15 Heels Missing Chen Yajing

After sending Chen Yajing through security, I ran to a nearby hotel.

I made a room here in advance. Everything was packed and left here.

At the same time, I also bought a style of clothing that I would never normally wear, as well as a hat and mask.

I quickly put it on, put on a hat and mask, and put on a pair of flat glasses. I looked into the mirror and could hardly see the original appearance, so I was relieved.

Then he took his luggage and rushed to the security check.

When I went in, I found Chen Yajing playing with his cell phone and tapping his fingers on the screen. I guess he was talking to the adulterer. I was so angry that my lungs were about to explode.

I wanted to sneak up next to her and see who she was talking to and what she was talking about.

But thinking about it, I stopped thinking about it. Although I felt like I was pretending well, Chen Yajing and I were so close after all. I was still worried that she would recognize me.

In order not to be discovered by Chen Yajing, I deliberately missed her flight for a while.

When I got off the plane in Sanya, I followed Chen Yajing all the way, but when I was picking up my luggage, I was delayed for a while, and then I looked to see where Chen Yajing was.

I was furious. The reason I took the risk of flying with Chen Yajing to Sanya was to keep track of her, to know her whereabouts, and to know who she was in contact with.

But as soon as I arrived in Sanya, I lost sight of her.

I walked out of the airport so fast that I didn't see Chen Yajing again. I quickly took out my cell phone and saw that Chen Yajing had sent me a message, "Honey, I'm already in Sanya. Now I'm in a taxi. I'll go to the hotel and settle down. I'll look for you later."

Thinking of this, I quickly asked her, "Wife, which hotel will you stay in after you go over? You went out so far alone. I need to know about you so I can rest assured."

"Honey, I thought you were catching up on your sleep when you got home." Chen Yajing replied.

"How can I rest assured until I know that you have arrived safely?"

"Hehe, hubby, you're so nice. I love you."

Chen Yajing replied with a moda look.

But after saying so much, she just didn't say where she went to Sanya. If she didn't have a destination, Sanya was so big, I didn't know where to find her, couldn't find her trace, how could I find evidence that she was with that adulterer? Then I came to Sanya for nothing.

I turned around and asked, "Honey, you're on a business trip to Sanya. What kind of hotel does your company arrange for you?"

"I'm not much of a leader. For the sake of cost, I won't arrange such a good hotel for me. I'll send you a location when I get there, so you can rest assured, hubby."

Chen Yajing seemed to have read my mind.

I said yes.

Then I wandered outside the airport because I didn't know where Chen Yajing was going or where I was going.

At the same time, I was also a little worried that Chen Yajing would try to trick me by sending me a location. After all, she didn't know that I followed her to Sanya. Anyway, just send me a hotel location. Maybe I didn't know either.

Chen Yajing was no longer at the airport. Wearing a hat and a mask, I felt so suffocated that I took them off.

But not long after I took it off, I heard a woman's voice and called out my name in surprise, "Li Cheng?"