Are You Worthy of My Trust?

Besides, it looks like a black card?

Could it be the kind of card that flourishes in the prosperous times?

No wonder Chen Yajing didn't let me turn around to look. It wasn't because she was worried that I would see Wang Yan's body, but because she didn't want me to see what she was coming for.

I wanted to rush over and snatch it from Chen Yajing to see if it was true.

But then it occurred to me that Wu Ming and Wang Yan were still here, and I didn't want to be laughed at by them.

Then I held it back. Chen Yajing was fast, but I saw her put it in her bag.

After that, she didn't talk too much with Wang Yan and the others, so she took me with her.

Before I left, I gave Wu Ming a hard look because I noticed that Wu Ming's eyes had been on Chen Yajing ever since Chen Yajing appeared. If it wasn't for this moment, I knew Wu Ming was just thinking about my wife. I would have suspected that Chen Yajing had cheated on him.

After leaving the hotel, I didn't talk nonsense and asked Chen Yajing directly, "What did you just take from Wang Yan?"

My tone wasn't very good either. I don't think I need to be nice to a woman who cheated on me. I've already thought about it. As long as I have solid evidence, I'll divorce her.

"Honey, why are you so fierce?" Chen Yajing felt a little wronged.

If it had been in the past, I would have softened my heart at once, but now I just think she's pretending and acting really well.

"What did you just take from Wang Yan?" I repeated it again.

Chen Yajing saw that I was serious and didn't say anything more. He took out a card from his bag and handed it to me, "Honey, it's a vip card for beauty and hair."

Chen Yajing handed me a black card. At first glance, it looked like a card from the prosperous world, but when I took it over, I knew it wasn't because it had the name of the beauty salon on it.

Was it just a card from a beauty salon that she was looking for Wang Yan in the middle of the day?

I need Wang Yan to send her a message in the middle of the night about which hotel? Isn't that a bit too much of a stretch?

I said I didn't believe it, and Chen Yajing was a little angry, so he gave me the bag and let me check it myself.

If I don't believe it, I can rummage through her bag. She just put it in her bag.

Chen Yajing did this, and I believe that there was no way that her bag could hold a card like that now, but I couldn't help but rummage through her bag, and sure enough, I didn't find it.

And because of my actions, Chen Yajing was not only angry, but also a little disappointed, because she already felt that I didn't trust her.

"Honey, do you suspect that I cheated on you?"

After I returned the bag to Chen Yajing, Chen Yajing looked up at me with tears in his eyes.

I couldn't bear to see her like this, but I did suspect that since I came back from a business trip, I felt a lot of things were not right. Although Chen Yajing gave me a plausible explanation, so many coincidences came together, and there was a strange feeling everywhere.

Originally, I believed her, but last night, I saw her on the top floor of the prosperous world. How could I believe her? She was my gentle and virtuous wife.

I believe that the figure I saw last night was her, and I will not mistake her.

But I still didn't say it clearly. I just said, "Ever since I came back from a business trip, I've felt all sorts of things wrong. I'm just asking for peace of mind."

Hubby, we've been together for years. Don't you know what I am? Don't you believe me?"

Chen Yajing's tears were almost falling.

Indeed, in a marriage, it is the greatest crime for one party to suspect the other party of having an affair, and no one can bear such suspicion.

But the truth was right in front of me, and I thought that any normal man in my position would be suspicious.

I looked at her earnestly, at her whom I used to be so familiar, but now I feel so strange, and asked seriously, "Chen Yajing, after so many years of love, how have I been to you for so many years, and how much I love you, I believe you feel the clearest. Then I ask you now, are you worthy of my trust?"