Are You ...

I turned around and saw that it was Fang Yi.

My god, why did I meet her again? She still lives in the room next to my wife's.

If my wife were to have a room with another man here, it wouldn't be possible for her to run into her.

"Fang Yi, what a coincidence."

I greeted him awkwardly, which was really a coincidence.

Almost all of them came to Sanya at the same time and met at the airport.

After they parted, they went to the same hotel again.

Most coincidentally, she lived next door to my wife's room.

This fate, I really can't complain about it. If we were so predestined, we shouldn't have been separated by fate at the beginning.

"Yes, it's a coincidence, but I already ordered 8608 online. You can't live there anymore."

With that, Fang Yi stuck out her tongue, a little sexy and playful.

"It's okay." I could only pray that Chen Yajing would not be seen by her if he brought his adulterer to the hotel.

I asked the receptionist about the rooms next to them.

The receptionist checked the system and looked at me apologetically, "Sir, I'm really sorry. The rooms on that floor have been booked. Otherwise, you can choose another room."

When I heard what the receptionist said, I felt like a dog beeping in my heart.

How could the road to catching a traitor be so difficult?

"Fang Yi, let's discuss something."

I looked at fang yi, hoping that she could change rooms with me.

Fang Yi looked at me strangely.

After a few seconds, Fang Yi said, "Do you want to talk to me about changing rooms?"

I nodded awkwardly.

With a mysterious smile on his face, Fang Yi replied, "It's not impossible. Tell me honestly, why do you have to stay in this room?"



Fang Yi got closer and stared at me without blinking.

I remember when I was with her in the past, she had a faint fragrance on her body, especially good smell, at that time she was still a virgin, so I always felt that it was the fragrance of her virgin.

But now that she came closer, she still had a particularly good smell on her body, very light, not even close enough to smell it, but I still smelled it, not like some perfume, could it be that she had this fragrance?

But she's already married.

I don't understand.

But when I smelled this familiar smell, I couldn't help but think of the time when I was on campus, secretly holding her hand, running to a dark corner, mustering up a lot of courage before I touched her full chest with my hand and was scolded by her as a hooligan.

Logically speaking, after so many experiences with men and women, I have already passed the age of the impulse to hold hands, but I don't know why, I think of those simple things with Fang Yi on campus, but I have an impulse.

"Well, why aren't you talking?"

Fang Yi asked me again when he saw that I was in a daze.

That's what pulled me back from that state to reality.

"I... Um... I just think this room is very auspicious. I want to stay in this room."

I lied without blushing or beating my heart.

"What a coincidence. I also think this room is very good, so I just booked this room."

Seeing what fang yi said, I knew that she might not have given the room to me for the sake of the past.

I have no complaints.

After all, if it was me, I'd just gotten divorced, and she was traveling with her husband, and she wanted me to give them my favorite room to have fun in, I guess I wouldn't be too happy about it.

After all, we used to be a couple, but now that you're living a particularly happy life and I'm divorced, this strong contrast is not comfortable.

Although my wife cheated on me, she didn't know.

"Li Cheng, to be honest, aren't you?"

Suddenly, she asked me.

"Is it something?" I was a little confused.

"I don't know how to say it." Fang Yi looked hesitant.

"It's okay. Go ahead."

"Are you and your wife..."