Why Are You Here?

After that, Chen Yajing was ready to hang up.

I quickened my pace and headed in another direction.

After a long walk, I turned around, and Chen Yajing was nowhere to be seen.

I also went back to the hotel and waited quietly for the dream bar at 9: 00 pm.

I don't know what Chen Yajing's waiting process was like. All I know is that my own waiting process was extremely painful.

This afternoon was as long as a century.

At night, in order to know when Chen Yajing was going out, I was going to send a message to Chen Yajing and try to find out.

I didn't expect Chen Yajing to send me a video before I sent the message.

The instant the video sounded, I was shocked. I was worried that if the soundproofing effect of this hotel room wasn't as good as the waiter said, Chen Yajing might have exposed her.

Besides, I'm in a hotel right now, and the layout of this room is similar to that of the room she's staying in right now. If the video is connected, Chen Yajing might find something.

After thinking about it, I hung up the video and sent her a text explaining that I was eating out now because I was too lazy to cook, so it was not convenient to answer the video.

Then he asked her if she had eaten?

Chen Yajing just said that she was going to eat soon, so she sent me a video because she missed me.

I don't know if I should believe Chen Yajing. After all, does she still love me?

During this period of time, because of Chen Yajing, I read a lot of related things on the internet. Indeed, a lot of people said that although they cheated, they still loved the other half of themselves. The reasons for the cheating were different. Some said it was purely because of excitement, some said it was because of helplessness, and some were drunk and unconsciously cheated, but because they didn't want to lose the other half of themselves. So he kept it a secret.

I don't know why Chen Yajing cheated on me, but I know that she must have cheated on me on purpose.

But it's also because of this that I don't know if Chen Yajing still loves me after she cheated on me, whether she cheated on another man or for some other reason.

I don't understand. I just don't think about it. Anyway, as long as Chen Yajing is touched by another man, I won't forgive her.

After talking to Chen Yajing for a while, Chen Yajing said that she was going out.

I looked at the time. It was about six o' clock in the evening. She probably had to go out for dinner, and then made an appointment with that man at the dream bar at nine o' clock in the evening.

After chatting with Chen Yajing, I quickly went out and took the elevator downstairs. I had to leave the hotel before Chen Yajing.

In this way, I can better monitor her whereabouts outside, so as not to be discovered by her.

When I got out of the hotel, I walked to another corner and hid my body behind the flowerbed. Then I stared at the exit of the hotel without blinking.

I didn't expect that after monitoring for a few minutes, I didn't see Chen Yajing coming out. Instead, I saw Fang Yi coming out of the hotel.

After that, he still came in my direction.

Although Fang Yi already knew that there was something wrong with my relationship with my wife, I came to find evidence to catch the adultery.

But it was one thing to know, and it was another to let her see me catch her.

To be precise, it was another kind of awkwardness.

I really hope that Fang Yi will change direction soon.

But it backfired. Not only did Fang Yi not change his direction, he just happened to be heading in my direction and walked straight over.

No surprise, Fang Yi will definitely see me.

To prevent this from happening, I decided to sneak around and change my position.

But it was so good that Chen Yajing came out of the hotel at this time.

If I changed my position, it would be inconvenient to monitor Chen Yajing's movements, and I might lose her whereabouts.

Although, at 9: 00 pm, she would definitely go to the dream house, I still don't want to have such a blank period of time.

What if, during this time, she and the adulterer went to do something.

So, forget it. Compared to the evidence of Chen Yajing's infidelity, Fang Yi could see it if he saw it.

I thought so.


Sure enough.

Fang Yi saw me.

"Li Cheng, why are you here? Well, you look like you're..."