17 Meet Again

Hearing Fang Yi's words, I was stunned.

Her husband cheated on her, so she got divorced?

I suddenly felt an inexplicable sadness in my heart. My first love, Fang Yi's marriage, had a problem, and her husband had an affair.

And as her first love, my marriage went wrong, and my wife cheated on me.

Then, at a time like this, we met at the airport in Sanya.

"It's good to relax."

I had problems with my own marriage and didn't know how to persuade her.

"Even if I came here to play, it wasn't a distraction. I was disappointed with him long ago, or else I wouldn't have divorced so simply. At first, I blamed myself for being blind and falling in love with such a man."

On the surface, Fang Yi seemed really indifferent.

"What about you? Did you come on a trip with your wife?"

Fang Yi asked me back.

"Yeah, yeah, sort of. She was sent by the company on a business trip, and I just took a leave to come over."

Of course, I can't say that I followed my wife to catch her.

Fang Yi smiled and said, "No wonder I just saw a man in a suit pick her up. It must be someone from their company."

When I heard Fang Yi say that, my pupils shrank. A man came to pick up Chen Yajing?

I picked up my phone again and looked at it. Chen Yajing hasn't sent me the location yet.

Suddenly, I had a bad feeling that I saw Chen Yajing and the adulterer in the car.

The adulterer's hands kept swimming around Chen Yajing's body.

And Chen Yajing's head was buried in the leg of the adulterer, using his tongue skills.

In the past, I told Chen Yajing many times that I wanted her to use her mouth to do it for me.

But Chen Yajing always used the excuse of being dirty and shy, and refused to help me do it every time.

The only time she helped me with her mouth was when I strongly asked her to. It seemed that it was only ten seconds. She said she couldn't stand it and didn't want to.

But I don't know why Chen Yajing gave me the impression that he was particularly averse to using his mouth, but now I have a strong feeling that Chen Yajing was already using his mouth for the adulterer.

For a moment, I was in a trance, lost in thought.

Seeing that something was wrong with me, Fang Yi reached out a pair of white, slender and beautiful palms and shook them in front of me, "Why do you look so absent-minded?"

I also realized how impolite it seemed to be. I quickly put my mind away, stopped thinking and started talking to Fang Yi again.

But I was always a little distracted.

Because I haven't received the location from Chen Yajing, I'm a little anxious.

After a while, Chen Yajing finally sent me a message, "Honey, I'm here. Don't worry."

"Well, what hotel are you staying at?"

This is my main concern.

Then Chen Yajing sent me a location indicating that it was a three-star hotel.

After receiving the location, I was relieved. As long as I could find out where Chen Yajing was, I would definitely be able to find the evidence that she had cheated on me. Seeing how she could defend herself by then, if I wanted a divorce, she would have to agree.

Anyway, I have an obsession with emotional cleanliness. I can't accept my own woman. I have something to do with other men, not even an affair, let alone something more serious than an affair.

Of course, I still have a vague expectation in my heart. If only I had followed Chen Yajing and found that it wasn't what I thought it was, and Chen Yajing hadn't cheated on me, that would have been great.

But, I know, this possibility is very small.

After confirming where Chen Yajing was, I couldn't stay any longer, and I was afraid that Fang Yi would see something wrong. After all, no man would want anyone else to know that he was being cuckolded, not to mention that he was a woman who had been involved with him before.

So, after a few more words with Fang Yi, I found an excuse to leave.

I didn't ask her where to sit, and she didn't ask me when to have a drink or anything.

Because I was afraid that she would know that I was being cuckolded by my wife, and she probably wanted to avoid suspicion. After all, in her opinion, I have a wife now, and as my first love, if she came into contact with me in private, it would affect my marriage.

After I separated from Fang Yi, I immediately took a taxi and went straight to the hotel.

In the car, I began to quote Chen Yajing, "Wife, which room do you live in?"

"What's wrong, honey?"

Although Chen Yajing was asking, he still sent me the room number.

"I live in room 8606."

There was a moda expression on the back.

In order not to reveal the truth, I quickly replied, "Honey, you have to report your whereabouts to me regularly. Do you hear me? You're alone in Sanya, and I don't trust you. Only when you send me a message regularly can I know that you are safe and sound."

I think that in this way, I can better control where she is.

"I know, hubby. I'm a little tired now. I'll go to bed first. By noon, I'll have to eat with the people from the branch office here."

"Yeah, okay."

After returning to Chen Yajing, I breathed a sigh of relief.

Chen Yajing was sleeping, which was just the right thing to do. If I went to the hotel, she wouldn't notice me.

When I got to the hotel, I found the front desk girl and said, "Hello, please help me open a room for 8606."

"I'm sorry, sir. This room has been booked."

"Then give me an 8608."

I already knew that 8606 had no room, and according to the general layout of the hotel, 8608 was next door to 8606.

"I'm really sorry, sir. 8608 is also booked." The receptionist's voice was sweet and apologetic.

"Yes, I've decided on 8608."

Just as I was about to ask about the rooms next to 8608, a familiar and pleasant voice suddenly came from my side.

At the same time, accompanied by a fragrant wind.