I Hope You Can Live up to My Trust

Chen Yajing's voice was so low that in a few seconds, Chen Yajing continued.

No, it should be in a pleading voice: "I beg you, please stop pestering me... I already have a family... I love my husband very much..."

Because Chen Yajing was afraid of waking me up, and his voice was very low, I heard these words intermittently.

However, when she said that she loved me very much, it made me feel extremely ironic.

She loved me, but behind my back, she did something that she had done wrong to me. My suspicions about her were about to disappear, but this call aroused my suspicions again.

I can almost conclude that Chen Yajing was 100 % unfaithful.

"I won't agree."

Then I heard Chen Yajing say this again, as if he was very determined.

But not knowing what the other party said, Chen Yajing's attitude changed again immediately, "Recently, I have had a hard time dispelling my husband's suspicion of me. Can you wait a little longer? I'll look for you later, okay?"

When I heard Chen Yajing say that, I felt like I was going to explode. It turned out that she was the one who pretended to show me all this time.

Besides, she was thinking that after I dispelled my suspicions about her, she would go to the adulterer?

I couldn't stand it. I walked out and looked at Chen Yajing talking in the dark corner of the living room.

My movement naturally caught Chen Yajing's attention. The moment he saw me, Chen Yajing seemed to be frightened. He screamed and scared off his phone.

"Won't you explain it to me?"

I walked towards Chen Yajing step by step, like a demon in the dark.

Hubby, did I wake you up because I was talking too loudly? Your sudden appearance scared me to death."

Chen Yajing calmed down a little and quickly picked up the phone.

"If you don't do anything shameful and don't be afraid of ghosts knocking on the door, how can I scare you if you don't secretly talk on the phone behind my back?"

I walked up to Chen Yajing, and Chen Yajing obviously looked a little nervous.

Then I reached out and motioned for her to give me her phone. I wanted to see who she was calling.

"Honey, I was afraid to disturb your sleep." Chen Yajing gave me a look that was even uglier than crying, but he handed me his phone in a generous manner.

As soon as I opened the wechat, I saw that the person on the same wechat call as Chen Yajing was actually Wang Yan.

Did she say all those things to Wang Yan?

"Honey, I know you don't like Wang Yan, and I promised you that I won't talk to her anymore. But recently, I really need her help at work, but I'm worried that you'll be angry if you know that I'm in contact with her..."

"So you think I won't be angry if you sneak into contact with Wang Yan behind my back?"

"Honey, I'm sorry."

"Chen Yajing, I find that you are lying more and more now."

"Honey, where did I lie to you?"

"Do you need to talk about work with wang yan in the middle of the night? What time do you think it is?"

"I don't know what's wrong with her. Why is she looking for me in the middle of the night?"

"Are you guys talking about work?"

"Isn't it? Hubby, can you stop imagining things? Can I trust me?"

Chen Yajing reached out and grabbed my arm. He shook it and said coquettishly.

"Well, I trust you, and I hope you can live up to my trust."

I clicked on Wang Yan's wechat and secretly recorded her wechat.

I never doubted it before, but now, based on what Chen Yajing said to her tonight, I doubt if the person who spoke to Chen Yajing was Wang Yan.

"Honey, thank you for trusting me. Don't worry. I've never done anything wrong to you before, and I won't do it again."

Chen Yajing came over and hugged me.

"Does that mean it might happen now?"

"I hate it. You deliberately picked on the loopholes in my words and bullied me, didn't you?"

Chen Yajing patted me and continued to act coquettishly.

"Honey, you can push me Wang Yan's wechat."

"Haven't you always disliked her? Why add her wechat?"

"Since you work together, you can't avoid contact, and she's your friend, I'd better learn to accept her, but you have to make sure you don't learn from her those bad, destructive things."

"Don't worry, honey."

Then, Chen Yajing pushed Wang Yan's wechat card to me.

I clicked on it and saw that it was the picture of Wang Yan who had just spoken to Chen Yajing.

However, the micro signal was not the micro signal.