16 First Love by Chance

When I heard someone calling my name, and it sounded a little familiar, I was startled.

I thought Chen Yajing found me.

But then I realized it wasn't Chen Yajing's voice.

"Li Cheng?"

At this moment, a tall woman in black silk walked up to me and called me with uncertainty.

I looked at the woman in front of me with the same face and figure as my wife and was a little stunned.

It was my first love, Fang Yi.

I haven't seen her for three or four years, and when I suddenly saw her, I still didn't recognize her. She has become more beautiful and sexy than before.

"Fang Yi, I didn't expect to meet you here."

I smiled awkwardly and greeted her.

"If I hadn't just seen your wife, I wouldn't have been sure it was you. In other words, why are you in this style now?"

The reason why I dressed like this was completely different from my usual style, of course, was to follow Chen Yajing.

But that wasn't the point. I immediately asked her excitedly, "Did you just see my wife? Where did she go?"

"If I'm not mistaken, it should be your wife, right?" Fang Yi was a little uncertain.

I quickly described what Chen Yajing was wearing to Fang Yi today. Fang Yi nodded and said, it seems that he did not admit his mistake.

Then she looked at me curiously, "Why are you so excited? Didn't you come with your wife?"

"Of course we're coming together."

I didn't lie to her. We did come on the same plane, but Chen Yajing didn't know I was here.

Of course, I can't tell Fang Yi.

If my ex-girlfriend found out that my current wife cheated on me, it would be so embarrassing.

Even though I said that, Fang Yi still looked at me with his eyes burning, as if he had seen through my thoughts, making me feel a little uncomfortable all over.

"I don't know where she went either?"

Fang Yi spread his hands. I think so. Indeed, Chen Yajing told me that she had already gotten into the car and left. Even if Fang Yi had pointed me in the direction, where could I find her?

However, I felt that Fang Yi looked at me strangely. In order to resolve my embarrassment, I asked her, "Why are you at the airport now?"

"I just got off the plane, too. I came to Sanya to play."

"Me too."

"What a coincidence."

"Did you come alone? Where's your husband?"

Even though Fang Yi is my ex-girlfriend, there is a saying: can a man who has been in love be a friend? Of course, the answer was no, but when I was with Fang Yi, I was still a very simple boy. At most, I just held hands with her, kissed her, and never touched my chest a few times.

So, after we broke up, we were still friends, just not in touch anymore.

When I got married, she was single, and she came to my wedding. But when she got married later, because she avoided suspicion, I didn't go to her wedding. I just took part in it. But I saw her husband in her circle of friends. He looked pretty handsome.

"I came here alone." Fang Yi shrugged.

"He's been rather busy lately, hasn't he?"

"No, I divorced him and came out to relax."

I always thought that Fang Yi and her husband were very affectionate, but I didn't expect to get divorced.

"When did it happen?"

"Just last month."

I wanted to ask why.

But when she thought about it, it was her personal matter, and it was not convenient to ask, she stopped.

Unexpectedly, Fang Yi didn't seem to care, "He cheated, so I divorced him without hesitation."