day, I won't allow anyone to insult her like that.

Wu Ming didn't expect me to be so silent just now. My emotions changed so quickly that I was completely unprepared. I punched me in the nose and the nosebleed came out in an instant.

Seeing this, Wang Yan obviously didn't expect it either.

Then she jumped up and tried to pull me, not caring that she was naked.

I never hit a woman, but Wang Yan still disgusted me. I turned my head and yelled at her, "Don't touch me."

I think Wu Ming and Wang Yan are ruining my view. It's disgusting.

Maybe I was scared. Wang Yan, who was going to grab me, didn't dare to move again.

But by this time, Wu Ming had already come to his senses. He cursed, ignoring the nosebleed, and wanted to rush forward to take revenge.

The last time I had a fight with him, he was the underdog.

Today, Wu Ming was wearing a pair of underpants, and his nose was bleeding from my punch, much less my opponent.

It didn't take long for me to put it on the ground.


I looked at him fiercely.

"Sorry, sorry."

Wu Ming saw that he was no match for me, and seeing that I was a little crazy now, he was a little scared, afraid that I would do something drastic, so he quickly apologized to me.

"Wang Yan, why did you send Chen Yajing the address of this room last night?"

I turned to look at Wang Yan again.


Wang yan had just opened her mouth when she said "I," but another voice interrupted her." Husband, Wu Ming, you..."

The voice came from the door. I saw that it was my wife, Chen Yajing.

"What happened?"

Chen Yajing's eyes widened in disbelief as he looked at Wu Ming and me, and Wang Yan, who was naked on the side.

"Why are you here?"

I let go of Wu Ming and looked at Chen Yajing coming in from the door.

"Wang Yan asked me to come here at noon to get something."

Chen Yajing said.

I was going to look at Wang Yan again, trying to confirm from her that Chen Yajing was telling the truth.

But before I could turn my head around, Chen Yajing suddenly walked up to me and pulled my head away from me, "Honey, don't look."

Then he turned to the direction behind me and said, "Wang Yan, are you an exhibitionist? Or are you trying to seduce my husband?"

Then I heard a voice coming from behind me. It looked like Wang Yan had put himself under the blanket.

"Where is it?"

Chen Yajing asked.

Feeling that Wang Yan was no longer going to be naked, I was ready to turn around, but Chen Yajing still refused to let me turn around.

"There's the thing."

After Wang Yan got into bed, he said this, because I had my back to them, and I didn't know where or what Wang Yan was talking about.

Chen Yajing looked over where Wang Yan had told her to go, then passed me and was about to get it.

Out of curiosity, I turned around to look, but Chen Yajing was so fast that I couldn't see what it was.

But with a quick glance, I felt like a card.