14 Business Trip to Sanya


It was exactly what I expected.

Chen Yajing promised with all his heart that he would be so mocking in front of the truth that I found out.

She's still lying.

I took a look at Chen Yajing, but I didn't reveal the truth.

I believe that even if I told her, she would find another excuse to cover it up.

At this moment, my disappointment with Chen Yajing was overwhelming.

Since she had just told the other party that she would see the adulterer after my suspicions of her had completely disappeared, then I would give her this opportunity. When I really caught the adulterer in bed, I would see what else Chen Yajing could say.

"Honey, go to sleep. I have to work tomorrow."

I tried my best to pretend that I loved her as much as I did before. I gently picked her up by the waist, walked back to the bedroom, and put her on the bed.

"Honey, I love you."

"Honey, I love you too."

Then the room fell silent, and the night seemed to be silent.

But I knew that there was no peace between Chen Yajing and me anymore. The peace now was just a facade.

The next day, I went to get a small wechat account, found a photo of a beautiful woman on the internet, sent a circle of friends, and then set the circle of friends to, only three days to see, after feeling that there were no loopholes, I went to add the fake wang yan.

I'm sure he's a man. I want to see if I can catch him and find out who he is.

But I waited for a long time and didn't see the other party through a friend.

He had to give up this method.

But at the same time, I thought, will wang yan know about Chen Yajing?

I wanted to ask Wang Yan about it, but I was afraid that not only would Wang Yan not tell me, he would also alert me.

In the end, I had to wait for Chen Yajing to find the adulterer.

So, I began to pretend to believe in Chen Yajing as much as I could, to make her feel my trust, to make her feel as if we had returned to the way we used to be.

However, while pretending, I was also very self-deprecating.

From when on, my love for Chen Yajing, my love for her, had begun to put on a layer of purposeful disguise.

After a while, Chen Yajing finally decided to meet her adulterer.

When I came back from work that day for dinner, Chen Yajing coquettishly said to me, "Honey, the company has plans to go on a business trip recently. Maybe I have to leave for a week."

When I heard the news, my first reaction was that Chen Yajing finally felt the time was right. It was time to meet the lover.

"Where are you going for business?"

I asked with concern. Actually, my concern was not about her business trip at all, but where she was going.

"On a trip to Sanya, our company recently planned to open a branch office there. Originally, I wanted to be promoted to head of human resources in Sanya and be fully responsible for the personnel work there, but I couldn't bear to part with you, my husband. I didn't want us to live apart, so I refused. But the company decided to send me over for the past few days to help with the work there. After we got a new head of personnel, Let me come back again. In a short time, maybe two or three days. In a long time, maybe ten days or even half a month."

Hearing Chen Yajing's detailed explanation, if I hadn't heard it clearly that night, she said that I would have believed it if I had gone to see my lover after dispelling my suspicions.

Perhaps, she took advantage of the company's actions and had the perfect excuse to meet a lover.

"Well, although it's a promotion for you, if it's a promotion for you to go to Sanya, I definitely don't agree. I don't want to be married and single, but if you're just going to help out for a week, that's fine."

"I know. I can't bear to see you, so I refused."

Chen Yajing was a little playful.

"Have you decided when to leave?"

"I booked a flight for this sunday."

"Okay, I'll see you off then."

"It's set for five o' clock in the morning. It's too early, honey. On sunday, you're usually tired from work. Just have a good rest. I can do it alone. I don't need you to see me off."

He didn't even let me give it to him.

On the day of departure, I insisted on seeing her off even though Chen Yajing wouldn't let me, because before that, I had already asked the company for leave in advance. I bought a flight to Sanya an hour after Chen Yajing.

Chen Yajing is going to meet his lover this time. I must find evidence.